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    “Reader Emails,” Ratings, Bachelor Talk, & Today is Gotcha Day

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    Today is a big today. You know why? Because three years ago today is when I adopted my dog Luka. Always an easy date to remember because it was 8/18/18. Damn, I can’t believe it’s been three years. To commemorate, I will be doing a photo dump on Twitter and IG stories later today, so you can look forward to that. She will get extra treats today, we’ll be going to the dog park, but other than that, a pretty tame day per usual. I mean, she has no idea it’s her Gotcha Day. I tried to tell her this morning but she didn’t seem to understand. Not sure why. I mean, I clearly spelled it out for her in Engligh, but dammit, she hasn’t quite caught on. While she can get much crazier than my last dog Maddie, I’d say she’s more attached to my hip than Maddie was. Maddie was very independent and basically just slept on my bed all day when I’m working or watching TV. Luka pretty much is crammed in … Continue reading

  • Bachelor in Paradise 7

    “Bachelor in Paradise” – Episode 1 Recap, Michelle’s Filming in Minnesota, & Thoughts on “Love Island” and “FBoy Island”

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    I do it every Tuesday, but considering that BIP has a little less of an audience than “Bachelorette” so I expect these batches to be a bit smaller, so get your “Reader Emails” in for tomorrow. The only ones I have so far are still some final thoughts from last week. It’s been two years since BIP, so gimmie your thoughts on what you saw last night. Granted, not a whole hell of a lot happened, but did you like the cast? Like any pairings? What do you think of the celebrity hosts? Well, at least David Spade since that’s the only one we’ve seen so far. A lot of makeout that’s for sure, and A LOT of foreshadowing of what to expect this season. They’re really luring you in last night on couples they want you to believe will last forever and ever, when in reality, they barely make it more than a couple episodes. I’ll go over all of that in my recap of last night on Page 2. So get your emails … Continue reading

  • Podcasts

    Podcast #247 – Interview with @Bachelordata Creator Suzana Somers & Olympic Gold Medal Gymnast Carly Patterson


    Big podcast today. Over 2 hours of interesting and informative talk to two completely different subjects. First up, I do discuss the last 4 episodes of “Fboy Island” that were released today by HBO Max. If you haven’t watched, I suggest skipping the first 14 minutes or so of the podcast. But once you watch the episodes, go back and listen to my thoughts on how everything ended. Then Suzana Somers, the @Bachelordata creator on IG, joins me to talk about how her page has exploded, what she’s doing to expand it, how you too can learn what she does, and much, much more. Then former Olympic gold medal winning gymnast Carly Patterson, who won the gold in the 2004 Athens Olympics in the all-around, joins me to discuss what happened at the Tokyo Olympics with Simone Biles. A very polarizing story for sure, so I wanted to bring someone on who is a champion in her own right and knows what it’s like to be in that position, how difficult it can be to … Continue reading


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