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    Podcast #273 – Interview with Amanda Stanton


    Another great chat today with former contestant, and I believe 3-time guest now, Amanda Stanton. Pretty big news in her life in recent months as she got engaged in early December 2021, which led me to try and think on the fly during the podcast and botch the point I was trying to make. I lay it out for you in the beginning before the podcast starts. But we talk a little about Clayton’s season, producers role in the show, did she ever deal with the manipulation, Shanae’s behavior, her engagement to Michael, how she’s changed handling her personal life on IG, and much, much more. As always, if you’d like to respond to the interview please include Amanda’s Twitter handle (@amandastantonnn) in your replies. Always good to catch up with Amanda. I’m happy that she’s happy now and engaged since she certainly went through the ringer within this franchise in the past.

    You can listen to today’s podcast on a number of platforms, but you can also tune in by … Continue reading

  • Reader Emails

    “Reader Emails,” & The Bachelor Musical

    Photo Credit: ABC

    It’s Super Bowl week. I’ve already showed you my bets made earlier this season where I have both teams winning, so, I don’t have to sweat on Sunday. Sure, I’d want the Bengals to win bc it pays more, but I’m not going to be upset if the Rams do. My thing is now looking at all the prop bets. I’ve seen over 465 and it’s damn near impossible to not want to bet a whole shit ton of them. I won’t. I try to limit it to about 5 but even that is hard to do. Not to mention, I haven’t had great success in the past on props, so I don’t even know if I want to even share those. I’m dialing in on college basketball so I can hopefully bring you a 6th straight first round winner next month. I have my teams that I’m looking at that will probably be first round underdogs, probably seeded in the 10-13 range, but until I know who and where they’re playing, it’s all kind … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 26 - Clayton

    The “Bachelor” Clayton – Episode 5 Recap, Wordle, Speculation Surrounding the Finale, & Clayton’s Tweets


    So yeah, I’m like a kid. You know when you’re real young, you beg your parents for that toy or game you wanted, you get it, play the hell out of it, and two weeks later it’s yesterday’s news? Now, I’m not saying I’m not still playing Wordle anymore because I am. I’m just saying my excitement level isn’t at 100 anymore. It’s maybe around a 10. I’ve played for 24 days now, and gotten it on all 24. And today for the first time, I got it on the second try. I feel like I’ve accomplished everything I need to with that, so it’s just not as big of deal to me anymore. I don’t have a goal of guessing the first try because that’s just blind luck. There is zero skill if you do that. I’ll continue to play, but the days of me playing right at midnight are done, I don’t need to write stuff down anymore, and, well, my new shiny toy is already old news to me since I don’t … Continue reading

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