Daily Links 4/21 Incl 4 More “Bachelorette” Guys, Rap Battle Date Info, First Promo of the Season, & Some Teaser Questions Answered

We have a lot to get to today. Was going to hold on to stuff longer, but once ABC ran their first promo of the “Bachelorette” last night (which is in today’s column), decided I might as well give you the rest of the guys that I’ve had for the last couple weeks, especially since two of them were featured in the promo. Here’s something to understand when it comes to the spoilers: the less that is posted on Twitter and Instagram, the more I keep in. I mean, the rose ceremony in Ireland was last week, and there hasn’t been one sighting of a hometown date on social media. That’s good. At least for me it is, since when I finally release it, you won’t already know who had hometowns. If it gets spoiled, that’s fine too because I let you know immediately. I have all the episode-by-episode spoilers ready to go up to the hometown dates. I haven’t decided when I’ll release those yet since we’ve still got almost a month before the … Continue reading

Four More Guys on the “Bachelorette,” Britt in Nashville, Spoiler on the Boxing Date, & Teasers for the Season

After a weekend off in California assembling what is quite possibly the greatest fantasy baseball team ever put together (I say that every season), I’m back at it. No “Daily Links” today because I have a lot of “Bachelorette” news for you. Four more guys to give you, an update and pictures of Britt in Nashville, Chris Harrison adding another gig to his resume, and some spoilers on this season I’ve been holding on to for, oh I don’t know, since the first date. Yes as we know, a lot of dates have been spoiled on social media. And you’ve seen a ton of pictures. However, there are a lot of questions you don’t know answers to. Like what actually happened on these dates? It’s one thing just to see pictures of the guys. Everyone can see those. But what you come to this site for is what happened on the dates. I have all your dates and eliminations up to this point in filming, which is still in Ireland down to 6 guys. Today … Continue reading