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(EXCLUSIVE) Your Charity Finale Spoilers

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This is great. Always fun times the day I drop the finale spoilers. Especially today. Why? Because I’m gonna drop them here (and on the Daily Roundup, Twitter, IG feed, and IG stories), then I’m skipping town. On a flight this morning to CA for my 30 yr high school reunion this weekend. So I drop the goods, then I’m outta here, not having to think about this all weekend. Another reason why it’ll be great to bounce once this is all out? Because of the inevitable “Well, you were wrong about this, so how do we know this is right” babble coming from the doubters. I get it. It’s impossible to convince someone the info is right unless I can show proof/evidence. But how many times have I given the final rose ceremony spoiler and been able to back it up with proof/evidence in the 14 years I’ve been doing this? Once? The Nick plane video. So what I’m saying is, I NEVER provide proof/evidence, and more often than not, it’s been right. This season will be no different. August 21st you’ll get your official answer, but I got the confirmation I needed two days ago about the final rose ceremony. I was gonna run with this yesterday, but the Prick Viall stuff came up and I just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to go off on him. Plus, Charity’s season has been done filming for almost 90 days now and no one else had spoiled it. It wasn’t gonna kill me to wait one more day. So here you go.

If you’d rather listen to me go over it, it’s all in today’s Daily Roundup.
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That’s the longer version where I go over a little more detail about how everything came to be and the breakdown from final four on. But here’s the shorter version for those that don’t listen to podcasts:

-Aaron gets eliminated at hometowns next week. As mentioned on the Daily Roundup, I did not know until last week who got eliminated after hometowns until Joey was shown in the previews in Fiji with Charity, which confirmed his overnight date.

-Once in Fiji, the overnight dates were filmed in this order: Xavier, Joey, and Dotun. I don’t know if they’ll be shown in that order, but that’s the order of fiming.

-In between Joey and Dotun’s overnights is when Aaron shows up in Fiji to talk to Charity. Another thing the show spoiled in the preview last week. We see her being surprised as she’s sitting at the pool with producers, and that’s Aaron’s arrival. She does meet Aaron later on that night for a “date,” they just don’t have an overnight. She does not take him back.

-As for the rose ceremony, I do not know if Xavier doesn’t get a rose or she sends him home earlier during his overnight date, something also shown in the previews numerous times. Charity confronting him saying they’re a week away from a proposal and he doesn’t know what he wants, etc. Something to that effect. Regardless, Xavier is eliminated at #3.

-Joey and Dotun are your final two.

Charity is engaged to Dotun.

I know the skepticism and doubters will do everything they can the next 3 weeks to try and say this spoiler is wrong. Again, all I can do is say what I say every season: I trust my sources. I don’t care about any IG posts, follows, likes, cousins grandmas sisters friends comments – whatever. That’s not what my spoilers are based on. Took me almost 3 months, but I was finally able to find out what the result was back in Fiji. Any social media activity that people who want Joey to win want to conjure up in their head is just guessing and speculation. She got engaged to Dotun in Fiji and they’ve been together ever since.

My whole goal every season is to get you the spoilers as soon as I can. Some seasons take longer than others. This season? 5 episodes in. Gabby & Rachel’s season? Right around the same time, about half way through the season. Clayton’s season? Wasn’t til the weekend before. Michelle’s season? Two weeks before the first episode aired you knew she was engaged to Nayte. There’s no rhyme or reason to when I get my info. And just because the original Joey/Aaron info was wrong has no bearing on if the final spoiler is as well. Separate sources. Separate info. One has nothing to do with the other. I say it every season, but I hear things all throughout the season. But I don’t report what I hear until I can get it confirmed. Finally got it confirmed a couple days ago, so here it is. Yeah it took almost 3 months, but by golly, I got what I needed.

I know Joey fans won’t be happy, but it is what it is. I’m sure he’s got a great shot for Bachelor, so I guess just hope for that. He seems to have the biggest following of Charity’s men and will be the sentimental favorite once Charity breaks up with him at final rose ceremony. So you’d think he’s got a good shot at it, but who knows.

Thanks again for bearing with me these last couple months. Glad I could finally come through. Big weight lifted off my shoulders now til finale night on Aug. 21st. Enjoy the rest of the season.

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