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The Bachelor 25 - Matt

The “Bachelor” Matt – A Breakdown of the Last Week in Bachelor Nation, Chris Harrion, & What Happens Now?

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Ummmmm Dallas, we have a problem. For those that aren’t aware, the Dallas-Ft Worth area is having our worst winter storm in probably 10 years. I’ve been here 14 1/2 years myself and the only time I can remember worse than this was the week of the Steelers/Packers Super Bowl held here. That was a disaster. We definitely have our cold winters. And February is always our coldest month. We’ll dip into the 20s and sometimes in the teens. And maybe we’ll have a few snow days a year. But very rarely does it stay cold enough for the snow to stick very long. That’s not what’s happening now. Got about 4 inches of snow Sunday, and we’re not supposed to get out of the 20s til Thursday, with more snow coming tmrw. We’re in the 50s by the weekend, but we def have endure a few more days than this. And since everyone in the city has their heat on, well, rolling blackouts are a thing. My house had at least 8 power outages throughout the day yesterday, and I never had power for more than an hour at a time. And on top of that, my heater broke so my house was an ice box at 50 degrees most of the day. Yeah, not the most fun of times I tell ya. It’s currently 0 degrees as I type this.

So what does that mean for today? Well for starters, I saw maybe 20 min of the show last night. I read what happened, and yes, Abigail ended up getting sent home 8th, not 5th as I reported. Again, something to where I was told a spoiler but not the exact details of it, which was that Abigail got to the episode before hometowns and just missed getting one. Weird that she got the first impression yet never got a 1 on 1 date. That’s definitely never happened that I can remember and I almost feel like now Matt giving her that almost felt like a pity rose. He continually told her all season he was into her. They even had their thing where they were gonna signal each other that they were thinking of the other one. But I’m sorry, if Abigail didn’t get a 1 on 1, that means that Matt was never serious about her. Bc producers know exactly who he’s into at all times. For her to never even get the time for a 1 on 1, and Serena P got two? Yeah, sucks for her, but Matt did her dirty. It really makes no sense unless they really were playing up the sympathy card for her leading into Bachelorette.

Everything in this franchise has been turned upsized down since last week. What I reported to you after the WTA taping 2 weeks ago, when checking back with it this weekend, I was told the same thing: Katie was going to be the “Bachelorette.” Now, I don’t see that happening. Hell, we don’t even know if there WILL be a “Bachelorette” season. Maybe they delay it past BIP. There are so many questions right now, and unfortunately, I know you all want answers, but we just don’t have them all at this time. Like:

-Who will be “Bachelorette?”
-When will that announcement be made?
-Is production delayed at all? (I’ve heard it’s been pushed back a week)
-Where are they filming it?
-Is Chris Harrison gonna be the host?

We’ll touch on the Chris aspect of this in a little bit. But I don’t think anyone knows right now really what the hell is happening. We just don’t know. It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if the season got pushed back a bit. It’s probably unlikely, but if it does film, the whole aspect of who’s hosting it becomes a big question. And I think ABC will have to answer to rather shortly. If “Bachelorette” does film as scheduled, filming would start in about a month. That may seem like plenty of time, but that’s if everything was running smooth in the franchise. Which it isn’t. At all.

This franchise is at a major crossroads right now, something unlike anything they’ve ever seen before. Their own contestants are rebelling against the powers that be after 18 years. I mean, I never thought we’d see the day where this became a reality, but we’re here. And the masses who aren’t part of the franchise are really starting to make their voices heard. IG accounts like @BachDiversity are starting campaigns for an overhaul of the franchise, and quite frankly, they’re right. It’s time. The show doesn’t necessarily need to be canceled, but there needs to be some major changes in the operations and how things are run. Because continuing doing what they’re doing is turning viewers off. Just check social media. This show is getting destroyed. And not just by the Chris stuff. That’s just the starting point that got everything going. Chris saying what he did in that interview with Rachel last week did nothing but bring to light underlying issues this show has had for years, but ones that most weren’t willing to talk about. They are now. And ABCs response to it is what people are really waiting for.

And right now, we have no idea what the f*** ABC is doing. They’re in complete scramble mode. But here’s the thing. They HAVE to say something. Which really falls on the shoulders of one guy: Robert Mills. Chris obviously can’t speak for the show or the network, because last time he did, he stuck a full sized boot in his mouth. Fleiss? Please. That guy has nothing to do with the day to day operations of the show. Mills is the only show mouthpiece left, and people want answers. He’s gonna have to be the guy to not only answer for what the plan is formatically going forward, but also what they are doing to basically turn the whole show around to where everyone doesn’t think it’s tone deaf, racist, and doesn’t minimize contestants that are BIPOC. Do they take a season off and do a full reboot of the show? Do they continue with “Bachelorette” in a month, new host and all, and try to fix things on the fly? Your guess is as good as mine, but I’d say these next few weeks will probably be the most important weeks in this shows history. They need to have an exec come out publicly and give a detailed explanation as to HOW they are going to change going forward. Because as @Bachelordata showed us last week, casting the most diverse cast ever doesn’t mean shit when you don’t show them.



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