“Dr. Reality Steve” & Live Video Chat Returns Tonight at 9:00pm EST/6:00pm PST

Your live video chat returns tonight at 9:00pm EST/6:00pm PST. I’m sure we’ll be talking all things “Bachelor” this week in regards to Britt, her date, who’s the next “Bachelorette” talk, and all the other goodies you all bring to the table every week. As for the letters from Dustin’s family, lets try and keep that to a minimum, because we could literally talk about it the whole show. The situation is over in my eyes. Juelia said what she did on the show, the family responded – done. No need to play a game of back and forth and have more people come out to defend Juelia or come out and defend the family. So of you agree with the family, some don’t. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on it. All I wanted to do was present you with both sides. I don’t think there’s any topic on anything in this entire universe where everybody is 100% on one side and 0% are on the other. None. I’m not a fan of … Continue reading

A Huge “Reader Email” Bag Today Including Reaction to the Letters from Dustin’s Family

Maybe I should’ve waited to post the episode-by-episode spoilers for the remainder of the season to a day when I didn’t post the letters Dustin’s family had written to me. It’s mostly been a positive response, but you’ll see a few emails that didn’t like that I gave the family a voice to speak their mind and/or didn’t like what the family had to say. Which is fine. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. When Juelia told Chris the story of Dustin’s suicide during a pool party not ever having been on a date with a guy and knowing him less than 10 days, I immediately called her out on Twitter for it saying I thought it was “horsesh**.” The family came to me days later and said they didn’t appreciate what she said and asked if they could have a voice. I gave it to them and I stand by it. There is not gonna be back and forth between both camps. Juelia said what she did on the show, and the … Continue reading