Spying on Andi’s Hometown in Dallas & Spoilers To Expect From This Season of the “Bachelorette”

I’m in a giving mood today. Maybe it’s because I experienced by my first in person spoiling in the 11 year history of this show. Maybe it’s because this week has flown by. Or maybe it’s because at this time tomorrow, I will be on the Venetian casino floor trying to take their craps table for everything they have. Whatever the case, it’s a good day. I’m gonna share with you some of the spoilers to expect this season with Andi, along with narrate my trip on Tuesday spoiling Andi & Marcus’ hometown date. Pictures included! Also want to mention that today at 12pm EST, I’m doing a live chat with #SocialFlySessions that you can view by scrolling down to the next post. It’ll be hosted by Stephanie Abrams, who you may know as the girl who screens your questions during my live video chats. We’ll be talking about how social media has changed the way reporting works, how it affects what I do, and the ramifications of it’s importance in the every day lives … Continue reading

“Bachelorette” Contestant Eric Hill Passes Away

In all my years covering this show, I’ve never really had to deal with something quite like this. None of us have. For those who weren’t directed over here today from Twitter or Facebook, contestant Eric Hill, who was in a terrible paragliding accident on Easter Sunday, passed away last night in a Utah hospital, this according to his sister Karen, who took to her Facebook page this morning to share the horrible news. I’m not going to begin to pretend I know anything about who this guy is, because I don’t know anything more than what is out there on a basic internet search, but you can see for yourself this is definitely a guy who lived life to its fullest. Before he passed yesterday, not only had Eric gone to film the “Bachelorette” in March & April, but he also was in the middle of starring in his own documentary (“The Global Odyssey”) where he planned on visiting all 195 U.N. recognized countries by 2016, which he … Continue reading