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“Reader Emails,” Nick’s “Apology,” Temptation Island & The Big D, and Big Brother Premieres Tonight!

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So I’m still in recovery mode from this past weekend due to my 30 yr high school reunion. 3 of the 4 nights I was out past 2am, and let me tell you, I don’t do that anymore. Just not in me. Yes, I’m usually up til 1am when I’m home after completing my 2 podcasts every night, but I’m actually home and just relaxing before that. Being out and about socializing this weekend, having a few drinks, and coming back to a hotel early in the morning is something I just don’t do very often. Hell, even when I’m in Vegas I don’t stay out all that late. And if I am, I’m downstairs in my own hotel, not hotel hopping and out partying. Hence the reason I fell asleep during Monday night’s episode, so I missed Xavier and Dotun’s hometown dates. I saw the highlights of them, but didn’t see them in full. Wasn’t much to cover on hometown episodes, so I skipped yesterday’s column. Didn’t feel like there was much there to dissect. Since we know the ending, I just don’t think reading so much into what was said or how people acted on hometowns says much of anything. Well, other than Charity being asked by Aaron’s mom if he were to propose and would she accept and getting an, “I don’t think so” answer or whatever she said was pretty telling. You wouldn’t say that about someone you knew you were going to pick.

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The biggest thing covered in today’s podcast was Nick apologizing for his coverage of Gerry the Golden Bachelor last week. I mention Gerry by name because, ummmmm, Nick couldn’t even bring himself to say who he was apologizing to. Not to mention, his producer who’s the one who read the DM she got about Gerry’s past life that she never vetted, didn’t bother to apologize from what I gathered. The whole apology sounded like Nick was annoyed he had to address it and couldn’t have sounded less sincere if he tried. Points for actually acknowledging it – but very little. That was the bare minimum he could’ve done, and that’s exactly what he did. If you listen to what he said, and watch it on his YouTube page, I don’t know, I just didn’t get the feel that he was sincere and he was more put off by it all. I don’t believe he actually thinks he did anything wrong and he only apologized because of the blowback. So for that, at least us independent podcasters calling him out seemed to work. We’ll see if this actually changes his behavior in the future. Lets just say I’m not holding my breath. He seemingly puts his foot in his mouth every other week nowadays.

Great episodes of Temptation Island and The Big D tonight, along with the premiere of Big Brother, so my Wednesdays just got even more busy, at least for the next few weeks since I think TI only has 3 episodes left after this week and The Big D only has two. TI will have quite the explosive start to tonight’s episode picking up where they left off last week when Hall went to go see Kaitlin after he watched her video. Quite an opening 5 minutes or so. I guess all you need to know about tonight’s episode is that the title of it is “Are You Serious, Hall?” Couldn’t be a better title.

As for the The Big D, lets just say there might be some cracks in the solid couples. Can they get through it? Well, only two episodes left. We do get an elimination tonight, and then we’re down to the final 3 couples. Then the premiere of Big Brother tonight on CBS. The cast was released on Monday, and we get the 90 minute episode tonight where we get their intro videos, them getting into the house 4 at a time, then seemingly the first HOH of the season. I love the first episode where people start forming alliances with ones they barely know, thinking they’re gonna be someone’s ride-or-die this early, then by week 2, they’re already at each others throat and the alliance disintegrates immediately. Without fail tonight you’ll definitely see a few people form some mini alliance saying they “get good vibes” from someone else and say they want to work with them, and you know it won’t last. Which is why the Cookout was not only one of the most influential alliances in reality TV history, but made even more impressive by the fact they started together waaaaay early in the season and never wavered once until the accomplished what they set out to do.

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