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Podcast #218 (And Column) – Your Finale Spoiler & Audio Emails Answered

It’s been a couple months, but I figured I’d bring back “Audio Emails” and, I must pat myself on the back for this – I learned from my mistakes. This is more on the technical side, but the first time around, it took me almost six hours to put together the podcast, from downloading all the audio questions, to recording my answers, to then combining them, then putting them all together, etc. Since it was my first time doing it, I was figuring things out on the fly. Last night? Took me maybe 2 hours. I’ve got a new system, so now I won’t be as hesitant in the future to do it. Plan is to do this type of podcast maybe every 2-3 months. It’s always fun hearing from people verbally ask me their questions then have me read emails on air. And some good topics, not all Bachelor related. Got a Taylor Swift question in there, Super Bowl prediction, college football coaching question. Fun stuff today for sure. But first off before I answer any of those, I cover the latest happenings in “Bachelor” world with, most importantly, the spoiler for this season.

I told you back on Jan. 4th the day of the premiere what I’d been told about this seasons spoilers. I was told for over a month, “Rachael and Michelle are final two, and he chooses Rachael.” But never got the confirmation I felt secure enough to run with. Then from the beginning of December on, it seemed like everyone and their mother in Cumming, GA was telling me they “heard” Rachael won by giving me “word around here is” emails. Again, not something I would ever run with as a solid spoiler. If I posted spoilers based on “I heard so-and-so wins,” I would’ve told you during Peter’s season he chose Madi, because I was being told that for two months. Which was clearly wrong.

Well Tuesday night into yesterday, I got the confirmation I needed about this seasons spoiler:

Matt chose Rachael and is still with her. I do not know if they’re engaged or not.

I know it’s been out there, but I don’t base my spoilers on what anyone else reports. Never have, and never will. Been hearing it was her for a while but never felt fully secure saying with certainty he chose her. Certainly @BachSleuthers find this weekend of Matt listening to Rachael’s Spotify playlist was another huge clue that pointed in her direction. But the info I got a couple days ago even solidified it more for me. So people can take that as they like. The other thing I found out was that Abigail finished 5th. I feel confident in reporting that as well. So combined with what I told you back then, your breakdown looks like this:

-Abigail finishes 5th
-Final 4 hometowns are: Bri Springs, Serena Pitt, Michelle Young (arrives next week), and Rachael Kirkconnell. Their families came to Nemacolin just like on Tayshia’s season where their families traveled to the location of filming due to COVID.
-Serena gets eliminated after hometowns
-Bri gets eliminated after overnights
-Michelle and Rachael are the final 2 and he chooses Rachael.
-Don’t know if they’re engaged

If anything changes I’ll certainly let you know, but I’m quite confident that’s the elimination order.

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(SPOILERS) I begin by giving you the confirmation of who Matt chose, the Clare & Dale circus, Robert Mills comments on the shows lower ratings this season, and Matt’s former roommate’s podcast appearance. Then I begin answering your audio emails (17:13) that center around topics like sources, Queen Victoria, Matt as a lead, Katie, breakups, Taylor Swift, college football, and much more.

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