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“Reader Emails,” What’s Impressed Me Most About Ariel & Gabi Post-Filming, Fleiss is Out, & Info on Charity’s Group Date Yesterday

One thing we learned yesterday from Zach and Kaity’s media tour was Zach calling out editing for how they showed Gabi and Kaity’s last date. On the show, we saw him have his last date with Kaity first, THEN Gabi. But when he was asked on the finale when he knew, he said it was when he saw Kaity on their last date he knew she was the one. Well, that didn’t make sense or he had lied to Gabi since they showed us Gabi went second. Zach made the correction yesterday. In reality, Gabi’s last chance date was first and THEN it was Kaity. So him saying once he saw Kaity on that last date he knew it was her makes more sense and proves he didn’t lie to Gabi about that. But again, that’s all on production because it fit the narrative they were trying to tell to the audience. Sucks, but I’m glad Zach cleared that up.

(SPOILERS) Today’s Daily Roundup covers a deeper dive into the Zach/Kaity relationship, what I really admire about Gabi and Ariel post filming, info on Charity’s group date yesterday, Mike Fleiss leaving the show, and chicken wings.

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Among the things that I mentioned on today’s Daily Roundup was being really impressed with Ariel and Gabi post-filming, and how much they led the non-spoiled on to believe they were chosen. I mean, we saw how broken up Gabi was about the breakup 4 months after it actually took place. Yet, if you watched her IG feed throughout the whole season, look at how many pictures Gabi posted from filming of her and Zach. Whether it was of them kissing, hugging, meeting the first night, etc. Also including captions that were very positive in nature. That must’ve eaten her up having to post that stuff knowing how badly it ended for her that day, how upset she was that her intuition he wasn’t going to pick her was right, and then having to watch everything go down the way it did on the overnight date episode. Yet here she is basically promoting her and Zach’s relationship non stop for the last 4 months. Same with Ariel. I’m sorry, but that couldn’t have been easy for them to do, knowing how bothered both of them were by how Zach handled things with each of them. That’s why follows, likes, and posts are never 100% indicative of anything when it comes to spoilers. Because any unspoiled person could’ve looked at either Ariel or Gabi’s IG feed the last 4 months and made an argument they were the one chosen. So just for future reference, just know anyone who comes to me going forward in upcoming seasons and says, “Well she posted this,” or “did you see what they wrote about the lead? Why would they write that if they didn’t win,” I will just refer you back to what Ariel and Gabi did this season. Props to them.

Yesterday Charity’s season continued as they’re filming episode 3 right now. Monday you know about her 1-on-1 date with Brayden Bowers at PetCo Park, where they helicoptered to, then got to walk on the field, have a picnic, and play with golden retrievers. Numerous pics and videos that were in yesterday’s column and on my socials. As for yesterday, it was a Barbie themed group date. We’ve seen this before where the show does a date promoting an upcoming movie, and the Barbie movie comes out July 21st, which is right in the middle of Charity’s season. So this episode will essentially be shown on July 10th, and it’ll be promoting that new Barbie movie. 12 guys were on the date yesterday as part of the “Barbie Sing Off,” and each guy had to dress up in a funky costume and sing “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” but set to their own lyrics they made up. Sean McLaughlin ended up winning the date, as judged by JoJo, Jordan, and Charity. He got 1-on-1 time with her after the show as they got to walk on the pier and talk there by themselves. I have numerous videos and pictures of this I’ll be posting later this afternoon of Sean performing (I guess he won because he took off his shirt and threw it into the stands), along with Sean and Charity together afterwards.

I’m sure you saw the news yesterday, but Mike Fleiss is no longer with the Bachelor franchise after almost 21 years. It was his creation, his baby, but he hasn’t had any hands on or day-to-day dealings with the show in quite some time now. It was his show, he just let others underneath him run it. By the way, did you see Lauren Zima’s IG story yesterday which was obviously a shot at Fleiss no longer being with the show. I mean, I don’t know if she thought people wouldn’t pick up on it, but I sure did. Just an IG story of Taylor Swift’s “Karma” playing with a caption that read, “Listening on Repeat Today.” Gee, I wonder why? Anyway, I don’t think Fleiss no longer being part of the show will change much since it’s not like he had a say in much anyway. He’d usually show up for night 1, and sometimes would travel to the final rose ceremony location. But other than that, he was nowhere to be found in the day-to-day operations. So him leaving, or getting removed, whatever the case may be, I don’t think is all that shocking. The new show runners that are taking over have all been with the show for years and have basically been already running it anyway.

Our friend Suzana (@BachelorData) has your IG growth since the finale aired. Kaity and Gabi both have more followers than Zach who, seemingly, doesn’t care because he’s not much of a social media guy.

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