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    Podcast #275 – Interview with Rob Cesternino from “Rob Has a Podcast”


    Outside of a few emails about it in “Reader Emails,” haven’t talked much “Celebrity Big Brother” this season – until today. Love having our guest Rob Cesternino on. It’s his second time on the show as we discuss all things that happened on “Celebrity Big Brother” this season, with a little “Challenge” and “Survivor” mixed in as well. But this polarizing season of Celeb BB is the main focus since so much was different from what we saw on TV versus what was happening behind the scenes. And even though we all knew it was coming last night where Todrick was gonna find out what the jury really thought of him, it was still fascinating to watch play out in real time. Real time that, for whatever the hell reason, was only given an hour. Rob definitely has some thoughts on that as I was totally confused why we only had a 1 hr finale. As always, if you’d like to respond to the interview, please include Rob’s Twitter handle (@robcesternino) … Continue reading

  • Reader Emails

    “Reader Emails” and Early BIP Talk


    Was having a talk with someone last night who may or may not have been on a past season of BIP and who may or may not be on a future season of BIP, and we were talking about this years potential cast. Now, we know that most of the women on this season of BIP will be Clayton’s women. But do you realize the next most recent group of women they could pull from would be Matt and Peter’s season? And Matt’s season had a ton of women already on last season: Serena P., Serena C., Victoria, Alana, Pieper, Jessenia, Abigail, Chelsea, Anna & Marie. Sure, they could bring some of them back to repeat, but I’m talking about new blood. What about Peter’s season? Well, you can already rule his top 5 out. Hannah Ann has a boyfriend. Madi ain’t doing it. Victoria Fuller isn’t doing it. Kelsey maybe if they wanna re-cast her. And Kelley isn’t doing it. So now you’re looking at women who finished 6th place or worse from Peter’s … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 26 - Clayton

    The “Bachelor” Clayton – Episode 7 Thoughts, & What I Can Report About the Finale

    Photo Credit: ABC

    This past weekend is one that continuously makes my sports brain explode, and that’s the NBA All-Star game. Why are we even arguing about this anymore? What’s the point? And also, when did the game turn into what it is? Kinda like the Pro Bowl that has turned into 2 hand touch and has no tackling, when did the first 3 qtr turn into, not even a pick-up game, because even those games teams play defense. There’s nothing remotely interesting about what we see in the first 3 quarters of the NBA All-Star game. At least anything outside of what Steph Curry did. Because there’s nothing impressive about wide open dunks, layups, alley oops off backboards, etc. When no one’s guarding you, and you’re a professional basketball player, there’s nothing impressive about that. Three pointers are different. Even if no one is guarding you, draining a 35 footer and turning and running back down court before it goes in is pretty cool. Everything else? Pointless. I like the Elam Ending they’ve established the last 3 … Continue reading

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