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  • Beverly Hills 90210

    RECAP: Beverly Hills 90210, Season 5, Episodes 7-8


    I know it’s been a couple weeks, but we’re back with your 90210 recaps. At least 2 episodes a week I’ll be covering, if not 4. This season is starting to heat up. Mostly because Valerie Malone is on fire. Basically, she’s been there two months and everyone is turning on her already because she’s sleeping with Dylan behind people’s backs. Not the best way to integrate yourself into a new environment, I’d say. But hey, she’s Valerie Malone and she can do whatever she wants because she’s now the queen of this show. Talk about a shot in the arm after Brenda left. Maybe shot in the arm wasn’t the greatest term to use considering the downhill slide Dylan is on right now. His literal shot in in the arm is basically coming in episode #9. Don’t do it, Dylan. Especially when it’s Uncle Rico giving it to you. I loved the cameos we had on 90210. How many multi episode arcs we got from people who went on to fairly decent careers, or … Continue reading

  • Podcasts

    Podcast #178 – Interview with Jenna Cooper


    To say today’s guest would be someone you thought you’d never hear on this podcast would be an major understatement. Back in 2018, I reported a story on Jenna Cooper that essentially ended her engagement with Jordan Kimball. It posted the morning their finale of them getting engaged was set to air, everything got blown up, it became the biggest story in Bachelor Nation at the time, and for the last 18 months, Jenna has never done an interview to speak on it. Until now. Sure, she’s sent out some tweets and Instagram posts and given a quote here or there through attorneys, but she has never done an interview telling her side of the story until today. A lot of you may not remember details of the story, and I don’t blame you – I really didn’t either until I was refreshed on it. Well, there’s more to the story that you, and I, had no idea about. A very interesting conversation today for sure that I think many of you will be a … Continue reading

  • Listen To Your Heart

    “Listen To Your Heart” – Episode 1 Recap

    Photo Credit: ABC

    So are we watching “Listen To Your Heart” because not a lot of TV right now has new episodes airing, or, are we just watching because it’s somewhat Bachelor-related programming. I mean, nothing about it was really that ground breaking. As I told you for months, this show is done by the same exact producers who do the Bachelor. When you watched last night, you could see the same exact type of storylines forming, the same exact lines (“can I steal you for a sec?” was uttered twice), the same exact producer manipulation that you could see from miles away, the same type of background music, etc. Nothing about this show was really anything different than what we see on the “Bachelor” in any given week outside of the singing aspect. But here’s the thing: Have you seen all these contestants IG pages? There’s only 3 people out of 23 (3 more women come in next week) have over 40k followers. Some of these people barely have 1000 followers. So for them to claim they … Continue reading


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