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ADDED 9/27

11. Heather Martin: 24, Carlsbad, CA. Assistant Program Manager at Aethercomm. Graduated Biola University in 2017 with a degree in Marketing. Has an older sister Shannon, and a younger sister Colie. Plenty of pics of all three together on their IG pages. Has a connection with Cassie Randolph since they both attended Biola at the same time. Cassie was following her on IG before the season.

Facebook – Heather Martin
Instagram – heather___martin (three underscores) (set to private as of 9/20)
LinkedIn – Heather Martin


12. Erin Landry: 28, Dallas, TX. She’s a Human Resources Manager for an Oil & Gas Co. Was eliminated on night one.

Facebook – Erin Landry
Twitter – @landry_erin
Instagram – erin_landry
LinkedIn – Erin Landry


13. Tracy Shapoff: 31, Los Angeles, CA. She’s a freelance wardrobe stylist who was based out of NY until recently. Graduated Kent St. University in 2010 with a B.F.A. in Fashion Design.

Facebook – Tracy Shapoff
Twitter – @tshapoff
Instagram – tshapoff (set to private 9/20)
LinkedIn – Tracy Shapoff


14. Cassie Randolph: 23, Huntington Beach, CA. An ESL teacher at an Adult School in Huntington Beach, CA. Graduated Biola University in 2016 with a B.S. in Communication Sciences. Was following Heather Martin on IG (also a Biola grad) before the season even started, so I’m guessing they know of each other. Cassie’s sister Michelle apparently is a big deal because she’s dating Gregg Sulkin. Didn’t know who he was but I guess he’s popular with the younger crowd. Used to date Bella Thorne.

Facebook – Cassie Randolph
Twitter – @CassieRandolph
Instagram – cassierandolph (de-activated as of 9/20)


15. Demi Burnett: 23, Dallas, TX. Actress/model because of course.

Facebook – Demi Burnett
Instagram – demi_not_lovato (set to private as of 9/20)


16. Nicole Lopez-Alvar: 26, Miami, FL. She’s the Content Coordinator for SWARM Event Agency. Graduated the University of Miami in 2015 with a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism.

Instagram – nicolelovar (de-activated as of 9/20)
LinkedIn – Nicole Lopez-Alvar


17. Caelynn Miller-Keyes: 23, Asheville, North Carolina. She’s the reigning Miss North Carolina 2018 and finished as the runner up in Miss USA 2018, which also had Hannah Brown, Miss Alabama 2018 in it, so obviously these two know of each other. Graduated from VCU with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. A sexual assault survivor in college, her platform is to improve Title IX policies for sexual assault survivors on college campuses. I’d say she’s gonna be around a while. Interesting that Caelynn would become Miss USA if current Miss USA (Miss Nebraska) wins Miss Universe, which I’m told is possible this year.

Facebook – Caelynn Miller-Keyes
Twitter – @MissNCUSA
Instagram – caelynnmillerkeyes
Pageant Instagram – missncusa


ADDED 10/17

18. Elyse Dehlbom: 31, Scottsdale, AZ. Make-up artist.

Instagram – elysemichelle_mua
LinkedIn – Elyse Dehlbom


19. Caitlin Clemmens: 26, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Recently became a Real Estate Agent at Starke Realty in Toronto since she got back from filming. Yes, she’s been eliminated.

Instagram – cclemmentine
LinkedIn – Caitlin Clemmens


20. Catherine Agro: 26, Miami, FL. Realtor in Miami Beach, FL. Graduated University of Florida with a Bachelors in Communications in 2015.

Instagram – missagro_
LinkedIn – Catherine Agro

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