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Bachelor in Paradise 8 Spoilers

  • Bachelor in Paradise 8 Spoilers

    More “Bachelor in Paradise” Spoilers

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Been a week since I last updated you on the what’s happening down in Paradise. A lot has happened, and with so many things going on, and so many people appearing on the beach this season, it’s damn near impossible to keep track of everything. Especially all the dates. But in terms of who showed up, how they were eliminated, and who’s still with who, I’ve pretty much gotten that all down. There might be some small things here and there, but overall, everything I’ve given you is accurate. Obviously with 43 people appearing this season (a new BIP record), to watch it play out will be pretty dramatic. The key is just getting all the people who went down there, who they were involved … Continue reading

  • Bachelor in Paradise 8 Spoilers

    Latest “Bachelor in Paradise” Spoilers & Another Bachelor Nation Break Up

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Back with more spoilers. This is a summary of what I talked about on my IG live last night. Condensed version so to speak. Although last night, I did not give you the rose ceremony #2 roses, and I’ve included those here. So you can check out the IG live if you want as it’s on my IG feed now, and I’ll have a Reel up later today. When did Reels get extended to :90 seconds? Finally. Now I won’t feel as rushed. In case you missed it late last night, Katie and John broke up. They each released a statement on their respective IG stories. Katie’s was 4 words (“we are not together”), John’s was 3 paragraphs. So unfortunately, another Bachelor Nation couple has … Continue reading

  • Bachelor in Paradise 8 Spoilers

    “Bachelor in Paradise” Spoilers Thru First Week

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Been a while since we’ve had a column on here. Clayton’s finale week in mid-March to be exact, but here we are. “Bachelor in Paradise” filming began last week in Mexico, and I have almost all of your spoilers thru the first week. Last night I went live on IG to give you these, but since that post, I’ve received even more things, so I threw everything in here. I have your original cast, all your first rose ceremony roses and eliminations, and what’s happened since then. Rose ceremony #2 (where women gave men the roses) was on Wednesday night. I don’t have all of those yet so I left that out. But with a lot of misinformation going around, and wrong names being thrown … Continue reading

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