“Bachelor in Paradise 2″ Episode 4 Recap, Incl Jade’s Oopsie, & Ben as the “Bachelor”

You know what’s funny? Considering I grew up in Southern California and in the Pacific time zone, I always thought it was weird how the East Coast would get to watch stuff first, and live events (incl Monday Night Football) started at 9pm. That was so crazy to me. This weekend I’ve been in CA because tonight is the night 8 months in waiting as I’m taking my niece to the Taylor Swift concert at Staples Center. I’m sure I’ll be Periscoping plenty tonight from the limo ride up, to the concert itself, so be on the lookout for that. But with that, I haven’t been able to live tweet the show the last two nights because I’m watching it well after the Eastern and Central time zones have. Figure it’s kinda pointless since I’m not seeing it as it happens. I haven’t lived in CA since 2006, and social media wasn’t around back then. So it wasn’t such a big deal to watch this show on the Pacific time zone. Or any show for … Continue reading

“Bachelor in Paradise 2″ Episode 3 Recap & An Update on the Relationships

Major news yesterday. Huge. And no, absolutely nothing to do with anything that happened on BIP 2 or “After Paradise.” No, the news of the day in my eyes was Jennifer Love Hewitt pining for a sequel to “Can’t Hardly Wait.” Don’t you dare toy with my emotions like that J-love. Don’t. You. Dare. It’s bad enough you went and got yourself knocked up by your “Client List” co-star, then magically decided to marry him and pop out another kid and stomp on my heart. However if you’re gonna bring this up, you better follow through. I wanna see a grown up Amanda Beckett and what she’s done since high school. Obviously there’s no way she ended up with that dweeb Preston. Hell, she probably went running back to Mike Dexter and got knocked up by him and now she’s a stay at home mom with a 3, 2, and 1 year old. That’s my guess. Whatever the case, make the sequel. I always jump on Hollywood for completely being unoriginal and never … Continue reading