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The “Bachelor” Matt – WTA Thoughts, The New ATFR Host and What It Means, & Taylor Nolan’s Past Tweets

Oh yeah, the “Women Tell All” was last night. How could I have possible forgotten. Kinda weird seeing Chris out there knowing that, lets face it, there’s a good chance that last night’s episode was the last time we’ll see his face as part of this franchise. Eerie I know. But very well possible. OK! Magazine had some story yesterday that Chris is trying to be part of the ATFR taping and wants a sit down interview. I’d be really shocked if that happened. I think at some point Chris will have to do an interview with someone – whether it’s on TV or in a podcast – to explain to people about his journey. I just don’t know if the ATFR is that place to do it. Hopefully I’ll get some info about the taping after it happens and I can fill you in.

Some notes from last night:

-The underlying theme this season was the drama, the catty women, the bullying, and just this mean girl vibe that these women put out. When you watch the WTA last night, you do realize that was just a select few. When I see women like Abigail, Serena P., and Pieper up on the hot seat last night, along with women like Bri and Michelle in the final 3, I think we have to remember that the so called “bad seeds” were none of his top women. This season’s top finishing contestants were all great, and mostly out of the drama. So lets not let people who finished like 8th and above make it seem like this whole cast sucked. It didn’t.

-Did we really see a contestant this season royally screw up, apologize, own it, not make excuses or explain themselves, and not even throw in some ifs, ands, or buts? Yes, yes we did. Anna did exactly that when they went over the escort storyline last night. She said all the right things on how to give an apology. If you wanna immediately say it was fake, a PR move, she memorized it beforehand, whatever. Just goes to show that no matter what some people do it’ll never be good enough for anyone. Anna never should’ve said it in the first place, nor should the show have even allowed it to be aired. BUT, all she can do at this point is apologize and not make excuses and she didn’t. I applaud Anna for that.

-Victoria on the other hand? Yeah, not so much. Her performance spoke for itself. It was embarrassing, she clearly STILL doesn’t get it, and again, she shows it on her IG where all she does is repost stories from people who love her, call her queen, etc. It’s like she’s screaming at all the haters, “Look, people do like me!” I mean, yeah. I would HOPE someone does and you have some friends, because that would really suck if you didn’t. But every time you’re hanging out with them (in a large group and maskless I might add), you don’t need to tell us about it. All that’s telling me is the haters are absolutely getting to you and you need constant validation to mask your major insecurities. I just hope we never see Victoria again as part of this franchise. We don’t need her and neither does the show.

-Yes, I was asked 1 trillion times why were there certain clips of Heather shown when they did a wide shot of the group last night, yet, we never saw her on the show. Your guess is as good as mine. I honestly don’t have a clue as to why they didn’t show her. No idea. But Heather, maybe you should take a step back and rethink ever being a part of this franchise again after they hosed you on the season, and then again on the WTA. In case you haven’t picked up on it yet: they literally don’t give a rat’s ass about you. Period.

-Didn’t last night’s episode basically make the producers actually look worse? Why? Because last night we saw clips from 3 different dates that were never shown during the season (the ring thing with the bugs, the pancake eating contest, and the pre boxing match egg swallowing). Don’t you think maybe the audience wanted to see those things during the season as more of light hearted funny stuff than you exposing some escort storyline that came out of nowhere? I can’t remember a season where they didn’t show us ONE date, let alone three. What a bizarre choice this season. Again, add this to the list of things this show can improve on. Show us more fun, lighthearted stuff and ease back on all the women fighting with each other.

-As I said earlier, I have no idea who the Bachelorette is gonna be, but after seeing Abigail, Pieper, and Serena P up on stage, not to mention great catches like Bri and Michelle, like, ANY one of those five could get the gig, and I’d be fine with it. As I think most people would. Sure, I’m sure you have some in there you like over others, but, if any one of those five are picked, are you really gonna be pissed off? I know I wouldn’t be. And I’m talking pissed off like Colton or Arie or Nick pissed off. You might think Serena is still too young, or maybe you don’t want to see Abigail get screwed by production, but, you wouldn’t be mad and angry seeing them in that role if they got it. I think they’ve got a great crop to choose from honestly and can’t wrong with any of those five.

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