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Bachelor in Paradise 8 Spoilers

Podcast #294 – Interview with Cam Ayala from the “Bachelorette” & BIP Finale Spoilers

A very important podcast this week as we’re joined by former “Bachelorette” and BIP contestant, Cam Ayala, who has a very uplifting story to tell. If you haven’t seen this in the news over the last week or so, Cam had a right leg amputation due to suffering for years from Lymphedema. We go over all of it, the pain he’s endured, how the surgery went, where he goes from here, and how he wants to become an ambassador, all before getting into anything show related. And man, I still can’t believe what he told me regarding the other guys from his season of the “Bachelor.” NONE of them had reached out to him at the time of this recording last week. Not. One. They should be ashamed and embarrassed. Some big names in this franchise from his season. Some big names who have a platform from his season, couldn’t take the time to send a guy a message, regardless of if they’d kept in touch with him or not. Says a lot about their real character to me, and I hope you see that as well. Thanks to Cam for coming on and sharing his story. Please take the time to listen to this whole podcast and I think you’ll get a new understanding of a guy who the show did about as dirty as you can get with his edit, completely ignoring his battle with lymphedema and basically using it as a joke. Below (and in the first few minutes of the pod are your final couple breakdowns for BIP season 8 that I tweeted out yesterday).

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(SPOILERS) I begin by briefly going over yesterday’s BIP spoilers, lack of “Bachelorette” spoilers, starting the daily podcast next week, & programming note regarding back catalog of episodes. Then Cam joins me (18:36) to discuss his recent right leg amputation, his battle with lymphedema since his teen years, how he plans to become an ambassador, how his lymphedema was never mentioned on Hannah’s season and BIP, Hannah reaching out to him recently, how none of the other guys from his season have reached out to him, and much, much more.

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Instead of re-writing anything, here are your final couple spoilers from BIP that I posted on Twitter yesterday. Follow the thread for couples and pictures:

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