Daily Links – 10/12 Incl a “Bachelor” Update & Becca News

Before I get started with your “Bachelor” stuff, just wanted to mention playoff baseball for a minute. It’s great. I’m sure most of you think baseball is boring on TV, and for the most part, you’re right. Season is too long with so many long, drawn out games that it begins to wear on you after a while. But not playoff baseball. It’s a completely different animal. Nothing, and I mean nothing that happened during the regular season matters when it comes playoff time. The Blue Jays outscore their opponents by 221 runs during the regular season – then drop the first 2 games at home to the Rangers #TaylorSwiftCurse. Clayton Kershaw is doing things no pitcher has ever done over the last 4 regular seasons – in the playoffs he becomes human. Time and time again we see things happen in the playoffs that no one suspects. Last year the Royals were 6 outs away from being eliminated in the Wild Card game, to then winning 8 in a row before losing in Game … Continue reading

“Bachelor in Paradise” Finale Recap Incl When Does the “Bachelor” Start Filming?

Finally, it’s over. All the drama, the 2 minutes of dates we get to see, the “who is Samantha into this week” storylines is done. We have finally moved on from “Bachelor in Paradise” as everything I told you two months ago played out exactly as it should’ve, and we’re moving on. However, a few things to get to before your recap as this is the last week of full columns. Remember, tomorrow is going to be BOTH your final “Reader Emails” and “Dr. Reality Steve” of the calendar year, with the live video chat happening tomorrow night because I’m out of town on Thursday for gambling related purposes. Go figure. Next week, we begin back up with the return of “Daily Links.” Since I’m not back in town until Monday, “Daily Links” will appear starting on Tuesday, and continue throughout the end of the year. Sure there might be a couple days here and there that I miss, but ultimately you can come back here every day starting next week for links to stories … Continue reading