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“Reader Emails,” What’s Impressed Me Most About Ariel & Gabi Post-Filming, Fleiss is Out, & Info on Charity’s Group Date Yesterday

You raise an excellent point in the Daily Roundup today about the fact that even if Zach told Kaity about his night with Gabi, they didn’t have to tell the world. They did this to her.

Do you think that it had anything to do with Gabi getting caught with the Game of Roses book? Did they want to take her down?

Comment: I don’t see that as a reason at all. Zach was the one that told Jesse first, and then told Gabi he was gonna tell others. He didn’t have to do that AND the show didn’t have to show it. But they did because they could give two shits about their contestants and their feelings.

Not a question, just a few comments. Just want to expand a little on what you said about Gabi and her self doubts. I agree 100% with your observations. I really think she is not ready to be the Bachelorette or get engaged to anyone. She really needs to love herself before she loves someone else. From her comments, it sounds like she is in therapy, maybe? Honestly, hope she doesn’t go to BIP. One more thing. I can not picture Ariel in BIP. She’s so above the antics there!


Comment: I’m pretty sure she will go on BIP because I think these next two months she’ll seek the help she needs if she hasn’t already, and she’ll probably be in a better headspace by June.

Hey Steve,

Thanks for the terrific wrap up on Zach’s season. Never doubt you. I am 100% in agreement with you on the influence that production has on these folks. So many on social media piling on Zach, Gabi, Katie, etc. These folks are just pawns of the franchise. Gabi was so tortured on air last night that it was difficult to watch. As you said, conversations could have easily been edited out to spare embarrassment and pain. It was clear that Gabi sensed she would not be his pick. She wishes he would have let her go and spared her the humiliation. Do you think he had that option? My guess would be no.

I wish they would play the damn final episode and stop spoon feeding it to us with all the ridiculous live segments. By the time we got to the proposal, I was emotional exhausted and feeling manipulated. Do you agree that these live interruptions are as unnecessary as shower scenes? Yeah, that’s definitely something that’s changed recently. Usually they just show us the two hours of what happened at the final rose ceremony, even when they were still doing live ATFRs, but they let it play all through, and THEN we sit down with both women. I do think it’s weird to sit through that Gabi/Zach talk, then we hadn’t even seen the happy part of the episode happen yet. It’s an emotional roller coaster. We saw how upset Gabi was and Zach admitting he screwed up and never should’ve said anything, THEN, it’s like “Oh yeah, here’s the engagement.” Just weird timing. Maybe they’ll go back to the old way. Although, having Gabi right there after her dumping aired was good TV because you just get right into it with no commercial breaks or anything. Sooooooo, I don’t know. I can see it both ways.

You didn’t mention Ariel in your wrap up. I’m so impressed with this young woman and I sincerely hope she stays far away from this franchise. She is too mature and level headed for bachelor nation. Do you really think she’ll be on Paradise? I believe so. It sounds like she enjoyed being on this show, made lifelong friends from it, and isn’t against being on it again. Remember, NO ONE is too big for the show. Except maybe Tyler Cameron. But she agreed to go on it. But because she doesn’t say “like” every other word and handles herself differently than 99% of contestants, doesn’t mean she’s above the show. I think she’ll do it.

I appreciate you and get such a kick from your podcast (your website was horrendous to navigate and read!)
Be well.

Comment: Thanks?

Hi Steve,

First off , congrats on another W for you- correct again for the spoilers … I would not have made it through the season without your spoilers to be honest. Anyway, just a few final thoughts and sorry if you keep hearing the same stuff..

I think that this show has once again thrown their lead under the bus… as a long time viewer and listener of multiple bachelor podcasts – it is no way the leads fault what order things are shown.. it is a scripted show with a cast of characters – the star ( bachelor or bachelorette), co star ( winner) and cast of supporting actors ( the women or men not picked). Also, it is so evident, especially with a nice clueless guy like Zach that they have outlined a “script” for him to follow but bailed on him when it didn’t look good on the screen. “Zach, why don’t you tell everyone about you and Gabi”; “ be honest with all the women” ; “don’t start a relationship out with lies” … blah blah blah.. then to add fuel to the fire, they probably manipulated him into thinking he “had” to make Gabi get all dressed up just to be dumped and that telling her in private wasn’t even an option !! I think Zach looked so bad last night …He seems like someone who has never watched the show.. I kind of felt bad for the guy…He was sweating in that hot seat … Anyway, These are just my thoughts … with every season it just seems more scripted or they need to just cast better “actors” !!

Thanks for listening to my rant and as long as you keep on spoiling, I’ll keep on watching

Comment: They only care about the lead and contestants in a “what can you do for me” kind of way. And that’s it.

Hi Steve –

Congrats on getting the season right. It is a shame that Barfool Dia Ria and her followers decided to take your advice as an attack. Maybe they think you conspired with ABC to act out the ending we saw to prevent Ria from becoming a spoiler competitor. Yeah, not too worried about that at all.

As Gabi seems to have a lot more healing to do than most past runner ups at the finale, I think her being named the next lead would have been really unhealthy. She made it clear she knew Zach was picking Kaity when she complained about the van opening the door in front of mud and they should not do that to Kaity. I always wonder if the final 2 look for footprints on the path to see if they are the first or second to arrive. Yeah, I think that’s something to look for in the future. I think the biggest thing is the time. If you’re arriving for final rose ceremony at 1 or 2:00 o’clock, you’re not winning since they like to do it closer to sun down.

If Kaity and Gabi remain friends, does Gabi get invited/attend the wedding? Awkward. I’d say yes. By then, I think she’d be over it. Especially since Zach and Kaity mentioned a 2025 wedding date.

I’m wondering if Ariel received/sought any coaching on what to say or how to frame the issue. Talking about someone taking away someone’s agency seemed like how an academic might speak. Either way, a good job. She nailed it. Couldn’t have handled herself any better if she tried.

As you have not mentioned it since ep 1, have you bailed on Farmer? I like that the guys are less polished than Bachelor leads and some women have been openly critical of them. As a 1 hour show, it is hard to get vested in anyone on the show. I think many of the women may have romanticized farm life but very few of them are cut out for it. Well, episodes 2 and 3 are still in my DVR. Whether I get around to watching them is another story. Maybe at some point I will. It’s probably 50/50 whether I go back and watch, since I won’t watch tonight’s episode either, and now I’ll be 3 behind.

You and Dave Neal discussed outing trolls’ identities. I always assumed these accounts were made with totally fictitious data. How do you find out who they really are?

Comment: Private investigator. I absolutely would be 100% for paying one if I ever got harassed to that extent to out someone online.

I don’t know why I did it but I started reading the comments when you posted Charity’s men. Why are there so many keyboard warriors out there? Why can’t we just be nice to one another? Why does a complete stranger feel the need to just shred someone based on a single image released of someone who is going on a dating show for whatever reason.

What did I think of her men? Wow, wow, and more wow. I hope she finds her happily ever after. I hope the good guys stay and the trouble ones go home.

Anyway congrats on your accuracy of the season. And your take on barstool Ria was bang on but some people are never going to see it your way.


Comment: It’s the society we live in now. It’s why I say social media is both the best and worst invention ever. A lot of good has come from social media. But there’s a ton of negativity, and that’s basically what Twitter has become.

Hi Steve, I appreciate your work and your unapologetic defense of traditionally oppressed groups.

Question about last night- why do you think they showed Gabi stepping in the mud and yelling about it when she was getting out of the van for the final rose ceremony? It seemed like they were trying to show her in a negative light for some reason. What are your thoughts?

Comment: I didn’t see that as something in a negative light actually. I thought I heard the audience laugh when she did it. I found it funny. I think it was shown more about the mind set she was in. Because a few seconds later, she tells Jesse basically she thinks she knows what’s gonna happen. And she was right. I think she was just not already in a good head space, and almost stepping in mud just added to that.


I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to reach out and say I think you’re doing a great job as I appreciate how you share your growth in these last years and that you expect it from others.

I am wondering if you are happy with your decision to take on your sports daily podcast? You seemed so passionate to start it and I hope its giving you satisfaction and pride and not a drain on your time.

You put a smile on my face daily and I just wanted to say thank you!

Comment: Well thank you. Yes, I’m enjoying the Sports Daily. Is it time consuming every night to now record a second podcast and have 11 podcasts a week? Yes. But I knew that’s what I was signing up for when I decided to do it, and people seem to be liking it. Not to mention, I think a lot of the insight I give on games/stories is just different than what people are used to hearing when listening to sports talk radio. I try and make people understand not everything is so black and white. And people that claim they know it all when it comes to sports are just saying things to get a rise out of you. That’s not what I’m looking for. I like presenting facts and trends, and having people form an opinion that way.


When did Gabi actually know that Zach outed her’? According to her, not until last weeks overnight date episode aired. I go into this in more detail in today’s Daily Roundup, as I went back and watched her portion of the overnight date, what happened after that, and then what she said on ATFR.

You posted on Tuesday “They are getting dumped on national television. And that was BEFORE she knew Zach had outed their overnight date sex to all of America, since we found out last night she didn’t know that until last weeks episode.”

I am confused about that. I trust her integrity and she got a bad deal either way – but how about the ‘scarlett letter’ comment? Again, something addressed earlier in this column today and touched on in the Daily Roundup. I think the Scarlet A mention and when she found out about Zach saying stuff are two different things.

At the final 3 rose ceremony, when Zach was escorting out Ariel – BTW the classiest ever, way too good for this show – Kaity said something like ‘ I know it was you’ and Gabi said something like ‘I am wearing the scarlett letter’.

How did she think Kaity knew that? Plus she knew she was miked up, so she is stating that she new she was outed? DId she think that whispering deters the evils of production?

I only mention this for interest – regardless of when it happened, it was hurtful and as you said, she obviously needs and deserves professional counselling.

On that subject, I remeber you saying that some contestants used to get professional counselling? Does that still happen?

Comment: So the rest of what you asked is all in today’s Daily Roundup. That convo between them at that rose ceremony was frankenbitten. And Kaity alluded to it the next day on her IG, but she did it on her stories, so it’s gone now.

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