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The Bachelor 25 - Matt

The “Bachelor” Matt – Episode 3 Recap, A Spotify Slip-Up?, Latest on Spoilers & More on Sarah

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-The group date is, you’re never gonna believe this, something that centers around sexual innuendos. I know, right? They never do that! Like, is it possible they have a group date on this show that either doesn’t A) revolve around sex or B) revolve around fighting, fashion shows, or wedding dresses? Didn’t think so. Chris Harrison tells the women that he planned the date, Matt has a real hard time being uncomfortable, so the goal is to make him uncomfortable as possible. Seems like it’s pretty easy to make Matt uncomfortable if you ask me. Just have him not be around his security binkie in Tyler Cameron and he feels lost. The 10 women on this date are: Rachael, Bri, Lauren, Kit, Serena C., Victoria, Khaylah, Anna, Kaili, and Katie. They will be coming up with soft porn to read to Matt. Or something like that.

-Ashley I. is there to help as her lifetime contract remains in effect, and she starts off by reading something from Chris Harrison’s book I believe that wasn’t remotely erotic. That’s what he wrote? It’s amazing that you’ve had contestants from this show, quite a few of them, who’ve ended up on the NY Times Best Seller list and they aren’t even writers. Then here’s Chris Harrison trying with some erotica and, well, from what I’ve gathered on the internet, this didn’t make the NY Times Best Seller list. Womp, womp. Which pretty much goes to show, this fan base pretty much doesn’t care what you have to say unless you’re talking about the franchise, what happened while you were on it, or any dirt you can share. Venturing out to become a fictional author that writes high school soft porn books? Pssshhhh. Surprised I have to be the one to tell Chris this, but frankly, people only want to hear what you have to say in a book if you’re telling them all the behind-the-scenes secrets of the show, the crazy stories that never made air, your relationship with past contestants like Selma, AshLee, and your one time date with Ashley Spivey ha ha. I still can’t get over that one. And oh yeah, if you wanna throw in what a pig Mike Fleiss was and his behind-the-scenes antics from back in the day of hooking up with contestants at the Women Tell All, you can throw that in there too. You know, allegedly of course.

-The girls had to write their own erotica story and read it to Matt in front of everyone else on the group date, and then the other women who weren’t on the group date. Translation: lets send all the ones who aren’t part of this date into a more downward spiral. Most notably, Sarah. It was tough to really grasp what was being said in these stories because so many things were bleeped out. We know how editing works on this show. They can bleep out anything to make you think something was said that wasn’t. I’m not gonna say there wasn’t things said in those stories that deserved to be bleeped out, but I’m guessing they went extra on the censoring when they didn’t need to. And when they showed the previews for this episode last week, wasn’t Katie straddling Matt in his seat, swinging her hair around, and faking an orgasm? We didn’t see any of that last night. I need to go back and watch last week’s preview because I could’ve sworn that’s what they showed Katie doing.

-They showed a bunch of the women reading to Matt with lines like “she knows she will not last long,” “up and down the front of his shirt,” and then Queen Victoria’s bluntness that I’ve already forgotten. Of course, she thought hers was the best, the reaction from the women seemed surprised by what she said, but considering every other word was bleeped out, we really don’t know what exactly she said. I’m sure it wasn’t PG and I’m sure she thought she was hilarious. That’s a given. If someone wants to release the unedited footage of this episode, that’d be great. I’m guessing it wasn’t half as explicit as they made it out to be, but, it would be interesting to see how dirty some of their minds got. We know Katie is already there. She has no problem talking about getting off to sex with ghosts on her Tik Tok. But was someone like Rachael, who Matt is clearly already into, was she really giving Matt an X rated version of what she wanted to do to him? My guess is no.

-Speaking of Rachael, even though there were 10 girls on this date, they only showed 2 of them at the after party with Matt – Rachael and Bri. And that should surprise exactly none of you. With Rachael, Matt said of her reading earlier in the date, “That sounded like something that could take place…I like how our relationship is progressing.” She hasn’t had a 1-on-1 date yet, but, they’ve shown her get alone time in all 3 episodes so far. Same with Bri. He kissed both of them during their alone time last night, we know Bri’s already had a 1-on-1 and we know Rachael is getting one soon, so, they really aren’t hiding who Matt is into thus far. I’m just wondering during this time with Rachael is if this is when they shared their Spotify playlists with each other, or was it later on? I mean, I’d really like to know why he would listen to Rachael’s Spotify playlist unless, you know…

-It’s at this point of the after party that Sarah, who wasn’t part of the date, crashed it to talk to Matt. She said she’s feeling emotionally exhausted, in past relationships she’s dealt with jealousy and unfaithfulness, seeing Matt with other women has been hard on her so, you know, why not just crash a date that you aren’t a part of? Seems reasonable. She interrupts Katie’s time with Matt, the other women tell Katie to go back in there and get Matt back, she does, Sarah tells her to wait longer, she walks Matt out, they kiss, Sarah wins, and everyone else there loses since she took time away from others. Look, I don’t even know what to say at this point with what Sarah did. We see this EVERY SEASON. This is nothing new at all. Anyone that crashes a date is encouraged to by production, production lets it happen because they know it’ll cause conflict, and that’s exactly what it did. Sarah wasn’t thinking ahead when she agreed to crash the date, the women acted accordingly, and we saw how the rest of that night played out. But what’s there to add? Why is anyone surprised by this? This is what the show does. They specifically make people, or put people in position, that will 100% cause drama and friction within the house. Sarah isn’t the first person to do this and won’t be the last. Blake Moynes did it last season. There’s no need to sit and dissect it when it happens every season. Yet people act so surprised when it does happen. I’ll never understand that. Matt gave Rachael the rose because, well, there were really only 2 options that us the audience saw, and the other one had a 1-on-1 last week in Bri. So we saw Rachael’s rose coming a mile away.



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