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The Bachelor 22 – Arie

  • Bachelorette Becca Spoilers

    The “Bachelor” Arie Finale Thoughts, Questions Answered, & (EXCLUSIVE) Six of Becca’s Guys Confirmed For Next Season

    Photo Credit: ABC

    There hasn’t been a time in recent memory, if ever, that I can remember being this busy over a 48 hr period than these last two days have been. And honestly, 90 minutes into the ATFR last night, I thought it’d be fine. Show would end, I’d get a ton of reaction, I’d give my thoughts today, and that’d be that. But once ABC decided for the second season in a row to start their “Bachelorette” season early and give us 5 of Becca’s guys (remember, they gave us 4 last season – DeMario, Dean, Blake, and Eric), my phone, Twitter, and email was blowing up unlike anything I can remember since, well, I don’t know when. It was non f***ing stop til 1am, when I finally got settled down to watch the Challenge. Anyway, it comes with the territory, but, I really haven’t been inundated with requests, messages, questions, comments, etc like that in a long, loooooong time. I’m kinda running on no sleep here for the … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 22 - Arie

    The “Bachelor” Arie Finale Part 1 Thoughts, Becca Speaks Out, Former Contestants Weigh In, & “Bachelorette” Announcement Tonight

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Well that was certainly a lot to take in, no? Holy sh**. Even though you’ve known what was coming for weeks now, it still didn’t make it any easier to watch. When most of the contestants who’ve been on this show, ones that have signed contracts themselves and know what’s in them, are even calling out the show last night, you know something wasn’t right. You know, it’s weird. There’s so much to cover, yet, I feel that continually talking about everything I’ve talked about all season is nothing new to everyone. Sure, I have some thoughts on last night, but there’s no need to drag on here. I wanna show you some of the reaction of “Bachelor Nation” last night to answer some of your questions that I know you have, talk a little about what to expect in the future, and then kinda talk about the how of everything last night, not just the act itself. People seem to have a lot of misconceptions about what … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 22 - Arie

    “Bachelor” Tuesday: Winter Games, WTA, & Overnights Episode Recaps Along with (EXCLUSIVE) News on the Latest Happenings

    Photo Credit: ABC

    There is A LOT to get to today. You haven’t heard from me since Thursday, and since then, we had a Winter Games finale, a “Women Tell All” episode, and then last night’s overnight dates. I will get to all of that. Less time will be spent on those three only because, let’s face it, this season is all about the finale next week. Do we really need to dissect what happened last night or at the WTA when we have a giant sh** storm approaching next Monday and Tuesday night? Of course not. I will have thoughts on those shows on pages 3 and 4, but I want to take the time now to update you on my findings over the last few weeks in regards to kinda behind-the-scenes of what went down when Arie pulled a Mesnick this season, ended his engagement to Becca, and started seeing Lauren. The questions you’ve all had was who knew what and when, how did it play out, what was … Continue reading

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