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“Reader Emails,” Nick’s “Apology,” Temptation Island & The Big D, and Big Brother Premieres Tonight!

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Hey Steve,

Thanks for continuing to do what you do, I look forward to listening to you daily!

Because of you (and summer vacation), I started watching Temptation Island. I thought it would be a one off because I can’t stand when people cheat on one another, but was charmed by the psychological wisdom of the host Mark Walberg and his insights into his contestants. This is some of the best hosting I have seen because of this. Does he have a psychologist background? Are his insights similar on the other seasons?

Comment: Yes, he’s an outstanding host. It’s why I’ve had him on the podcast for the last 5 years. Go check those out if you’ve never listened. Yes, the success rate of the couples on TI are in the toilet, but it is really is a fun show to watch. Heartbreaking at times (like tonight), but you gotta admit you love it. And Mark does so well in his role with the contestants every season.

So something drove me crazy about Charity’s dates in Washington. First of all there’s no such thing as Skamania Scouts- it’s not even a thing. Also there is no such thing as a hood river fruit festival. These were all contrived things and the people were actors. that just makes me a little annoyed.

Comment: Welp, there you go. Had no idea. Can’t say I’m surprised, since they’ve done things like this numerous times in the past. But yeah, if you’re from that area, I can see why you’d be like “WTF?”

Hey Steve!

Like you I rarely listen to Bachelor Happy Hour & generally view it as cheesy/not worth the time.

But shockingly I actually really recommend this week’s episode with Gerry the new Golden Bachelor.

Not just the peculiars of him not already being known from the franchise as a former contestant nor that this will basically be the only podcast interview BEFORE he begins filming… it’s actually because I found him to be a good interviewee, it’s interesting to hear where his head’s at.

Just my 2 cents! Cause yeah I almost always keep this podcast at arm’s length, lol

Comment: Never got around to listening to him. Maybe I will at some point before his season starts airing.

Hi Steve,

Love the daily roundup and sports daily! Keep up the good work. A few questions I had after listening to todays daily roundup. Would love to hear your take on a daily roundup next week, but reader emails is fine too.

-what are your thoughts on Bethenny Frankel encouraging reality tv stars to unionize? Do you think this is possible and how would it affect the Bachelor franchise? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, she’s posted several videos on her IG explaining her thoughts. Dave and Courtney and I briefly talked about it on Monday’s podcast. It would change the whole industry if reality TV contestants unionized. I think these shows wouldn’t be able to get away with anywhere close to what they do now. No chance. It’d be a major win for reality TV contestants if it happens.

-you always mention you can’t get former contestants on your podcast anymore since the show doesn’t let them go on unofficial podcasts. But why are they able to go on She’s All Bach? It seems like they’ve gotten a ton of former contestants who spill tea.


Comment: When I talk about recent contestants, I’m talking about ones fresh off the show and still under contract. Early on when I was the only one doing it, it was never a problem. Now those people fresh off the show and still under contract have to get any interview approved by ABC, and they’ll never approve me for one.

Hi Steve,

A few quick questions for you this week!

Do you have any insight as to when the Golden Bachelor started filming/was filmed? Was it a few days after Gerry was announced, like regular seasons? I don’t know the exact start date, but I do know they have public dates coming up at the end of this week I believe that fans can attend.

Which of Charity’s guys went to Paradise (that you know of)? Oh geez, off the top of my head, quite a few: Aaron B., Aaron S., Brayden, Tanner, John B., John Henry, and a few more. Those are the ones that immediately came to my head.

Have you tried Kaitlyn Bristowe’s wine brand yet (I think I remember you saying you met her at her Target opening, but not sure if you purchased any there or not) – if so, what did you think?


Comment: Yes, bought two bottles at her Target opening here. Very good. Really liked them.

Hi Steve,

Weird thing I noticed this season: lots of the men, instead of saying something like “I need a rose,” or “I have a rose” are now adding the phrase “on my chest.” I think Braden was the first to do this but now lots of the others have been saying it too. “I have a rose on my chest” just seems ridiculous to me somehow, not sure what it is. Anyway, not a question, just something I thought was funny.

thanks for all you do.

Comment: Yeah, I did notice that too, and maybe it’s just an ego thing. Bc the rose always goes on their chest, they just wanted to figure out a different way to say it.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for all you do to keep your fans up to date on what is going on in Bachelor Nation. I am wondering if it really Charity and Dotun 2:40 to run a 10K?! Some people run a marathon in that time, which is 4 times that distance! Just funny how much production had to do to make it look like they were actually running with other runners, because that would be an exceptionally slow time to even walk that distance.

Signed, A Former Runner

Comment: Did they actually show their time at that race? I thought I remember people telling me that day that they’d stop for minutes at a time taking pictures and videos, so I just assumed they didn’t actually complete the whole thing.

Hi Steve,

I ceased my subscription to Nick’s podcast the day he attempted to discredit you. He had a well executed plan to make you look foolish. I believe the slander the podcast spread about Gerry was pre-planned as well. Nick had every opportunity to alter the podcast, re-record it, but did not.

His verbal attacks on Charity also sound practiced; he is not discussing the contents of a podcast, but is voicing opinions he holds, painting a well-educated, modest, professional young woman as a sexually driven hussy. Nothing could be further from the truth; in every situation, thus far in this program, Charity carefully selects her words. Her emotional maturity is equal to or greater than any previous bachelorette. She has told us, the audience, and the suitors, she is looking for her husband, not a “hot” romance. She has stated its very important to represent herself as role model to young girls. I believe she has achieved that goal thus far.

I am a few years older than Gerry, as is my husband of 45 years. I cannot imagine the pain our children and their families would experience if one of us were portrayed as Gerry was on Nick’s podcast. I also believe the day massive advertising announced literally everywhere that a Golden Bachelor had been finally revealed, that this negative story would have been published in an online magazine, not on a direct message to an employee of Nick Viall, a couple of weeks later. Nothing rings true about this hideous slander.

Folks in Bachelor Nation have disclosed many negative opinions about Nick during and after his Bachelor appearances. He needs to remember the pain, the feeling of helplessness when attacked, or betrayed, by folks you hardly know. His cruel comments about Charity, Gerry, and you, exemplifies a desperate need for media attention and the lack of compassion he exhibits regularly.

Comment: Preach. Couldn’t agree with you more. If you listen to my podcast today, you can hear his “apology.” I’m sure you won’t be satisfied by it. I certainly wasn’t.

1. The only “surprising” thing about Dotun winning is that the show is making is SO obvious. Just based on what we’ve seen on screen, almost everyone already has him pegged as the winner. I actually thought it would be someone else and the show was trying to throw us off! [Not questioning your spoiler, just surprised the show would let it be so obvious]. Just know there’s a whole faction of people out there who don’t think it’s obvious. Every season whoever you want to win, you can make a case for, even with the edit. And use the logic you just used.

2. Speaking of the show being obvious, I’ve thought all along that Joey clearly has the Bachelor setup. Knowing he will be the runner up AND that Charity is going to fall in love with two people, that seems more obvious than ever! I don’t think you have the next Bachelor spoiler yet, but what are your thoughts on him being set up for that role?

Just seems so obvious to me, and the show sure hasn’t been throwing us off lately [Charity clearly had the Bachelorette edit, and Dotun looked like the winner from day 1]…

Comment: I mean, anyone who gets dumped at the end certainly has the built-in audience to become the next lead. Joey is no different. Will he be? Hell if I know. I haven’t heard anything in regards to next Bachelor. We just know what the show usually does and how they choose. Joey seems to check off a lot of their boxes, so would I be surprised if he got the gig? No. Do I have any insight if he is getting it or will take it? No.

Joey totally loved Charity from the get go. But, her soul belongs to Dotun. If Joey is not the next Bachelor, I will never watch again. I think that she should have 86’d Xavier. And, Aaron was total brother zone. Watching her choose between Joey and Dotun was probably the most heartbreaking season ever. I love Joey. He and Dotun were probably the best two options since season 1. With the exception of Braydon, she was remarkable in her choices. I knew that she would actually walk away from Joey because I do feel that she chose her soul. But, knowing that Joey is heartbroken us probably the most painful Bachelorette ever. Even though she did the right thing.

Comment: I think never watching again if Joey isn’t the Bachelor is a little extreme.

RS…I noticed during the season you said you knew Joey wasn’t going to be the Bachelor. Was that because you were hearing he was in the running for the Bachelor or that he was dating someone? How were you so sure he didn’t win? Love your stuff. I listend to your pod every day!

Comment: It was neither of those. Some things…well, most things I spoil I don’t provide any proof or evidence of it because it could compromise a source. I said I knew Joey didn’t win for a reason and I just have to leave it at that.

So I found ur daily round up months after u had started it and while I work I listen to it. Now that I’m all caught up I feel like what do I do with my life now?? Im tempted to start listening to ur sports daily even tho I know NOTHING about sports. Idk about other ppl but I love ur take on stuff I love ur voice and I wudnt mind like hour long dailies even tho I know u cudnt do that ?

I love ur show keep doing it hopefully I can make it to ur next fan party

Comment: Ha ha well thank you. Although, if you know nothing about sports, the Sports Daily probably isn’t for you. You won’t have a clue what I’m talking about. I guess all you can do is continue to listen to the Daily Roundup every day, and, use my promo codes for any of the products I do ads for. That’s the best way to support.

I don’t have next years date solidified yet, but, I did notice the first Friday in June next year is the latest date it can possibly be, and that’s the 7th. So it’s either gonna be the 7th or the 14th if I had to guess.

Send all links and emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Instagram name is RealitySteve, or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page. Talk to you tomorrow.

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