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The Bachelor 25 – Matt

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    “Reader Emails,” & (SPOILER) What Former Contestant Shows Up on Matt’s Season?

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Going to be quite the interesting week in Bachelor world. Will have a good episode tonight with lots of drama and stuff for people to talk about, which I’ll get to momentarily. I have a feeling Matt’s women will be “officially” released by ABC this week as well since they posted the episode #1 press release yesterday. In the past, that’s always meant the cast was soon to follow. They gave us 43 women back in October a few days before filming started, but now we know only 32 made it to the first night based off the press release. And then lastly, I think people are going to be interested in my podcast guests this week. Yes, plural. Neither of them are related to … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Matt Spoilers

    “Bachelor” Notes About Matt James’ Cast of Women

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Well yesterday was certainly an interesting day. Last week I told you to expect Matt James’ women to be revealed this week. In the past, it’s come out on early on a Wednesday or Thursday morning. They moved it up a day this season and it was on like donkey kong from the second I woke up (well, when Luka woke me up) at 6:30am. I knew I had a long day ahead of me. Going into yesterday, as I’ve mentioned on the last couple of IG Lives I’ve done, I had 8 women ready to go. 2 of those didn’t end up panning out, so I was planning on posting 6 yesterday. But once the cast was released, the job was to find the … Continue reading

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