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    “Reader Emails,” How You Can Donate to Ashley Spivey, & (SPOILERS) Tayshia’s Episode #8

    Photo Credit: ABC

    You know, we talk about spoilers a lot on this site since, well, I’m a spoiler site. But there aren’t a ton of spoilers out there on OTHER shows in general, whether reality or scripted. But something I watched on Sunday night I kinda chuckled at. Anybody been watching the “Celebrity Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” I literally have watched every single one. I’ve always enjoyed them more so than the regular show. But in case you missed it, for weeks they’ve been teasing that one of the “celebs” won the $1 million prize. Then Sunday night, author David Chang was in the hot seat, doing well, and got down to the final question. They go to commercial break, and during the commercial break before the guy is about to get asked the $1 million question the commercial is teasing, “Join us tomorrow on GMA where the ‘Who Wants To Be a Millionaire’ winner of $1 million dollars shares their secret on how they won,” etc. Something to that effect. I just found it … Continue reading

  • Podcasts

    Podcast #210 – Your “Reader Emails” Answered


    First off, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Enjoy your day, but please be safe. This podcast came together rather quickly since I just installed the Yappa app at the bottom of every comment section. This wasn’t just for this week. Anyone who wants to leave audio messages under any post of mine and engage with others, feel free. I don’t know when I’ll do another podcast like this in the future because I completely underestimated how long it would take me to do this considering how many different audio filed I had to mash together. But I can see it being something I do maybe every quarter of the year? I don’t know. Haven’t decided yet. But I just think it’s more interesting to hear you guys verbally ask me your questions and then answer them rather than me just read your questions and answer. But hey, that’s just me. There might be some sound issues where the audio levels on the questions are much higher than my voice. By hour #8 last night when I … Continue reading

  • The Bachelorette 16 - Tayshia

    The “Bachelorette” Tayshia – Episode 7 Recap, This Week’s Podcast, Clare/Dale, & Dr. Joe Speaks

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Is Thanksgiving overrated, underrated, or not rated? I like the holiday. I do. I like food, so naturally, a holiday that gives me turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, stuffing, and some other side dishes I ignore pretty much will always be a good time. But people really love to chime in on this holiday and rating it versus others. Not sure I understand that one. Like, does it matter? One of the most memorable Thanksgivings I ever had was back in 2001. I working in LA sports radio, I was basically a fill-in guy, so naturally on Thanksgiving day, they gave me and A Martinez (still on in LA radio by the way, so shout out to my boy A. “Choco cake, choco cake, eat so much get a tummy ache”) the 3-7 pm shift that night. On Thanksgiving Day. So I missed all festivities with family and ended up ordering from Boston Market on the way home. You know what? Not too shabby. Then again, I’ve always loved Boston Market anyway, … Continue reading


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