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The “Bachelor” Matt – Episode 8 Recap, the Latest on ATFR, “Bachelorette” Update, & Are Matt & His Final Choice Still Together?

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Yet again, another week where there is so much to get to in the world of this franchise, that the recap portion of what we saw last night basically takes a back seat to everything else. I’m pretty sure I’m like most people at this point who are just wanting to fast forward through the end of the season, since we all know what’s happening off the screen has completely overshadowed what’s happening on screen. Sucks because there are some really great girls left, yet, everything is overshadowed by what’s happening behind the scenes. Breaking news last night, which I’ll get to first. In addition, some things to discuss upcoming this week, both on social media and within this show. I think Arie’s season was the last time we really felt this way since what happens at the final rose ceremony is irrelevant to what’s happening now. Since we knew in the finale Aire had picked Becca, but by the time the finale rolled around, we all knew he had dumped her and was with Lauren. No, not that Matt changed from Rachael to someone else, which he hasn’t. Just more so that we all know Matt picks Rachael in the end, but after last night, well, they are no more. Womp womp.

As reported by Emma and Claire at the Huffington Post yesterday evening, I was able to confirm that Matt and Rachael broke up within the last week. I don’t have an exact day, and I don’t have any details as to why, but judging by Matt’s IG post yesterday, I get the sense that the guy was put in a no-win situation, so basically no matter what he did, he was going to take some heat. If he sticks this out and shows up with Rachael on the ATFR as a couple, it’ll be “how is not affected by what she did.” Now they’ve broken it off, it’ll be “why couldn’t he stand by her?” If you didn’t see Matt’s statement yesterday, this is what he said:

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Shortly thereafter Huffington Post posted an article saying they recently ended things, I was able to confirm it, and here we are. This is the first real statement Matt has made since everything went down. I think he released something on his IG story a few days after the Chris incident, but it wasn’t more than 3 sentences long. Not sure why it took him this long to say it, but we finally got something and it was pretty strong against the show, Chris, and Rachael. Now knowing that their breakup was recent, certainly makes things more interesting come this weekend. Why?

The ATFR is filming this weekend in LA. Before you ask, as of now, I don’t know who will be hosting. Nor do I know what they plan on doing, what the format will be, etc. And whoever hosts the ATFR, does that mean they’re the new host when the “Bachelorette” starts up filming next month? We don’t know that either. Here’s what I do know:

-The “Bachelorette” filming has been delayed about a week, so probably 3rd week in March is when it will begin
-The “Bachelorette” will film in the US
-Katie was originally going to be the “Bachelorette,” and once the shit hit the fan with the franchise the last couple weeks, the course of action changed, and they are now in discussions on who to go with. All I’ve heard is it won’t be Katie now.
-Because the breakup is so new, when these two see each other again, does some reconciliation happen? Is there any way they make it through this? Does Matt possibly have the balls to ask Bri or Michelle for a second chance? Does he leave solo?

Remember, this is the first non-live ATFR since, gosh, I wanna say before Emily Maynard’s season. We’re coming up on almost 10 years since they haven’t done a live ATFR. So this is all new territory we’re dealing with here. Will there even be an audience? I’m not sure. But this sure is gonna be messy. I can’t remember the last couple that couldn’t even make it to their ATFR taping. Maybe Ben and Courtney. They had broken up, but were also kinda in limbo. So who knows how this plays out.

However, what I reported before was accurate, in that Matt and Rachael never got engaged at the end of this thing. He gave her a promise ring. Hmmmm. A promise to stay together 3 months? Whatever the case, that’s what we’re getting at the end of this season. A lot obviously came about post filming, all stuff Matt had no clue about while he was falling for Rachael and ultimately choosing her. It’s really going to be interesting seeing what Matt says is the reason for the breakup with Rachael. This is completely guessing on my part, but I would assume he broke it off with her, and probably from all the negative press. There just doesn’t seem to be any other reason why a week before taping the ATFR. They’ve been together this whole time. Accusations have been out there since the night of the premiere 2 months ago. Like, WTF? Why now? I just can’t wait to hear from every party involved in this thing, because there’s a lot of questions out there that definitely need to be answered.

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  1. justsaying

    February 23, 2021 at 8:51 AM

    I would have walked when he couldn’t be bothered to ask her parents permission. Promise rings should be banned and canceled. Ladies, let’s not waste our time on false hope. He’s NOT serious!

  2. sarah26

    February 23, 2021 at 9:10 AM

    So Katie was cast as The Bachelorette, but then all of the controversy came out regarding race, so of course they’ll cancel her and cast black bachelorette…????

  3. fishbelt

    February 23, 2021 at 9:10 AM

    This show (and website) used to be a fun, mindless way to forget your troubles, numb out, and laugh, or commiserate, or whatever for a few hours. It is all now nothing but a statement. Cancel it. Can’t imagine anyone wanting to be on this show again, but even after this season’s mean girls, I bet the bottom of the barrel is yet to be scraped. Maybe a compromise – have one show a season be all POC, and the second, mixed. I’m sure I’ll get a lot of flak for that statement, but I couldn’t care less anymore. No one will ever be happy again.

  4. mgb970

    February 23, 2021 at 9:42 AM


    Totally agree. Cancel it. The show is so manufactured, scripted, and manipulated, it no longer lives up to the premise.

    Moreover, the franchise has had problems with diversity for a looong time now. And when the franchise tries to address diversity, they eff it up. The franchise gets little to nothing right about diversity.

    Just cancel the whole thing. Time for the franchise to be retired.

    > but even after this season’s mean girls

    That’s been a problem for a while. If one ever watched Becca’s social media, she’s a horrible person. I could care less about her politics. I’m talking about how Becca treats people who may have a different opinion than her.

    …and for the record I liked Rachel’s season. But to see how she acts now, she’s a mean girl too. Reality Steve thinks just dumb, ignorant, white people are piling on — but being an ally and calling out times where Rachel has been a mean girl are not mutually exclusive. Seesh.

  5. dbla31

    February 23, 2021 at 11:33 AM

    Bri’s mom was 13 when she had her. Someone mentioned that on another board. I remember is was less than 15 or 16, because that wouldn’t be so jaw-dropping. But 13! I did a double-take when she casually dropped that into conversation.

    I’m sad but I think we are nearing the end for this show. Maybe if they were just starting out they could do it “right” but now there are too many die-hards who like the format and are refusing to accept anyone but Chris as the host (even if Steve is right that he’s on air about two minutes per episode) and I don’t think there are enough fans to stick with it or give it a chance if the format/participants are drastically changed. Oh well, pretty f’in good run.

  6. rob22

    February 23, 2021 at 12:09 PM

    This really all happened because The Bachelor could no longer ignore it’s diversity problem after the summer. They had no idea how to do it right, and instead of bringing in some consultants or someone who could guide them, they winged it. My Dad always told me that “winging it” is the worst thing possible. It means that there is no real plan. When you don’t plan, you fail. And that’s exactly what happened. And then the face of the franchise goes out and makes it 10X worse. Now they’re totally screwed. How do they go back to “White Bachelor” again…. and with the alternative being, trying to take a mulligan on this season…. nobody really wants to go through that again… where do you go? Ultimately, this is a jump the shark moment. I felt that the show was getting long in the tooth a few seasons ago, but they had that prime female demographic, so they kept plodding along & producing substandard shows. Now the show is just offensive. Not just the race stuff, but the mean girl antics added to the amped up, made up drama. It wasn’t a good season before the stuff about Rachael and Chris came out. And the lead had nothing to do with that either. It was purely the girls and the production of the show that was awful. It seems like the time has come to end it.

  7. ctrealitygirl

    February 23, 2021 at 12:19 PM

    I totally agree with you @fishbelt. I wrote a comment last week stating a similar sentiment: that I wished the show could back to the good ole days when the Bachelor/ette was just a mindless guilty pleasure. Pure entertainment. Social media really ruined it as people go on the show now to further their own agendas. There are very few participants who are truly looking for love or looking to find a husband/wife. Besides the drama with the racist activities, this season was just all about meanness. I have not watched one show all the way thru, just too much negativity for me. I used to look forward to Monday nights but no more 🙁

  8. angelfish

    February 23, 2021 at 12:23 PM

    The show is still run by a bunch of old, white guys just hanging on til their #metoo accusers get on board. Nothing changes til the men on top do.

    I’m done with the show, but I’m sticking with Steve. He’s the one I’ll be loyal to. I’ll come to the site & click through the pages, but I certainly won’t care about any of the people in the franchise. If they don’t know by now what a huge dumpster fire this thing is, they deserve what they get.

  9. dogmomma

    February 23, 2021 at 1:20 PM

    It’s good to see that lots of people share the same disgust for this show. I remember watching the first season of the Bachelor and how much fun it was to watch and to try and guess who ends up getting picked. When spoilers came out, I enjoyed reading the spoilers and then watching the journey unfold between the lead and the F1. But the last few years it’s been getting worse with the fake story lines and drama, and lately with the political undertones and emphasis on shaming and trying to ruin people’s life. I don’t know if the show can reverse the damage it’s created at this point. Now that I know about Matt and Rachel breaking up, I won’t watch the rest of the season play out. I heard that Rachel Lindsey is hosting ATFR, and I absolutely could not sit through an hour or two of her “know it all” attitude and her condescending treatment of people who disagree with her views. This show has hit rock bottom and needs to be cancelled.

  10. iampunka

    February 23, 2021 at 2:17 PM

    The real shame to this season is that it has been totally hijacked by people on social media, and that has been latched onto by RS and others. Because this season has been exactly what this franchise has needed in terms of diversity, but it has now all been completely overshadowed due to those who hijacked it for social causes.

    Shall we recap what was great about this season? Black male lead who happens to have a white mother. Of his 4 final women, 3 are mixed race as well. The 4th happens to be white. Oh and he chose her, so let’s torpedo this thing, right?

    Michelle and Bri had a white mom and black father. Just like our man Matt. And Serena had an Indian mother and white father. I mean, talk about melting pot racial diversity. People wanted to see this, got it, and now are ignoring it. Pretty shameful honestly. Steve couldn’t even be bothered to write about it and do a proper recap. And this is what his woke takes seem to want, yet he ignores it for drama and controversy. I don’t get that.

    PS–Bri for Bachette. She’s a keeper. Beautiful, intelligent, great temperament. And she opens up great possibilities, just like Matt did.

  11. shellylite

    February 23, 2021 at 4:28 PM

    This show has become so political it’s not entertainment anymore. I don’t want my silly entertainment preaching at me, especially when it’s causing so much internal strife between so many people. Nice that Matt decided to dump his true love due to her flaming racism which he didn’t notice at all during the entire season.

    I would prefer Chris H comes back and does BIP this summer, and maybe they can have all their serious “Bachelor racial issues” conversations while drunk on the beach, which would make things so interesting. Just make sure Chris H and Rachel L are involved in the conversations, and as drunk as everyone else. Throw in Becca’s ex Garrett for extra controversial fun.

  12. fishbelt

    February 23, 2021 at 5:46 PM

    @iampunka – you are sooo correct.
    As for Steve – all long-time readers here know he’s had a massive chip on his shoulder over Chris H. since day ONE. But, before now, racism was NEVER mentioned as being one of the reasons for his intense dislike for the man. Points to ponder.
    Chris H. will be fine, not worried about him, and I personally do not know him, so I don’t have extreme feelings either way, as some do.
    This franchise has truly reached the end of its shelf life. It will never be fun again. Time to shut the mansion doors for good.

  13. kata20

    February 23, 2021 at 5:48 PM

    This could have been a great season. Matt James is a good and insightful bachelor and we are glad the show picked him but the mean girl drama went too far. The other problem was they had too many women to start out with, then they added 6 more. It was difficult to remember them all and not much air time for many. We really liked the final 4 girls though until Rachael story came out. It was tough to watch Rachael without getting annoyed. Michelle is very likable, so is Bri and Serena. Happy to see the girls came from mixed families, just like Matt. It would be amazing if Matt picks his second pick, Michelle. Or see one of them as next Bachette. Lastly, Chris H needs to be gone for any meaningful change to come about. He will not be missed.

  14. d3lees

    February 23, 2021 at 5:51 PM

    I am in agreement with iampunka. We have lost site of the fact that this diverse season brought about 4 final ladies that were diverse racially. Two had white mothers and African American Fathers. Then Serena had a Indian mother and white father. Also adding that Rachel is not white. She appears to be either Middle Eastern or Armenian. So this was a very diverse group of women.

    But over the last couple of weeks now the whole show has been clouded with controversy stirred on by former bachelorette Rachel Lindsay.

    Today she has come out with the following criticizing Rachel and believes that “Kirkconnell’s subsequent call to action is disingenuous.”

    I like Rachel Lindsay, but who died and made her the moral high ground police? I just do not understand. One woman has single handedly taken down the Bachelor franchise!! So because of what she has said in her podcasts and on Extra, Chris Harrison’s job is in jeopardy over things he said. Is there anyone not under her microscope?

    Then Matt is backing out of his relationship with Rachel Kirkconnell. Ok but all this time during the show he stated adamantly over and over again, “My wife is here and I want to be engaged at the end of this.” Yet Matt gave Rachel a promise ring?? What the heck?? That’s absurd. Either propose or say I can’t propose now but I want to see where our relationship goes.” But don’t play teenager and giver the poor girl a promise ring! Stupid and that just tells you he was not that serious to begin with.

    Frankly I thought all four final girls were great and had wonderful personalities and seemed genuinely there for the right reasons. Rachel appears very sweet and completely in love with Matt. I understand Serena P left because she figured out Matt was not “her person.” Michelle is a great girl and so is Bri.

    Why are we letting social media drive this show? Why is anyone letting someone who was previously on the show, and married her chosen one, dictate how we feel? I understand that the show probably needs diversity training and to be sensitive to people, then stop faking these stupid cat fights that you bring on. Do not bring on the Queen Victoria’s and the MJ mean girls that plagued this season. If we could have fast forwarded through all of that to the last couple of shows, we would have been fine. But no then we have to have more drama and bring up this girls past and a photo she took that people took offense to. Then Rachel Lindsay had to get involved and then it took of from there.

    So what do we have in the end? A broken relationship because the lead Matt could not stand up for Rachel K. and say I forgive you for your past mistakes, and we will work together to educate ourselves on diversity and race. No he caved to the pressure and let a great girl go. And really all of the remaining girls go to. Because in the end it was only a promise ring….

    What a bunch of crap!!!!!!!!!!

  15. rrozsa

    February 23, 2021 at 6:22 PM

    Speaking as a 61-year-old white woman who was born and raised in the deep south, even I can see how foolish it was for a college to have an “old south” themed function in this day and age. I have a feeling that Rachael may have been merely wanting to dress up in hoop skirts like old-time “Southern Belles”. Having a “southern belle” theme would not necessarily have been offensive in and of itself (in my opinion), but the sorority’s mistake was in having confederate flags as part of the decor, which is as bad as if they had had all black waiters serving the food (as used to be the case in a lot of “old south” themed parties back in the day). College kids nowadays need to be super cautious in what they participate in, since pictures and internet posts will haunt them for the rest of their lives. Even 60-something-year-old politicians’ feet are held to the fire for decisions (dressing up as a person of color, for example) which they made 30+ years ago, even if they have changed their perspectives over the years. I know I probably did insensitive or dumb things as a young person which I would cringe to see pictures of now.

    I do feel like people are too quick to jump to conclusions or judgments, without first hearing the accused person’s explanation — I think that was what Chris H. was trying to get across in the interview; however, he should be more aware that the topic is a very sensitive one in the present, and that it is always a better idea to just listen thoughtfully, and not keep driving your point home — even to the point that you inadvertently end up dismissing or minimizing the other person’s point of view.

    I’m just glad I am not in the public eye and under constant scrutiny, since it is a very thin line everyone has to walk constantly, in order not to come across as insensitive, racist, sexist, or anything else every time you express a different point of view.

  16. tvau83

    February 23, 2021 at 8:12 PM

    It’s so sad to me that Katie gets punished for bs pulled by others and that ABC pulls her due to pressure. So from now on every lead must be a minority? It’s crazy. We just had 2 amazing black leads who were fun to watch. However cancelling anyone who’s white is insanity. Until we decide to forgive those who do wrong on any subject and educate them instead of shunning them and humiliating them these issues in our country will never get better. None of us are perfect. We all make mistakes. And I agree with Chris, cancel culture is out of control! My family and I are done with this entire franchise and so are plenty of others I know.

  17. tvau83

    February 23, 2021 at 8:13 PM

    Yep apparently only blacks can be cast now.

  18. tvau83

    February 23, 2021 at 8:14 PM

    Yea and then one whole cast of whites right? I’m sure that wouldn’t go over well though….

  19. tvau83

    February 23, 2021 at 8:17 PM

    Amen. I’m tired of being preached too by these people. It does nothing but turn people off.

  20. tvau83

    February 23, 2021 at 8:20 PM

    Also Rachel L needs to get over herself already.

  21. uggg

    February 23, 2021 at 9:27 PM

    This show is so bad. I have watched since season one and I am done. I think social media, social issues (racism, bullying, etc.), politics, and contestants desperate to obtain a social platform/influencer status have ruined the shows premise. The group dates of women boxing or trying on wedding dresses has been done at nauseam. 21 year olds, are not interested in getting married. I find it suspect that RS has taken it upon himself to judge others when it comes to racism, yet in all the years I have been following him, not a word has been written by him relative to race relations. This show is wash, rinse, and repeat. The bachelor franchise should be embarrassed by its current portrayal of “looking for love” when in fact it is a cesspool of ick!

  22. trainwrecktv

    February 23, 2021 at 10:32 PM

    Regardless of the Rachael controversy, it looks pretty bad that they overlooked three excellent runners up (who just happen to be BIPOC) in order to cast a white chick who honestly had an edit that wasn’t all that flattering. I would have been interested to watch her because she seems lively, but it did look pretty bad.

  23. trainwrecktv

    February 23, 2021 at 10:39 PM

    I 100% agree about Bri for Bachelorette. I’d even be into Michelle if they were willing to go a less edgy route.

  24. tinyred500

    February 24, 2021 at 5:06 AM

    So many great comments and so many I agree with too. I have such a dichotomy of feelings and opinions.

    According to Steve, you’re only allowed to have an opinion on the Chris H and the 2 Rachel’s situation (or racism) if you’re anything other than Caucasian. No other persons opinion matters, whatever happened to inclusion and working together? By making everything ‘them’ and ‘us’, you aren’t going to achieve much, certainly not understanding and change. This is the right way to make society even more divisive. If you don’t agree with the opinion or narrative you get shut down. Tragic. Steve etc., should read George Orwell’s ‘1984’, no one wants that as a reality, (it’s a truly terrifying thought) but we are fast becoming that.

    I don’t think the franchise can win here, whatever changes are made they will never be enough. Turning a mindless piece of television into a constant battle of political debate is not doable. I said on a previous post that the franchise was outdated from the beginning. It made the very costly mistake of never evolving or changing until it was too late. Now it’s an unmitigated disaster. Time to retire it.

  25. realitynyc12

    February 24, 2021 at 7:14 AM

    Reading through most of these comments really kind of made my stomach turn a little. The amount of ignorance is at an 100 out of 10 in here. People piling on Rachel Lindsay for taking down the franchise and taking away their ” mindless entertainment” is just next level (so sorry that after years of everyone ignoring the race problem in this country because its not affecting us directly, people perpetuating it are finally starting to be held accountable for their words and actions, my apologies it messed with your day over here…I mean the privilege to even be able to say ” don’t preach to us about social issues (translation- it doesn’t affect our lives therefore we don’t care”, I can’t even)
    I dont know how anyone who saw that interview with Chris Harrison on extra can honestly even imply it was Rachel L’s fault. All she did was ask him for his thoughts on the Rachael K situation, like any other reporter on Extra would have) He proceeded to stick a Bigfoot sized boot into his mouth and its mind boggling that she’s to blame and he just misspoke or whatever. At the time I was amazed how she kept her composure and didn’t interject or argue with him and i see that she did the smartest thing, she knows how she would have looked if she went off on him, people are somehow able to blame her now without her even doing anything in that interview,
    I can only imagine if she actually called him out on his crap…. This is exactly why this issue is so important because clearly too many ppl still don’t get it.

    And someone saying Rachael not being white, wtf?? Her last name is Kirkconnell. That’s now Middle Eastern or Armenian? Just because her dad doesn’t have the perfect ” Aryan” looking appearance of blonde hair blue eyes? Hooolllyyyy crap. She’s as white as white can get. I’m as white as they come and she’s prob whiter than me lol
    I am glad Matt ended it with Rachael, I dont see how they could have survived this. Frankly considering the high caliber gorgeous women of color he has in his top 3, for him to pick her was disappointing to me even before all this controversy started. It felt almost like a fetish to me, like he was going for a physical type, and not for the person. I’m sure she’s a sweet girl, certainly her edit leads us to believe that. But you can’t even put her on the same pedestal in terms of best suited for marriage and serious relationship as Bri or Michelle. A part of me hopes if he’s truly serious about getting engaged and married, he would give Michelle another try but I know that prob won’t happen.
    Also Bri for Bachelorette all the way. Katie was a weird choice to begin with, she finished 11th, other than being sex positive and a mediator in the house, there’s no backstory or heart to her. She would be a much better option for BIP, Blake Moynes from last season already has his eye on her so I am sure they’re going to try to make that happen.
    But again lamenting that all the leads will now be POC, my Gd people here sure are threatened by shining a spotlight on race, how much we like being in our safe little bubbles.
    Truly i feel like this cross section of commenters represent the BN true fan base a little too well and that’s why we have the problems we have. SMH.

    I’ll leave you all with this, being anti-woke and anti- cancel culture and painting any sort of social progress with that tainted brush isn’t anything new either, this has been the vicious circle for decades now. Here is a really interesting article about that, let’s see who here will even take the time to read it (I’m betting very few):

  26. justsaying

    February 24, 2021 at 8:22 AM

    Chris dug his own hole during his disastrous interview with Rachel. He is where he is now because of WHO he is. So he should get fired and cry in his mansion.

    Aren’t Armenians and Middle Easterners white too?? Regardless, Racheal is so very wrong and racist and let’s hope she’s self improving.

    Bri or Michelle or even Serena will be great Bachelorettes. Such amazing ladies. Yay!!

  27. tinyred500

    February 24, 2021 at 9:12 AM

    Woke is political correctness on steroids, and that’s what people are concerned about.

    I totally think the franchise needs to change, but it’s made a complete and utter mess of trying to do so far. I simply don’t think whatever charges it makes will ever satisfy the masses, because the franchise is caught between a rock and a hard place of those wanting total change and those wanting some to no changes. :o/

  28. jlal

    February 25, 2021 at 10:49 AM

    I have watched from the first season. Back then, before the metoo movement, the spotlight on both systemic racism and the caustic patriarchal society, media was still in the dark ages. Shows could get away with a white washed cast, objectifying women, and painting women as petty cat-fighters, etc. It wasn’t right back then, just tolerated or even embraced by some due to ignorance.

    Sure SM and the contestants insane quest for followers has changed the show. But, where I think they have really failed is not progressing with the times. It is no longer cool to needlessly objectify women or men for that matter; to whitewash everything so it doesn’t reflect reality; to paint women as petty (which has been one way that the patriarchal society has kept women from advancing in business.); and sticking rigidly to the old format on engagement only. The dude on Hannah’s show, while an asshole had a point about the guys being half naked on that date. Was that really necessary? Forcing the “I have to find my wife/husband” narrative in 2021 is lame. Why not “I have to find my person” narrative instead. If that means engagement great, but if not that is okay too.

    To me this show is the epitome of how our patriarchal, white, male privileged society just doesn’t want to evolve with the times.

  29. mgb970

    February 25, 2021 at 11:40 AM


    > Also adding that Rachel is not white. She appears
    > to be either Middle Eastern or Armenian

    Ummm… by definition Armenians ARE Caucasians.

  30. mgb970

    February 25, 2021 at 11:45 AM


    > I do feel like people are too quick to jump to conclusions or
    > judgments, without first hearing the accused person’s
    > explanation — I think that was what Chris H. was trying to
    > get across in the interview

    Totally agree.

    Most reasonable people would recognize that.

    These are not reasonable times.

    Where Chris H mess up was two-fold:

    1. Old white dude kept talking over a Black woman.

    2. Potentially *implying* a racist event in 2018 is okay but not in 2021.

  31. unlisted

    February 27, 2021 at 3:02 PM

    1) Chris Harrison is being LYNCHED!
    2) The fact that Rachael was on the show, wanting to MARRY a black man, was kissing him, even possibly having sex with him, took him to meet her white parents in small-town Georgia…how UN-RACIST can you be??
    Why isn’t anyone pointing out that fact??
    Stop apologizing, Rachael!

  32. unlisted

    February 27, 2021 at 3:13 PM

    Here are the Facts of Life regarding this situation:
    ABC is not a non-profit organization.
    The purpose of “The Bachelor” is to gather an audience for the commercials, so ABC can have high rates for its commercials and make $$ for the shareholders of its parent company, Walt Disney.
    If ABC bends to woke pressures, it will turn off much of Bachelor Nation, the ratings will tumble, and they can be p.c. all the way to the ratings grave.
    Just like with the NFL!

  33. unlisted

    February 27, 2021 at 3:15 PM

    I’m more disgusted by the immature bullies allowed to spew their venom on the show than the so-called “racism.”

  34. bk79

    March 2, 2021 at 2:39 PM

    Wow! These people?? Either you are extremely racist or completely ignorant.

  35. bk79

    March 2, 2021 at 3:38 PM

    While I agree with most of your statement one part left me rather puzzled. You said “Frankly considering the high caliber gorgeous women of color he has in his top 3, for him to pick her was disappointing to me even before all this controversy started. It felt almost like a fetish to me, like he was going for a physical type, and not for the person. I’m sure she’s a sweet girl, certainly her edit leads us to believe that. But you can’t even put her on the same pedestal in terms of best suited for marriage and serious relationship as Bri or Michelle.” So you’re saying that you are disappointed because he chose a white woman an by Matt doing so he must have a fetish for white women? Is he only allowed to date or marry a woman of color? Lastly what does any of the final four women physical type have to do with anything? They are all thin, gorgeous and athletic build. Your statement comes across as saying because she’s white she does qualify to be with Matt and she is subpar compared to the other woman of color. I’m sure she must be a nice women or Matt would not have chosen her to begin with. Please don’t diminish her just for the color of her skin. Also let’s hope she learns from her past indiscretions and grows from this experience.

  36. realitynyc12

    March 2, 2021 at 8:12 PM

    Let me clarify. Firstly, I wasn’t talking just about the final 3 physical appearance, by calling them ” high caliber “, I meant, intelligent, engaging personalities, charming, etc. It also appears based on what they’re showing us, that Matt is highly compatible with both Bree and Michelle ( especially Michelle). I fail to see the connection, you may argue that they may not be showing us a lot of their conversations etc on purpose and who knows, maybe that’s what it is but either way all I see coming across there is physical attraction. That’s why I called it a fetish. Which, hey, BIPOC community is fetishized so much, unfortunately, and that doesn’t mean it can’t work the other way. There is no reverse racism but there are certainly forms of reverse fetishism based on one’s race and physical types.

    For the record, im white and don’t have anything against interracial couples, quite the opposite. I adored Tayshia and Zac as a couple (initially I liked her better with Ben but as I saw more of her connection with Zac throughout the show, it was undeniable, and that proposal, wow. They’re a strong couple for sure. So this has nothing to do with color of anyone’s skin as to why I am disappointed he picked Rachael. I didn’t automatically want Tayshia with Ivan because they’re both biracial, they had nothing else in common outside of that and seemed more like very good friends. This time, it seems to me the opposite is true, the only woman left standing who is white is the least well suited for him, compatibility is very surface level there,
    from all that they showed, I could not get behind it even befone the proverbial crap hit the fan. That’s certainly my take on it and of course you’re welcome to disagree.

  37. realitynyc12

    March 2, 2021 at 8:13 PM

    That meant to say
    * i fall to see the connection with Rachael

  38. janiel

    March 4, 2021 at 4:50 PM

    So you have to be racist to make a profit? That’s not expressing a very high opinion of your fellow viewers.

    I’m sure there will be some people who walk away if the show gets a clue and reduces its own bigotry. I’m equally sure that Steve is correct: the overwhelming majority of people who stamp their feet and sulk and howl that they’re going to take their ball and go home are actually going to watch next year and the year after that and the one after that. And they’ll howl about those just as much, but they won’t actually leave.

    But just in case you have such an exaggerated opinion of your own importance not to have realized this basic fact, let me give you a clue: the Bachelor franchise makes so incredibly much money that it can afford to drop a WHOLE LOT of racist viewers and still be making a very tidy profit.

    I promise you, whether you and those like you go or stay, the franchise will be all right… and nobody will care.

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