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The Bachelor 25 - Matt

The “Bachelor” Matt – Episode 3 Recap, A Spotify Slip-Up?, Latest on Spoilers & More on Sarah

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Been a couple months, but gonna let you be part of this week’s podcast again. All you have to do is go to the comments section of today’s post (either on desktop or mobile), create an account on Yappa, and record an audio message. Could be a question/comment about the show, one directed towards me, or whatever you feel like. Looking to get about 15-20 of them, since that seemed to work well last time. It’s a lot of work to put it all together, which I will do today and into tomorrow, so only leave your audio on today’s post. Otherwise, I won’t see it. Also, ONLY do audio and not video. I haven’t figured out how to just take the audio if someone leaves a video message. It’s really simple, worked well last time, so I figured I’d do it again. And hey, asking “could you really eat a whole basket of breadsticks from Olive Garden” is perfectly fair game. I know a lot of you probably have “Bachelor” related questions, and that’s what I expect. But throwing in anything else you want to know is not frowned upon. Have at it.

On Saturday, the IG account @BachSleuthers came across something rather interesting. On Matt’s Spotify playlist, he was listening to one of Rachael’s playlists called “Night Drive.” Since I’m not much of a Spotify guy and had no idea this was even possible, I asked them, and what I found out was, only on desktop, you can see what someone you follow is listening to. They have the ability to set this to private on their end, but Matt’s is public. They noticed he was listening to a random playlist that wasn’t one of his own, and they realized it was Rachael’s. This has everyone convinced Matt chose Rachael. I would chalk it up to more evidence pointing Rachael’s way. Like, why would Matt be listening to the playlist of a girl he didn’t choose, and therefore wouldn’t be in contact with since the show ended? It really does look like a major slip on his part that he got caught on.

One thing I’ve heard about Matt post-filming, and this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone, but he has no idea about the magnitude of his actions and the craziness of the fans. So it’s not like Matt purposely did this and was reckless. The guy just doesn’t know any better because he doesn’t quite grasp the position he’s in. Not only that, I’ve been told he doesn’t really care either. Like, you know how this show is life and death to some of the fans out there and they hang on every word, interview, podcast, etc that everyone does? Matt’s like “whatever.” Sure, he’s not gonna do a national interview and just blurt out who he picked. He’s not dumb. But something like the Spotify slip up? Yeah, I honestly don’t think he realized it nor cares that he did from all accounts I’ve been told. He’s never been a part of the franchise before this season. He really has no idea that every single he does is dissected 100 different ways.

The day of the premiere, I’d given you the spoilers that 3 of Matt’s final 4 women were: Rachael, Serena P, and Michelle (who shows up next week), with Bri probably being the other one in the final four. I can confirm Bri is definitely in the final four. Right now, I have Matt’s final four breakdown looking like this:

4th- Serena Pitt
3rd – Bri Springs
2nd – Michelle Young
1st – Rachael Kirkconnell

I still haven’t gotten the confirmation I need in terms of Rachael, but what I was told post-show, everyone in Cumming, GA running their mouth and saying Matt chose Rachael, along now with the Spotify slip-up, it certainly is pointing in that direction. Have I also been told he picked Bri? Yeah, I have. So clearly he didn’t pick two people, meaning one of those is flat out wrong. That’s why I say I’m trying to confirm things. Signs point to Rachael. I’m just looking for something even more solid than what’s out there. Word of mouth has never been good enough for me. I will keep at it and hopefully be able to get a solid confirmation of who he chose soon.

Also don’t forget to join me and Ashley Spivey tonight on our LIVE weekly IG chat at 8ET/5PT. If you ever miss them, they are all saved on my Instagram account. Just click the little TV icon on my page ( and it’ll bring you to every one we’ve ever recorded. Except for one that for some reason never uploaded. The rest are all there. We appreciate those that can join live every week, but we know plenty of you can’t, so that’s why they’re all archived.

Got asked a lot about Clare and Dale this past weekend and I’m not really understanding why. Why are people thinking they broke up? You know what I always say that, once the posts and IG stories start slowing down, then usually something is up. But that hasn’t been the case for them. I follow both of them on IG. Starting around the beginning of December, Clare went to NY to be with him, for at least a week or so. Then from there, I remember they went to South Dakota (presumably to see his family) because I specifically remember getting an email of someone who was on their flight. And funny story, that person actually thought it was Matt on the flight heading to South Dakota. But no, it was Clare and Dale. Then after Xmas, Dale flew to Sacramento and from there the two of them spent at least a week in San Diego together. Then it looks like he left and went back to NY last week. What am I missing? They don’t live together yet, so yeah, they’re not gonna be with each other every day. But they basically spent a whole consecutive month together based on what I saw. Not to mention that whole month they were together, they were posting pictures and videos non stop on IG. If they’re currently broken up, I’d be surprised.



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