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Podcast #217 – Interview with’s Ali Barthwell

Great podcast today with a first time guest, Ali Barthwell, from If you haven’t read her recaps, you should. I’ve linked to her two recaps this season below to check them out. I only started reading Ali last season, and she’s immediately become one of my favorite recappers of this franchise. Not to mention, her background in comedy, and she got hired as a writer for John Oliver this summer. She’s got a funny, unique perspective on the show, she’s been covering it since Chris Soules’ season so she gets the nuances, the tropes, and is aware of all the tired old storylines they bring every season. Being a black woman who covers this show as extensively as she does, I find that fascinating for all the reasons we’ve talked about numerous times this summer. I ask her about it as well and she gives a very well thought out answer. Great conversation with Ali and she will definitely be on in the future. As always, if you’d like to respond to the interview, please include Ali’s Twitter handle (@wtflanksteak) in your replies. Thanks again to Ali for coming on.

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(SPOILERS) I begin by briefly going over this week’s “Bachelor” episode and look forward to next weeks. Then Ali joins me (3:35) as we discuss her career in comedy, how she got into covering the “Bachelor,” the lack of diversity on the show and if it’s had an effect on her, what she thinks of Matt so far as a lead, is she a WWE fan, and much, much more.

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