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The “Bachelor” Matt – WTA Thoughts, The New ATFR Host and What It Means, & Taylor Nolan’s Past Tweets

I think it’s fair to say that every single week for the last, oh I don’t know month or so, that something happening off screen has completely overtaken what’s happening on screen with the “Bachelor.” I mean, with the internet frenzy over the weekend in regards to a new ATFR host announcement and the Taylor Nolan tweets that surfaced on Sunday, sitting down to watch the women on the WTA last night was, ummmm, an afterthought. Not a whole lot to cover there, although I do have some thoughts on what we saw last night. But so much more to get to before that as I know a lot of you are certainly in awe of what you saw surface this past weekend. As am I. We’ll get to that momentarily. Remember last week I said it was really weird that the show had promoted the WTA then said “in 2 weeks” essentially before showing clips for the rest of the season? Well, now it’s been confirmed that they’re on normal schedule as I suspected. Next week is overnight dates, and then the following Monday the 15th is the 2 hr finale, followed by a 1 hr ATFR. Or maybe the finale is 90 min and the ATFR is 90 min since I think they probably need more than an hour to go over everything. Whatever the case, the overall finale is on the 15th.

On Saturday, it was announced that Emmanuel Acho, co-host of FS1’s daily show “Speak for Yourself” and author of “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man” (which is now also a YouTube series), was named as Chris Harrison’s replacement for the ATFR. This is a guy that Rachel Lindsay actually suggested last week when asked if she would host it, and according to Emmanuel, he was twice asked in the past to be on the “Bachelorette” but turned it down. So this is a guy who’s been on the show’s radar for a while now, and it’s not surprising they made him the ATFR host. I think this was an excellent choice. Being the college football nerd I am, I’ve been watching Emmanuel for years on ESPN and then now on FS1. Great hire for this spot and I think he’ll do really well. I just hope they let him be him and they don’t try and reign him in too much.

Here was his announcement on IG on Saturday where he included 5 facts about himself:

As I reported over the weekend once the announcement was made, the ATFR was set to film yesterday. However, with Emmanuel not being confirmed as the host until Saturday, and as you saw on his IG stories he was filming a commercial over the weekend not related to the “Bachelorette,” the ATFR filming has been pushed back until this Friday. I don’t remember exactly what season it was, but I wanna say it’s been at least 10 years or so (possibly 20 or so seasons) since the ATFR has been filmed in advance. Usually finale night is live, where Chris Harrison is with the studio audience coming in and out of commercial breaks, talking about the show, then they go straight into the ATFR once the final rose ceremony happens. Maybe they’ll still do that with Emmanuel, but just know, it will have been taped already, and that happens this Friday.

The next question becomes, what will happen on the ATFR. Sooooo many questions as rumors are circulating in the tabloids and what not. I’m still trying to get to the bottom of things, but what I reported a couple weeks ago still holds true. Matt and Rachael are broken up, there will be no reconciliation happening at the ATFR, nor will anything happen with Bri or Michelle either. Matt seems to be content on leaving this thing as a single man, and frankly, seems to be done with this franchise. Can’t say I’m surprised at all. However, I’m really curious to see what he says sitting on a couch next to the girl he just broke up with less than 2 weeks ago. What was his reasoning? What’s Rachael’s reaction gonna be? I know that she didn’t want the break up to happen, so what mind set will she be in? Will Matt say something different on TV than what he told her during the breakup? I’m not sure where this all goes, but it sure as hell will be interesting.

A lot of people have expressed either excitement or “Who the f**k is this guy” attitude towards this announcement. Just because you may not know who Emmanuel is doesn’t mean he’s not qualified to host. Like I said, I think he’s an excellent hire and I’m looking forward to see how this guys handles himself doing this for the first time. You know the response that I find funny is? “I’m not watching if Chris Harrison isn’t the host! I’m done!” Good. 1) No one cares and 2) You do realize that this is the most watched episode of the season, right? So you’re telling me that you will tune in to watch the finale, see Matt choose Rachael at the end and, whether you know the spoilers or not, are NOT going to stick around for the ATFR to actually see them together for the first time and see what happens because…Chris isn’t hosting? Sure you aren’t. I say this every season, and I’ll say it again: No. One. Cares. You. Aren’t. Going. To. Watch. Anymore. Not a single soul. And the more you keep telling us you aren’t going to watch, the more I think you are.

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  1. justsaying

    March 2, 2021 at 8:29 AM

    Taylor sounds even more fake to me now that Steve said she has said in numerous occasions she didn’t think Chris or Racheal are bad people but during the podcast a couple weeks ago, she called Chris an a**hole and racist plus refer to Racheal as that f***king girl.

    Taylor is very angry and bitter. She should take a page from Racheal’s apology and take full responsibility and I personally feel Taylor needs to quit swearing so much.

  2. ab38

    March 2, 2021 at 8:56 AM

    I agree. I think the issue with Taylor is that she seems to have a holier than thou attitude. If she had been up front like “I used to be this way and I know now why it’s horrible and that’s why I’m out here advocating” I think it would hit different, but that’s not how she goes about it. I know in college orientation, we had a convicted drunk driver (who killed three of his friends in the car) speak to us about why it’s a horrible idea to drive drunk, because he had been there and suffered the consequences of his actions. That was over a decade ago and it still sticks with me. He tells you up front he messed up and is sharing his story because he doesn’t want other people to mess up. That’s not how she’s handled herself at all. And she certainly doesn’t give any other people grace who are doing the same things she’s done and not even on the same scale as her.

  3. tinyred500

    March 2, 2021 at 9:22 AM

    Steve is almost as tone deaf as Taylor. Nothing genuine about her or her apology. Hypocrisy and irony come to mind with the fallout of her past and present words and actions. Her apologies were angry and totally defensive, then she goes into victim mode to try and neutralise any criticisms.

    There is no way she left those tweets (on Twitter) on purpose, she got caught out and now she’s blaming everyone else. Both Taylor and Steve thinks she’s ‘done the work’ over the last 10 or so years. This clearly isn’t the case, because nothing has changed from ‘within’ with her, she’s still that angry condescending etc, person. She isn’t empathic, humble nor compassionate, and it takes a certain type of person to be so disgustingly horrid for no particular rhythm or reason. IMHO she has a narcissistic type personality, it’s ‘all’ about ‘her’. Her good work ‘she’ thinks she’s done and not about the people she’s insulted or offended .

    She’s a therapist, but she’s the last person I’d want help from. Goodness knows what her clients must think of her.

    She’s better off staying offline to learn to be a better and kinder person.

  4. adelina

    March 2, 2021 at 9:25 AM

    I’m glad Steve and Taylor had an hour long chat so that he could create this pr piece for her.

  5. justanopinion

    March 2, 2021 at 9:58 AM

    I am a long time fan of you Steve, but for the first time I find myself really disappointed in your column. I understand that Taylor is a friend of yours, and I understand that you denounce her tweets, but my perception is that you are not grasping fully just the sort of person she appears to be. Perhaps she really is this wonderful woman who cares about these issues, but after reading her tweets and seeing her numerous apologies I am more inclined to believe that Taylor Nolan jumped on the race topic and started doing the ‘work’ when it became trendy, when it became an easy way for her to gain credibility, followers, and money.

    First and foremost, this woman has been calling for people’s heads. Calling for Chris Harrison to lose his job and livelihood over his interview with Rachel Lindsey – which while incredibly tone deaf, cringy, and out of touch – was nowhere near as vile as the things Taylor freely tweeted for years while she was a well-educated fully developed adult who was studying mental health at the time of her tweets. She is a THERAPIST, and these are the thoughts in her head?

    I don’t care if Chris Harrison loses his job, I’ll still watch, but it will be beyond vile to me if this woman is continued to be allowed to practice therapy after all of this has come to light. Her license should be revoked and she should not be considered a contributing voice to any meaningful platform about racial equality or mental health. The tweets could have eventually been passed off as her being self hating or ignorant, but her ‘reaction’ to people finding them was the most vile thing of all. She is self-righteous, unapologetic to her core, and made herself the victim. I hope you never speak about her again after this. She does not deserve the attention and quite frankly probably doesn’t deserve your friendship. Sounds like your hour long conversation with her was centered around damage control, just yet another show of how self-centered she is in the midst of revealing her true thoughts on anyone who isn’t an attractive, educated, thin, bi-racial white-passing female like herself.

    I can only imagine the shock, betrayal, and disappointment her clients feel.

  6. fishbelt

    March 2, 2021 at 9:59 AM

    @adelina & tinyred – totally agree w/both of you. Taylor is very immature and needs to stay off social media for quite some time.
    Surprised Dale Moss’ name hasn’t popped up for hosting. He obviously has the time & credentials. I certainly don’t expect Wells Adams even being considered at this juncture, or Steve’s BFF, Ben Higgins. I think both of them would do a good job, but we all know that is not going to happen.

  7. tinyred500

    March 2, 2021 at 10:16 AM

    I completely agree!

    My eyes rolled when he said she was ‘passionate’, about what she preaches’, what he refers to as passionate others hear as anger. I find her attitude disturbing and the fact Steve refers to her as a friend is simply mind boggling.

  8. deedadoo

    March 2, 2021 at 10:18 AM

    I was really interested in what Steve had to say about this issue and I’m super disappointed. These posts were borderline psychopath; the way she spoke about pedophilia, rape victims, suicide, causing physical harm to people. (The list goes on and on). She has been so hateful to others who have fallen short nowhere near what she has done, that is the issue. Instead of speaking in love and leading by example the things she wants to see in the world (which is also what “doing the work” should mean) she attacks, rips people apart, and now she’s not even apologetic. She couldn’t even humble herself even though you could tell she was “trying.” She isn’t capable. Tone deaf, cold, flat- all three apologies were lacking. You aren’t gonna see her “come correct” in the way you want her to because she simply isn’t aware and doesn’t know how, this is who she is.

  9. deedadoo

    March 2, 2021 at 10:27 AM

    Absolutely, justanopinion- The bit about commenting on clients appearance, wow. Therapy is so important (hell it literally saved me this year from losing my dad last December and talking through things) and something that a lot of people have fears about. Huge stigma around it, this doesn’t help.

  10. tinyred500

    March 2, 2021 at 10:45 AM

    Spot on! I’ve read and heard so many people come to the same conclusion. Steve is quite deluded.

  11. ab38

    March 2, 2021 at 11:06 AM

    Agreeing again, while her “work” she’s been doing over the years has probably helped a lot of people, I can’t help but see it as self serving now. She has only advocated for areas that would elevate her platform and that she could identify with. I can’t even begin to imagine how she would react if these tweets came out from someone else in bachelor nation.

    I also think it’s important to point out there is a difference between ignorance and hate. I don’t think the things Rachael (just for one example) did were out of hate but more out of ignorance, not that either is good. But these things Taylor tweeted, those are FULL of hate. And not just against one community, against basically everyone who isn’t her. Just crazy to see and know how hypocritical her reaction is. She would be DESTROYING anyone else who did this.

  12. feck

    March 2, 2021 at 11:09 AM

    tinyred500 – Steve has become a turd, he’s just as racist as the people he complains about it, its annoying af.

  13. auntk

    March 2, 2021 at 11:19 AM

    Thought provoking, as always. Wish there had been more on the actual show as I don’t follow social media or twitter at all, for the very reasons on display. I find it lends itself to too much insistence on perfectionism. I’m glad that Taylor has grown as a person in the past decade. I think we are all constantly in process, and all constantly have to choose areas of growth, especially upon discovery of our own ignorance.

    To borrow Steve’s phrase, I believe that there is a toxicity to how Rachel Lindsay, Taylor, Chris Harrison, and Rachael have all been torn apart. It’s the approaching one another with a desire to examine every action through a lens of “accountability” that has become part of the problem. Social media is, quite simply, a poor forum for true “accountability”. Social media, at its core, is an abstraction of one view of reality at best. And a one-size-fit-all template of narrowly defined correct actions dooms every participant to failure to measure up at some point or another. “Accountability” is so much deeper than superficial, surface, image level sound bites.

    So I’m glad I’m not on twitter/insta/tiktok, et al. I much prefer a community which embraces how much we need one another to learn, to grow, to be better than what we’ve been in the past. And I think that is why I keep coming back here to Steve’s take on things; because even when I disagree with Steve, he is obviously aiming to try to both become better himself, and encourage others to do the same. And I am glad there are people trying to make social media a better place, as I’ve personally abandoned it.

    I’ve become rather convinced that social media can not function at all as a forum for listening or conversation, and will only ever be, in truth, an echo chamber. IMHO, It’s never going to be an accurate measure of whether or not someone “has done the work” (even that has become a phrase designed to both judge and dismiss a person as not worth listening to/hearing/helping.)

    Maybe someday public forums can be public forums again rather than feeling like a gathering place for the “lynch mob in waiting”. My belief currently is that all that’s happening is a pendulum swing on who the lynch mob targets, rather than a truly open forum with all being able to participate without being bullied.

  14. deedadoo

    March 2, 2021 at 11:36 AM

    Right! Can you even imagine if Chris Harrison had said such things? Even her friend, Vanessa has spoken on it.. that she’s to be held to the same standard as she would have held anyone. That her hope is that Taylor realizes that other people are learning and to have grace and to lead with love. Hell, Danielle Maltby even asked the question if Taylor would have afforded her that same grace and she doesn’t know if she would. That she felt betrayed and doesn’t see her in the same way. Those are reactions I can get on board with. Having empathy for a friend all the while calling it for what it is. But this reality Steve response is so upsetting.

  15. jlal

    March 2, 2021 at 12:24 PM

    I looked up some of Taylor’s tweets and they were awful. I agree with posters above that she should not nobody should) destroy someone for making a mistake. That old “If you live in a glass house, you shouldn’t throw rocks” saying has been around a long time for a reason. I also don’t understand why Chris should be off the show forever. I think his ignorance is very inline with his race, age, and privilege. But, he can learn and I’m sure is being schooled right now. Same for Rachel. She was/is a product of her upbringing, geographic location, and organizations to which she belonged. She also can learn and grow.

    All of us can grow and learn as we go. Granted some of us are narcissistic aholes and never learn or grow.

    I don’t do social media, none not Facebook, IG, Twitter, Snapchap, none of them for just this reason. I am always shocked (don’t know why) at the stupid crap people put out there, knowing it is forever. I’m so happy when I was young and making mistakes there wasn’t cell phones to record everything and SM to post it.

    Okay, now for the elephant in the room – What the heck was that giant beard about on Matt? I admit I’m not a fan of facial hair, though don’t mind the ‘haven’t shaved in two days” look, but that thing was way too much.

  16. justsaying

    March 2, 2021 at 12:44 PM

    Yes let’s talk about WTA. I wished the girls didn’t throw such soft ball questions at Matt. Why in the world did he apologize to Victoria?? Abigail should have said she would have rather not receive the FIR if he was going to keep giving her false-hope with his phony reassurances.

  17. janiel

    March 2, 2021 at 2:43 PM

    I don’t really think Taylor’s apology matters much one way or the other, though it’s certainly a necessary starting point. It’s not going to tell us whether or not she’s changed. She clearly seems to think she has. A lot of other people seem to think that she harbors the same anger she used to hold, it’s just that now she’s seized on anti-racism as an excuse for being angry with people. That’s not something I can judge, but it sounds too plausible to me for me to think she’d be an effective anti-racism advocate right now, because if other people believe she’s only doing it as an excuse to let her anger loose at people, she won’t be able to make positive change even if she really does want to.

    So I would think the best thing for her to do at this point is what Steve said: shut up, stop posting — not just about the Bachelor franchise, but altogether. Take some time to look seriously into her own heart. She says she doesn’t believe the things she used to anymore, but she doesn’t say anything about *why* she used to believe them, or why she *wanted* to believe them… what was appealing to her once in all this hatred. She doesn’t owe us that answer, but she needs to know it for herself, if she doesn’t yet. She needs to know whether she still feels some of the same needs that she used to fill by making horrible, bigoted public statements about all kinds of people… and if she does feel those needs, how is she filling them instead, now? If she doesn’t, how exactly did she clear her mind of the feelings that led her to choose hatred and bigotry as a pathway?

    She needs to take some time for private reflection… probably a lot of it. There’s a great deal she hasn’t said about how she got from being the person who said those things to where she is now. She doesn’t have to say it (though we’re perfectly free to judge her based on what she does say, not on what she doesn’t), but she really ought to make sure she understands herself better than she’s showing any sign of understanding herself right now.

  18. sarahj

    March 2, 2021 at 3:34 PM

    Steve, I’m a longtime reader and fan (even going to a fan appreciation party back in the day!) I’m really disappointed in your condescending attitude towards your audience. You’ve always been sarcastic which is why so may of us like your column; however, now you seem totally dismissive of your readers and our input. You have contributed to a nasty tone this past year and there are many just calling it quits (remember that every click and download of your podcast pay your bills). I hope you will be a little less snarky and dismissive of those that feed you! I honestly believe this is the beginning of the end.

  19. lilstarrgazr

    March 2, 2021 at 3:50 PM

    What Taylor said over the matter of years (tweets as late as 2014) is far worse than what Chris said or what Rachael did. I’m not excusing the latter, I’m stating facts. Toss into that mix that Taylor was in school to be a mental health professionals while basically hating the entire world, this is not good.
    Regardless of who your friends with, Taylor has not “done the work.” As recently as June 2020, Taylor admitted to not knowing several important black civil rights leaders, including Thurgood Marshall and Loving vs Virginia. How can you do the work and not know important historical figures in that line of work.
    Taylor’s first apology, directed at her community and blaming white people for making her tweet those things was horrible. She even doubled down on her racist Indian men thoughts, while smiling. Her second apology was horrible. Her third apology where she spent most of her time whining about the mean internet people who found the public tweets that Taylor nolan wrote on Taylor Nolan’s Twitter was horrible. Her final apology, which Steve doesn’t get to accept because he doesn’t identify with any of the groups she insulted, didn’t even address all the groups she insulted.
    She is so full of hatred, including self hatred, as evidenced by racist tweets about both Black and white people and she is still dripping in that hypocrisy. Something about the smug way she sat, asking people to pay her for her Instagram thoughts…
    If she “did the work,” she would be able to practice what she preached. She can’t. She insulted just about every friend, family member, and me multiple times with her tweets. I’m sorry people feel let down by her, but Steve, take accountability. Read what her other friends wrote. Kaitlynn, Nikki, Bekkah, etc. their words and tone are very different than yours. You were more outraged at Hannah Brown than you are Taylor. And that has everything to do with your friendship.

  20. sagewells

    March 2, 2021 at 4:06 PM

    If you are a true fighter for social justice, the “work” is ongoing. We are always learning, always making mistakes, and trying to do better. Nobody has it all figured out. People who read a few books and then post on twitter, or go after others, thinking they know everything, are usually just virtue signaling, or trying to prove how enlightened they are. Quiet actions speak louder than words. Hopefully Taylor continue her “work” without the world watching.

  21. therightreasons

    March 2, 2021 at 4:17 PM

    How comical… Yet another example of someone being what they preach again.

    The sooner people realize that the loudest and the preachiest are running cover or projecting themselves onto others. That many of the “experts” that are the loudest and spend the most time propagandizing are frauds. So on and so forth the better society will be.

    People are right that social media is a cancer on our society and people only try to put out the best version of themselves on their “stories” and what not but ironically will spit out the vileness that is really them that they don’t have confidence to do in person.

    Personally, I don’t care what Taylor said (who she is when ever you see her or hear from her tells you all you need to know without needing additional context). I don’t care what Chris said. Don’t care what any Rachel said or did. It’s not my job (or anyone’s) to go through everything everyone does with a fine tooth comb and pick out any flaws they have. That’s not healthy for people to do and that’s not a healthy society.

    P.S. “The work” (in this context) could not sound any more cultish. When someone keeps repeating “the work” it sounds even worse. When does one realize that they might possibly be in a cult?

  22. wisewords

    March 2, 2021 at 5:02 PM

    Back to the WTA. Was anyone else surprised how easy they were on Victoria? And Matt’s beard. gosh. And they kept panning the back of Heather Martin’s long platinum hair but we never saw her face. What was up with that? Anna’s apology took a lot of courage, and I admired her for it.

    Regarding Victoria, it was irresponsible for ABC to cast her, knowing she has mental health issues, even if she agreed to it. She was cringey and sad to watch, and not at all entertaining. They need to do the right thing for Victoria and the viewers, which is to NOT put her on BIP.

  23. wellthen

    March 2, 2021 at 5:19 PM

    This post is appalling. I have been a fan of Steve’s for years and I have watched him grow during this time and now it seems like he carries this holier than thou attitude. It’s sad that he would try to put Chris Harrison at the same level as Taylor. It’s sad that he would think “she has done the time”. How much “time” does it take? Will he speak to Chris Harrison once and do a post like this? Taylor’s posts were disgusting. Chris didn’t handle himself well during his interview but haven’t we all spoken over someone when we have an opinion. His only opinion was that we need to hear from her before we call her a racist. I am also not a fan of Rachel Lindsay ever since she said “haven’t we already seen a Peter”, is she literally saying that all white people are the same? And how can she say that Peter is “white” when he has a Cuban mother. Has she met Cuban people? No one would ever see my Cuban family and think “they are all just white” Seriously? Also even if Peter was “white” does that mean that he is exactly the same person as everyone before him? What exactly has Matt James done differently. To Steve’s point, yeah the show doesn’t care if “you will not watch” but I don’t care if he cares but he lost a reader today. Taylor obviously needs help and he does too.

  24. justsaying

    March 2, 2021 at 5:31 PM

    Steve probably is hoping to score with Taylor and Taylor is using him as an ally, dangling him the carrot.

  25. sailor2000

    March 2, 2021 at 5:52 PM

    All of the above comments are right on. I was a fan of Reality Steve until he started to focus on ‘educating people’ about racial stuff. This is supposed to be an escape, a fun and mindless show to watch, and now all I see is judging and criticizing, and crucifying Chris and Rachael for something that does not even compare one iota to what this Taylor woman said. She is pure evil. So ridiculous. Taylor wasnt even a prominent figure in BN. Not sure why he has forged such a strong friendship with her and defends her. It really chips away at his credibility and overall judgment.

  26. midwesterngirl

    March 2, 2021 at 6:01 PM

    The thing with Taylor is that I found her behavior (especially when you consider she has education in behavioral health) to be concerning even before all this came out when she was on the podcast discussing Rachael and Chris just prior.

    One example: when Steve assumed that Taylor certainly wouldn’t agree with people “piling on” Rachael and gave examples of really meanspirited memes that were out there implying that Rachael’s family were KKK members etc, there was a long pause that spoke volumes on Taylor’s part–it seemed she was calculating an acceptable response. Then when Steve pushed again, she essentially said that no, she wasn’t against those memes being promulgated because she considered it “comedic relief.” She had zero compassion on Rachael or her family regarding the family being characterized in a way that is probably not true–all because she found it funny.

  27. deedadoo

    March 2, 2021 at 6:59 PM

    Totally agree. And Steve didn’t push back. Somehow she brainwashed or manipulated him into thinking this is totally ok. what witchcraft is this Taylor? How does this seem normal or not bullying? You get what you put out. Oldest saying but there’s a reason why it still holds true.

  28. mlynnm

    March 2, 2021 at 8:41 PM

    Steve I’ve followed you for years, always thought you sound like a reasonable, smart, nice guy. I feel you have been brainwashed now. This is all nuts. I really hope you take some time to think it all over. The fact that you don’t see it as nuts is alarming!

  29. realitynyc12

    March 2, 2021 at 9:57 PM

    I think she has said something along the lines of the fact that at the core of the reason why was the fact that she hated herself and was trying to swing in the direction of her whiteness as self preservation tool to escape the racism and etc she faced herself for being half black. That all makes sense to me but clearly, the correct step would have been to bring all this to light in the beginning and be transparent with people to truly show her journey and HOW exactly she evolved and why. The fact that she kept mum about those tweets, no wonder people feel misled. I hate to say it since I was not necessarily in the ” I hate Taylor ” camp before all this (even though, let’s face it, girl can be too much to stomach on occasion, being that blunt and that self righteous never did he any favors) despite that, just mulling this over, I do not see how it is ethical for a person like that to hold a therapists license. It also doesn’t bode well to ponder on the fact that she made money and a lot of it, off this platform she built for herself and while yes, info is still info and she did share resources, knowing what we know now, for anyone that ever directly sent her money or heck, bought products she was shilling, how can anyone not feel completely duped and scammed by her?
    I agree that she should take a huge step away from social media completely and quite honestly, seek some serious therapy herself. For anyone to have the type of thoughts this chick freely spewed out there into the internet and not have serious issues that need to be unpacked and addressed with a qualified mental health professional, that is a must. The 3 rounds or whoever many, of apologies she put out there are frankly wastes of time, all of them.
    And she can do all the damage control she wants but until she really examines and fixed her deep seated issues, it won’t be a fun ride for her. She should think about things long term because the way things are headed, soon enough the only way she’ll be able to make a living for the foreseeable future is her onlyfans account. Which, you know, nothing wrong with it, good money in sex work. Would really be too bad if it ends up all she does from here on out since she’s actually a rather intelligent and articulate person, something just went terribly awry way back when for her, for her to end up the way the she did with the ideas she had. And she needs a lot of counseling to undo all that, whatever work she thinks she did the last 10 years isn’t enough, its not just about reading and learning, its about fixing yourself first.

  30. kcdeutsch1

    March 2, 2021 at 10:06 PM

    Hi Steve, I sincerely hope you take the time to read these comments. Another person wondered how you can still refer to Taylor as your friend & I can’t help but wonder too. Also, & much more importantly, you said here & tonight if you were one of the MANY ppl she offended you would be more upset or triggered too. That doesn’t seem to be a good scale to measure your reaction on. We judged Chris & Rachael K for being racist even though we are white & Taylor criticized SO many people-black, Asians, rape victims, mental health clients etc. If you can be furious & think Chris & Rachel K were racist you should feel the same but much more furious and protective for every person you know who DOES fit in those categories! Otherwise why be upset with racists, bigots etc? I hope this helps you see that you are making the not wise argument that “well it didn’t affect me so I will accept her apology.” It should affect & make you feel outrageous! For every person she has harmed! Just bc she has helped you the past few months does not erase the hate she evoked to many prior. It seems like you were in a privileged group of hers but have you realized you may be the only one? Have you wondered why? You said she was sad a couple of days ago. Was that before or after her sexy lingerie post? Who has encouraged ppl to pay her or donate to her Venmo? I’m not saying you did for the wrong reasons-I know she educated ppl BUT I also think it’s suspicious that the ppl sge didn’t criticize is so tiny. Please just realize she doesn’t deserve more respect since her criticisms were far overt & far worse than others you have correctly critiqued in a negative manner. Thank you.

  31. mgb970

    March 2, 2021 at 10:13 PM


    > I made that known on Twitter that I needed to hear more from Taylor

    Isn’t this the same kind of angle that Chris Harrison took with Rachael Kirkconnel? That we needed time to let her explain.


  32. kcdeutsch1

    March 2, 2021 at 10:30 PM

    One more thing-I am probably naive to think you would read this-but you said tonight “the ppl who choose not to watch the ATFR bc Chris isn’t doing it seem or sound racist.” I agree! They don’t want to accept someone other than Chris bc they don’t think what Chris said was racist. You think/KNOW what he said was racist but you aren’t black. Please use that same standard to Taylor-you KNOW she discriminated ppl who are black, Asian, homosexual etc. Do you remember the quote from WW2? “First they came for the Socialists & I did not speak out bc I wasn’t a socialist, then they came for the trade unionists & I did not speak out bc I was not one..then they came for me & there was no one left to speak for me!” Seriously, as a white man, you have to realize that you are one of the few classes of ppl she didn’t discriminate against (at least I don’t think) but that means you are privileged! That means you still need to show every person & group her tweets were much more alarming than you seemed to acknowledge just bc you “weren’t in a group that she offended.” You may have been in one of the two groups. Please open your eyes. If ppl who still support Chris are racist then what are ppl who are still supportive of her?

  33. deedadoo

    March 2, 2021 at 11:58 PM

    Also Steve the way you’ve kind of glossed over it and so quick to excuse while still being disappointed but that she’s “done the work” makes me feel like you don’t understand the gravity of the situation. She spoke about doing horrendous violent things to people, shamed rape victims for coming forward, told people to commit suicide, and her pedophilia comment, my god. Add the hypocrisy, the fact that she was in the mental health care field, and hasn’t given anyone an ounce of grace.. it’s overwhelming. But even without those arguments and her comments standing alone- how can you see it the way you do? Grouping her with others like Chris or Rachael or Hannah. This goes beyond and makes me question your character for the way you spoke about this.

  34. kr211

    March 3, 2021 at 12:18 AM

    stop giving taylor so much credit for all “the work” she’s done. her abrasive, narcissistic and condescending demeanor is consistent, and shows that she hasn’t done nearly as much of the work as she seems to think she has. that you’re mistakingly convinced she has, all because she gave you a few book recommendations.

    the way she took the apologies of other bachelor members and dissected and mocked them line by line, pointing out all the ways they were inadequate to her, shows that she DID find enjoyment in kicking others while they were down. it was amusing for her. now she’s just getting a taste of her own medicine. it’s too perfect the way she started a petition for chris to be fired, and now there’s a petition for her to be stripped of her clinical psychology license.

    if you really want to help restore your friend’s credibility, tell her to learn some humility. treat others the way she wishes to be treated.

    chris and rachel will recover from their mistakes because they are good people. taylor is not a good person. i applaud whoever dug up those tweets because *finally* her holier than thou mouth is silenced. there’s a valid reason why so many people are rejoicing in her downfall right now. and no, it’s
    not because we’re racist. it’s because this is karmic retribution at its finest. *chefs kiss*

  35. rob22

    March 3, 2021 at 10:42 AM

    I made a comment, I think last week, where I said that RS and Taylor were easy messengers to attack, but not to conflate the valid message regarding the racial missteps of this franchise with the messenger. I didn’t think Taylor or RS came across great in the podcast. Taylor in particular was taking a lot of glee in calling for the heads of various people & came across as very condescending. She’s just another version of the IG influencer crowd trying to act like they’re more important than they are. And, of course, RS is a Bachelor re-capper and podcaster of the same ilk. When he wades into meaty topics, he’s really not the most credible source. But again, that doesn’t mean the message that they were (poorly) trying to convey wasn’t right. We should all look at ourselves and decide whether we’re going to be part of the solution or part of the problem. Entire groups of people in this country should not be living under different rules imposed by the majority. And if the people being imposed upon decide to push back, they have a right to do that & should be supported. That shouldn’t be that hard to understand.

  36. winsomeone

    March 3, 2021 at 11:49 AM

    I have been following Reality Steve for nearly 10 years, until very recently. Stopped partly due to Steve giving Taylor a platform to be the voice of social justice as well as the voice of “sex positivity”. I also disagreed with his stance that Taylor didn’t have more followers because she is a person of color. While that might be part of the reason, I think it is mostly due to the fact she’s been an angry, self righteous, dogmatic, and vulgar voice (more like a screech) for all things related to racial justice, mental health and sexuality. A therapist friend of mine says her license should be revoked and she is an embarrassment (even prior to her totally offensive tweets) to the profession. She doesn’t separate herself from her profession. She’s a narcissist. I’m a supporter of BLM, a white person who admits to having white privilege and I’m still in the process of waking up and growing. I think we should allow room and time to process coming out of this blindness called white privilege. Let’s provide the ROOM to grow and speak. Calling everyone a racist that doesn’t conform to Steve’s timeline for evolvement only makes for more divisiveness and fear to even speak about race for making a mistake! Also calling everyone a racist is making racist mean nothing …and yes I get the difference between implicit and explicit racism so don’t lecture me….. While Chris Harrison was speaking from a place of white (and male) privilege he did make some very good points about the nature of social media, grace and the “woke police”. Poor choice of words but there is something to what he said. No one is perfect. I’m done with Steve, I loved getting spoilers and that was the only reason I followed Steve but it’s time for me to move on from Bachelor Nation.

  37. justsaying

    March 3, 2021 at 12:06 PM

    Taylor lost credibility to me during the podcast the moment she said I was told from someone backstage who heard that Chris said so and so. Alrightyyyy!

  38. kr211

    March 3, 2021 at 2:27 PM

    I dont buy the argument that she wrote those things to align with her whiteness, because that would imply whiteness is synonymous with hatefulness.

  39. Nahu

    March 3, 2021 at 2:57 PM

    Matt’s season has been an unmitigated DISASTER. Ratings are down 25% compared to Peter’s season. There’s been like 10000 controversies from bullying and cattiness on the show, to racism, a host being forced to step aside, a former contestant who said the most hateful things I’ve read in my life, people more concerned about woke politics than on what happens on screen, and now Matt ends the season as a single man. This is probably the WORST season in recent times.

  40. dogmomma

    March 3, 2021 at 3:13 PM

    I have to agree with so many of the posts about being done with the Bachelor franchise and with Reality Steve. I didn’t watch the WTA this week which is the first time since the very first Bachelor show that I skipped an episode. I liked Matt at first because he seemed like a decent guy although a little boring, but after hearing that he broke up with Rachael K to save his image, I have lost respect for him. these shows are pathetic lately. And I’m sick of the cancel culture and people like Rachel Lindsey who have decided to chastise people’s behavior, telling them how to repent and when they have made an appropriate apology. I don’t think Chris Harrison did anything so horrific that he should be fired. He may have not have had the perfect interview, but does that mean he’s an awful person who should be banned from society? I’m so sick of the people who have decided that they are better than everyone else and that they are perfect and have never made a mistake. And I’m sick of the political climate surrounding this show. I don’t need to hear social media influencers opinions on who is “not learning and doing the work”. I’m so sick of this show and RS and what he’s turned into. I’m done and I hope other people show their disgust by not watching the show and not supporting RS. Maybe it’s time for him to “educate himself” and get a real job. (I didn’t realize how pissed I was LOL)

  41. GoingBlonde

    March 3, 2021 at 4:25 PM

    dogmomma, you are spot on! Everything you said is so true. Steve definitely needs a real job and learn how to be a real person in society instead of spending all his time behind his computer and phone lecturing his readers on their lack of wokeness and calling them all racist. This is a direct result of his friendships with Bachelor alum, ESPECIALLY Spivey! He has been brainwashed and completely lost his sense of humor in the process. Thus he has made his recaps as dry as an Arizona desert and unreadable.

  42. dogmomma

    March 3, 2021 at 7:07 PM

    GoingBlonde… AMEN!!!

  43. sumguy

    March 3, 2021 at 10:40 PM

    “people who take joy in bringing others down, I think is a bit much.”

    Coming from the same guy that brings down contestants in almost every one of his posts. This dude lives to bring down producers and contestants, including Matt James. The amount of ignorance RS has is astonishing.

    You can tell RS is deathly afraid of being canceled, and it appears by the reaction from the other comments on this post, he isn’t doing too hot. After years of following you, it’s time for me to say a dios. Good riddance.

  44. realitynyc12

    March 5, 2021 at 5:25 AM

    @kr211 that’s a good point, I guess i meant that maybe it was her misguided effort to reject her black heritage and being overtly racist was an act of self preservation initially, kind of like ” let me hurt them first so they dont hurt me”

    This still doesn’t explain the other stuff though anyway, the messed up things and said about people with personality disorders, rape victims, pedophilia, all the fat shaming. Chick left no stone unturned, that’s for sure, I almost feel like she made it a game to see how far she can take it and how much controversial crap she can say she can get for attention. That’s why I revert back to my original point that she’s not right in the head and unlearning the hate by reading a bunch of books and then saying ” I did the work for 10 years” is not enough in her case. Not by a long shot. Supposedly she has said she sees a therapist herself but I don’t know what that person does for her because her entire personality has to do a full 180 from the aggressive person she used to be and I am not convinced at all that it has….I think thats something we can all agree on.

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