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“Reader Emails,” Final Thoughts on BIP, & Breakdown of the Victoria/Johnny/Greg Situation

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Obviously the biggest story of the night was the Victoria/Johnny/Greg love triangle. Again, we’re in a situation where there’s a lot of he said/she said, and stuff left on the cutting room floor. Last night we saw Victoria say that Johnny called her a “f***ing c**t” and that if she’s not gonna cook and clean, what good is she as a woman. Johnny says he never called her that, and the cook and clean comment was a joke in response to her telling him she doesn’t cook and clean. All we have to go off is what they tell us. I have no idea if Johnny called her that. Only those two know if he did. But without any receipts, we can’t know whether he did or didn’t. But the second Victoria throws that out there, you can’t unring that bell. People who support Victoria will say he said that and she has every right to dump him if he called her that, which I agree with. And people who support Johnny say he never said that. So how do any of us know who is telling the truth?

In retaliation, we know that Johnny said on the show last night that Victoria threw a wine glass at him and told him she’s out of his league. However, that part wasn’t shown. And, yet again, we have no idea if that happened. Not saying I don’t believe Johnny, and not saying I do. So it’s almost like those two accusations they made against each other cancel out since neither one can be proven. At least I don’t think it can unless one of them provides something now post show. I understand each of them have their grievances against one another since the show ended. But as we know, in this day and age, while their accusations might be true and very well did happen, in the court of public opinion in 2022 (as I’ve experienced this numerous times myself and why my reporting has changed), unless proof is provided, it’s hard to know exactly what to believe. And in this case, I don’t know if either can provide it. It might all be true. And if that’s the case, then no, they shouldn’t be together. But for an outsider to definitely say it did, I’m sorry, but that’s just your opinion and it’s probably biased based on who you look like more.

So I’m taking it the Victoria/Johnny relationship for what we know to be fact. And here’s what I’ve come up with based on what we saw on TV during the season and what we heard them say last night:

-Victoria and Johnny got engaged in Mexico. She said she could never picture her life without him.
-Shortly after filming, they went into couples counseling.
-Victoria had met Greg a year ago and they’d been friends ever since.
-Victoria and Greg continued to text after she’d gotten back from Mexico as an engaged woman, assuring Johnny he was just friends.
-Victoria and Johnny officially broken up in September.
-Victoria and Greg seen in Italy in October and he’s been seen with her numerous times since because they’re a couple.

None of that can be disputed. Those are the only things that we as the public know to be factually correct. I like to deal in facts and not hearsay and speculation. So now from those facts, each individual can draw their own conclusions. When Jesse asked Victoria if she cheated on Johnny, she said no. I have no idea if she did or not. Neither do any of us. I do think when Jesse asked the question, Victoria was answering it in the physical sense of cheating. And it’s very well possible she didn’t physically cheat on Johnny. None of us know for sure whether she did or didn’t (The whole scene of Tyler saying he heard through a reporter she cheated on him was cut from the episode last night. All we saw was Victoria telling him to shut up and it didn’t concern him, yet they never even showed what Tyler said, which made it probably more confusing to the viewers).

What we do know to be 100% fact is that Victoria and Greg were texting once she got back from filming, she said he was always there for her, he was supportive, uplifting and encouraging to her throughout everything, while she was still engaged to Johnny, and then after their breakup, they went to Italy together and have been dating ever since. Ok. So while no physical cheating may not have happened, Victoria seems so offended that people could possibly think maybe some emotional cheating did happen. Which I’m pretty sure a lot of people did think happened. Johnny sure does. And it’s not that much of leap to come to. The only way for Victoria to prove that emotional cheating didn’t happen, which she can but she never will, is post every text message conversation she and Greg had from the time she got back from Mexico til the time she and Johnny broke up. Then we’d all see what kinds of conversations they were having and if it ever crossed the platonic stage. Now, because she’ll never post that doesn’t mean they’re guilty. BUT, given that her reputation precedes her, and given jet setting to a trip to Italy with a new guy less than a month after a broken engagement to a guy you said you couldn’t see your life without, is it really that far fetched to assume that emotional cheating happened and she checked out of her engagement to Johnny because Greg was right there? She’s acting so appalled that anyone can come to that conclusion when, lets be honest, I think most people are just using their brain.

I don’t care what Greg and Victoria do from here. As I said, her reputation precedes her. But watching her on stage last night, and how she comes across, outside of Kelley, Kelsey, and maybe any other friends she has in this franchise along with family members, did anyone watch that last night and say to themselves, “Wow, what a great way to handle yourself. I thought she did excellent up there. So empathetic, so caring, so nurturing, she’s been through a lot, I feel for her, etc.” My guess is no. I’ll just let the footage we saw last night, along with the numerous stories and actions of Victoria that we’ve seen play out on TV (her attacking Alayah, her talk with Peter, Peter’s ex speaking out against her, the attack mode she was in last night), speak for itself. She’s Greg’s problem now. Good luck.

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