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“Reader Emails,” What’s Impressed Me Most About Ariel & Gabi Post-Filming, Fleiss is Out, & Info on Charity’s Group Date Yesterday

Steve, I just wanted to thank you for your good and thoughtful commentary regarding Gabi. 100% agree. I have no idea why anyone would be critical of her, and it breaks my heart what it has done to her. I wanted to hug her. Hopefully she is getting the support she needs.

Anyway, thanks.

Comment: I hope so as well.

Hi Steve,

Thank you for your terrific work and sharing your intuitive insights.

1. Who provides the dresses, hair style and makeup for Ariel, Gabi and Kaity for ATFR? The show’s stylist, Cary Fetman.

2. Does Charity have the same handler / producer for the Bachelorette as she had for the Bachelor? Does she have a choice? I’m not sure if she does. It varies every season.

3. How long is a contestant at their hometown? Do they get to visit family and friends only while on camera or for a longer time? Where do contestants/lead stay – at home or in provided accommodations when at a hometown location? This has been covered numerous times. No, they don’t spend any time with their family other than when we see them walk through the front door.

4. Are all provided accommodations without telephones, televisions and newspapers /books / magazines? Not sure what you mean?
5. Thoughts about Claire Freeland, Jason Ehrlich and Bennett Graebner as executive producers and showrunners moving forward now that Mike Fleiss has resigned? Although he has not been involved in the day to day operations in about a decade, are there any changes you can anticipate?

Enjoyed your Bachelor Rush Hour podcast interview with Dave Neal driving around LA. Best wishes for your continued success.

Comment: I don’t see many things changing since, like you said, Fleiss hasn’t been part of day-to-day operations for years now.

Hey Steve,

My wife and I enjoy listening to your podcast every night at dinner. We thought for sure you’d have a good comment about how ridiculous the show having Nate giving relationship advice to Zach and Kaity last night after the whole debacle of him playing multiple women.

Comment: Figured I’d hold off on him til Paradise.

Hi Steve

Not much to say about the season. There wasn’t any drama with the ladies, which was nice. Zach did well until the end when fumbled the whole thing with Gabi. I really felt bad for her. She trusted him and he told everyone. They really played on her insecurities, which isn’t fair. She didn’t do anything wrong, hopefully she can figure this out.

Another thing that stuck out was Sean Lowe making multiple appearances. Are they pushing him for some reason? Do you think he got into Zach’s head about the No sex and that’s what made him feel so guilty? I’m not sure because while Sean will always be a favorite of production, this season out of nowhere they just decided to have him on 4 different times. Not sure why.

What do you think about Mike Fleiss leaving and how will that change the show?

Thanks Steve. See you in June.

Comment: I don’t see anything major changing.

How in the world is it we know all about Zach and Gabi having sex but still don’t know what happened between him and Rachel? Ariel knows. She said as much on the Insufferable Narcissistic Windbag’s podcast. But that’s Zach and Rachel’s story to share, and I’m guessing we won’t know anytime soon.

If they keep with this new filming schedule, wouldn’t that mean the next Bachelorette would never be the 2nd or 3rd person from the bachelor?

Comment: Very possible. Because you’d absolutely be ruining any suspense to who the final woman is if you cast your #2 woman as the next lead and start filming before the Bachelor is done airing.

Can you say anything about Bachelor in paradise canada? I just saw the commercial with last nights show.

I’m not watching another paradise because the last season ruined all of them for me.

But those faces look awfully familiar and I’m sure if they look Canadian so I hope someone will write or podcast a little so I can peak a little but not life suck like I did last time.

Comment: I don’t know anything about it other than Sharleen is hosting, and half of the contestants are early eliminatees from the US version. But I’ve never watched it before and won’t this season. Doesn’t interest me, not to mention, I don’t even know how to watch it in the US. And even if I did, I’ve already got enough on my plate.

Hi Steve,

I just wanna say that Gabi broke my heart last night!

When she said something like “…everything I HATE about myself,” it reminded me of the negative self-talk I used to beat myself up with when I was young.

Luckily, I finally ‘outgrew’ those bad thoughts and am happy and healthy today.

In recent episodes Gabi had expressed other destructive (and completely inacurate!) negative assessments of herself. I just wish I could send her some love.

After watching her final humiliation, I really didn’t care to watch Zach’s proposal to Kaity. Call it anticlimactic almost? For me, last night, the real story was Gabi’s “journey” through all of this.

As you mentioned, she does not seem to recognize her true worth. Such a beautiful, intelligent, funny and accomplished young woman—- and honestly, she is too good for “Paradise,” unless as you suggested, she just go with the sole objective of having a fun time hanging out with friends.

I am not a religious person, not so sure if there is a God or Heaven or Hell, but I have always thought that if there was such a thing as the Devil, it would manifest in those negative thoughts or (figurative) “voices” that some of us have suffered immensly, especially in our younger years or more vulnerable times. I believe that these desolate and aggressively critical thoughts can be interpreted as a dark entity aiming to tear us down, hoping to destroy the fine and good and beautiful things we have the potential to give to this world.

OK, maybe a little HEAVY tanget for a silly reality show, but again. watching Gabi last night broke my heart.

Though it was utterly cruel for producers to subject her to that final humiliation, rather than letting her go earlier, I wonder if there was still some good in this, other than the obvious compelling “drama” for the show.

Perhaps she has shown others that they are not alone. Especially coming from an exceptional individual who has everything going for them in terms of both inner and outer beauty and all of the other gifts.

PS— I also would LOVE to see her as a future Batchelorette!

Comment: Yeah, she’s at a place mentally right now that she needs to get out of. She needs to find her worth and stop being so hard on herself. It’s impossible for her to see the forest through the trees right now, but she’ll realize sooner rather than later what her value is and to not make it based on what a boyfriend says/thinks of her. I’m glad people are supporting her and she’s recognizing the love she’s getting from others.

Hiya Steve,

I was waiting for Jesse to drop the bomb at the end of ATFR giving the happy couple either a trip or big chunk of cash to start their lives together, yet Zach and wifey got nada. Any reasoning behind this you can think of? ABC budget cuts? Not thinking the couple will last (unlikely option). Just seems weird that they stopped this trend when it’s been a thing for as far back as I could remember.

Comment: Honestly, I actually think it’s more weird they STARTED that trend of giving the final couple a gift, or a trip, or money for a down payment on a house. That seemed rather random. Maybe because they know the success rate they figured why waste the money? I don’t know. But I’m fine with the final couple not getting a gift.

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