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The Bachelor 25 - Matt

The “Bachelor” Matt – Episode 3 Recap, A Spotify Slip-Up?, Latest on Spoilers & More on Sarah

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-So looks like we’re gonna start every episode now with a foreshadowing clip from something later on in the episode. They’ve done this on back-to-back episodes now. Did they do it in the first episode too? I think they did, but I already forgot the scene. Anyway, this one is a glimpse to the Matt/Serena P 1-on-1 date when just as they’re gonna get frisky with each other, Donkey from Shrek intervenes and kills the mood. Considering they gave this clip out online pre-show, they kinda already spoiled themselves. Then everything begins where we left off last week and Matt walks Sarah outside for a breath of fresh air after she, ummmm, fainted? Looks to me she got a little light headed and just needed to get off her feet a bit. That didn’t look like a faint to me, but what do I know? Sarah is so real you know, how could I possibly question her any of her motives? See, that’s foreshadowing for later this column.

-Guess what? You’re never gonna believe this, but Queen Victoria isn’t buying any of what Sarah is selling. “Pull it together and don’t faint.” Well, she really didn’t if we’re being technical about it, but thanks for the sage advice QV. A mantra we should all live by. How long before QV starts selling merch with that line on it? We talked about this last week on my live with Ashley, but I’ll bring it up again. There’s no need for QV to be a plant. That’s all I keep getting asked about her, and, I don’t really understand why people think that. It’s not that hard to produce someone like her. They’re feeding into all her insecurities, and I guarantee asking her leading questions to get the responses they are. We see this every season from at least one woman. The woman who has opinion on everything, the one who doesn’t care about anyone else, and who’ll say anything about anyone. Not to mention, QV looks plastered in all her ITM’s, so I’m sure that’s adding to it.

-Back to the rose ceremony. In case you don’t remember Bri, Lauren, and Sarah already had roses from dates. Pieper, Kit, Magi, Rachael, Abigail, Chelsea, Jessenia, Katie, and Serena C all got roses before Sarah needed to take a little breather. As we resume, Khaylah, Mari, MJ, Anna, and Kailiget roses.

“Ladies, Matt, it’s the final rose tonight. When you’re ready. I can’t wait til you see what I have cooked up for the next group date. I cheap plug for my book that 1) most people didn’t know I wrote 6 years ago and 2) nobody’s read anyway. It’ll be such a hilarious time for all.”

Victoria gets the last rose, because of course she did. This meant that Marylynn, Illeana, Sydney, and Kristin were all eliminated. In my spoilers at the beginning of the season, I gave these list of women who I was pretty sure weren’t major players this season and I said were gone by the third rose ceremony:

Alana Milne
Alicia Holloway
Amber Andrews
Carolyn Vallejo
Corrine Jones
Emani Curl
Illeana Pennetto
Khaylah Epps
Kimberly Courneya
Kristin Hopkins
Saneh Ste. Clare
Sydney Johnson

Well, we’ve only had 2 rose ceremonies and only one of those women remains, and that’s Khaylah. There were some women I just don’t know about at all in terms of when they left. Khaylah is one of them. She could leave next rose ceremony or she could last to top 10. Not sure on her.

-By the way, if you wanna break down last night’s segments, @BachelorData has it for you. Tonight she’ll have the 24 hr IG follower growth, which is always an interesting one. I’m sure Serena P. shot up since she was the only one that got a 1-on-1 date:



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