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Been a week since I last updated you on the what’s happening down in Paradise. A lot has happened, and with so many things going on, and so many people appearing on the beach this season, it’s damn near impossible to keep track of everything. Especially all the dates. But in terms of who showed up, how they were eliminated, and who’s still with who, I’ve pretty much gotten that all down. There might be some small things here and there, but overall, everything I’ve given you is accurate. Obviously with 43 people appearing this season (a new BIP record), to watch it play out will be pretty dramatic. The key is just getting all the people who went down there, who they were involved with, and how they left. And for the most part, I have all of that, with a few exceptions here and there. Last night I went on my IG live to go over all of this since it’s damn near impossible to tweet it all out. Today is just a summary of last night’s live, with a couple other notes thrown in. So here we go…

-Justin was eliminated at rose ceremony #2, but he was brought back on after “Casa Amor” happened and everyone was back on the beach. I guess he was interested in Eliza. Not sure why he got to return.

-Rodney broke up with Lace for Eliza once the “Casa Amor” twist happened. At that next rose ceremony after Casa Amor, Eliza gave her rose to Rodney over Justin. But then I guess she walked Justin out, then when she came back, she had a conversation with Rodney and basically felt pressured to give him a rose, so they broke up and both left the beach. I have no idea if Eliza and Justin are a thing post show now.

-Eliminations after Casa Amor: already told you Olu and Rick were sent home because they didn’t form a connection. Alex Bordyukov and Adam Todd from Bachelorette Australia season 6 were eliminated.

-Sarah Hamrick had to leave the beach because her grandmother died. I believe this was before rose ceremony #3 happened. Sarah had come on the beach as part of the 5 women for “Casa Amor.”

-It’s looking like rose ceremony #3 (the one after the “Casa Amor” twist), the women gave out the roses again, like they did in rose ceremony #2.

-I’m not sure if before or after that rose ceremony, but Hayden Markowitz from Gabby & Rachel’s season came in, along with the twins, Joey and Justin. Hayden is already home. Joey and Justin still there.

-Then the final 3 women brought in were all from Clayton’s season: Mara Agreat, Ency Abedin, and Lyndsey Windham.

Current Couples:

Brandon and Serene
Michael and Danielle
Aaron and Genevieve
Johnny and Victoria
Tyler and Brittany
Andrew and Jessenia
Logan and Kate

Right now, Shanae, Florence and Mara are in a love triangle with the twins, Joey and Justin.

-Kate is possibly next villain, as she seems to be causing quite the ruckus down there. Doesn’t mean she’s a horrible person and people need to start bad mouthing her on her IG, but I don’t think her edit is gonna be great and she’s rubbing some of the contestants the wrong way from everything I’m hearing. She arrived during Casa Amor. Then Jacob left Jill for Kate. Jill went home. Then at some point, Kate got with Logan, and they’re now a thing, so Jacob went home. When Lyndsey came on the beach, there weren’t many options, so she asked Logan, Kate told him she didn’t want him going on a date so Lyndsey just went home. Be interesting to see how that’s shown.

-As mentioned earlier, now 43 have shown up this season, which is a new BIP record, breaking last seasons previous record of 41. The other crazy thing is that with this season not starting until Sept. 27th and finishing in mid-November, with filming ending this week, this means that the final couples will have to keep it a secret for 4 1/2 months, which is the longest it’s ever been for any show in this franchise. Granted, BIP is much looser with their restrictions on BIP contestants, and numerous final couples have broken the rules in the past and been seen with each other after filming ended with no repercussions, but 4 1/2 months from end of filming til end of airing is a loooooong time. “Bachelor” is a 4 month wait, and “Bachelorette” is usually a 2.5 month wait. Although this season, “Bachelorette” is a 4 month wait since it’s not starting til July 11th.

-Since we know that numerous times over the years (including twice last season with Noah/Abigail and Becca/Thomas), this show will almost no doubt get in one of the couples heads we think are solid and they will break up and leave the beach, only to get back together immediately post show. I’m not sure who it’ll be, but you can bet your ass it’s gonna happen. They do this every season. The only couple I’m almost positive is gonna get engaged is Brandon and Serene. In fact, I’d be surprised if they didn’t. Outside of that, anyone’s fair game to break up. But it won’t necessarily mean for good, so just keep that in mind. Filming will end later this week. I’m sure I’ll hear pretty shortly thereafter which couples made it to the end and which didn’t, and I’ll report that as soon as I can.

One final note: At the beginning of my IG Live last night, I gave my brief thoughts on last week’s Supreme Court decision and made it known I support women and their right to choose. Here was one of many personal emails sent to me afterwards:

“Stick to what you do and keep your opinions to yourself! Huge win for life!! Nothing to piss your pants over!!”

Basically the equivalent of “Shut up and dribble.” Go to hell. So not only does this person think the government has a right to tell a woman what to do with their bodies (just curious, are there any laws that give the govt the power to govern what a man has to do with his body? Anyone? Anyone?), they also think I shouldn’t be allowed to voice an opinion. People disgust me. For great coverage and resources on this subject, I’d follow Ashley Spivey’s IG stories. She’s a wealth of information and helping people as much as she can in her IG stories and highlights.

Send all links and emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Instagram name is RealitySteve, or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page. Talk to you Thursday.



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