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    Daily Links – 10/6 Incl Did Hurricane Matthew Change the “Bachelor’s” Filming Plans?

    chrislane chrislane

    As I mentioned last week and a few times over the last couple seasons, as we know the “Bachelor” has filmed in the lead’s hometown the last 3 seasons in episode 7, which is the episode before hometown dates. Juan Pablo went to Miami, Chris went to Iowa, and Ben went to Indiana. As I reported Tuesday, Nick is filming this week in his home state of Wisconsin. I thought it was kind of odd that they did it in episode 4. Just seemed kinda random they’d go to his hometown with still over 10 girls left and him only having two 1 on 1 dates up to this point. Well it looks like the weather had something to do with that. I’ve been told that filming for episode 4 was supposed to take place in South Carolina this week, but obviously with Hurricane Matthew headed that way, they had to scramble and find a new place. So Milwaukee it was. Nothing else is affected as of now, … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Nick Spoilers

    (EXCLUSIVE) First Look at Some of Nick’s Women on the Next “Bachelor”

    bachelornick bachelornick

    The day has finally come. The day you’ve all been waiting for. You know, the one where I post the first pictures of some of Nick’s girls for next season’s “Bachelor,” everyone pre-judges them, makes their own assumptions, thinks they know how long each girl will last based on some picture I find on their Facebook page and is inevitably wrong. Yeah, that day. Let the pre-judging of women you don’t know begin! I hope these girls have thick skin. I know their phones have been taken away and they aren’t reading this, so I’ll probably repeat it once filming is over, but a disclaimer for all the girls on the show. People are going to judge you. NON. STOP. You can have the most gorgeous hair/dress/makeup/smile whatever, and there will be people out there in internet troll land who will do nothing but make fun of you for every little thing you say/do/wear, etc. Just get used to it. This shouldn’t be news to anyone who watches, … Continue reading

  • Bachelor in Paradise 3

    “Bachelor In Paradise” Recap, Reality TV Awards Voting, & Nick/Jen Drama Amps Up

    NickJen NickJen
    Photo Credit: ABC

    “And now, the end is near…” Holy crap BIP flew by didn’t it? Finally we get our resolution tonight for what you’ve known was gonna happen for two months. Three engagements, and a Nick/Jen breakup, which was made much more interesting in the last week due to his “Bachelor” announcement and the subsequent media stories that have Jen not too thrilled with him since then. I know they weren’t dating, so he couldn’t have dumped her to become the “Bachelor,” but she seems upset at something. Guess we’ll find out tonight. Will make a rather boring/predictable finale definitely worth watching. All 3 engaged couples are still together. You know, to capitalize on Instagram/social media money that’s out there. The Nick/Jen stuff is the only compelling storyline left. Can you believe it? Last “Bachelor” related column til January when Nick’s season starts airing. Tomorrow is your last “Reader Emails” and Thursday your last “Dr. Reality Steve” til January as well. I’m in Vegas this weekend (and by the way, … Continue reading

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