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  • The Bachelorette 12 - JoJo

    The “Bachelorette” JoJo Episode 1 Recap – Incl the Jordan Backlash, Ashley & JP (UPDATED), & “Bachelor in Paradise” Casting News

    JoJoJordan2 JoJoJordan2
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    Wow. I don’t think we’ve ever seen as explosive of a premiere episode as that before. No, not what we actually saw on screen. Psshhhh. That was the same ol, same ol – introduce Jojo, have her talk to past leads, guys intro videos, guys limo entrances, cocktail party, rose ceremony, the end. Wash, rinse, repeat. I’m talking about the social media explosion, specifically Jordan and Grant getting called out by women online during the show. In all my years covering this show, I’ve NEVER had this many women come to me (especially this early) in the season, with stories about the guys. It’s unheard of. In a span of about 45 minutes last night, I got FOUR new emails regarding women Jordan has been with, which did nothing but confirm everything I told you about last week. It’s crazy. I didn’t ask for it, and it’s nothing I hadn’t heard of about the guy before, but geez. It’s coming in droves. Then you’ve got a friend of … Continue reading

  • Bachelorette JoJo Spoilers

    “Bachelorette” JoJo Episode-by-Episode Spoilers

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    It’s finally here! Just in time for the season to start tonight. Well, most of it. You’ll see when you read further that episodes 6 and 7 were the toughest to get info on, but what I do have is accurate. And after tonight when they show us the season overview teaser once the episode is over, they give a lot of stuff away in that 4 1/2 minute “This season on the Bachelorette…” video. So yeah, I’m sure more of those will be filled in after tonight because the teaser will make it obvious. So today’s column is a combination of three things: 1) The episode 1 breakdown I posted last Monday 2) All the spoilers I have from episode 2 thru episode 7 and 3) Your Final Four breakdown that I posted last Thursday. So the only new stuff in here is the episodes 2 thru 7 spoilers, which are pretty complete. A lot of stuff in there I hadn’t posted yet, so this’ll be the … Continue reading

  • The Bachelorette 12 - JoJo

    “Bachelorette” News, Look-a-Likes, Andi’s Book, & Is One of JoJo’s Guys Already Dating a Former “Bachelor” Contestant?

    WellsCarly3 WellsCarly3

    As I tweeted yesterday, “Getting closer…” Now I’m not going to make any promises here, but there’s a good chance that tomorrow I’ll be posting the ending to JoJo’s season. Along with the ending, I’ll tell you all about what I’ve teased you with over the last month in regards to everything I heard going in to this season, and even during the season. It’s all kinds of f****d up and frankly, if the show wasn’t laughable enough before, this should do it. I will say this now though: None of this I’ll be able to prove. But it’s true. I wouldn’t spend the amount of time I have over the last month gathering this information, talking to sources, and making sure of its legitimacy if it was something I just heard on a whim. And I’m sure there are a few of you who won’t believe me, or won’t want to believe me, and that’s fine. I’m just reporting what I know to be true based on … Continue reading

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