The “Bachelorette” Finale Recap

What a great time last night at the finale viewing party. I may have to make this a regular appearance. Maybe every season open it up to anyone who wants to throw a viewing party for the premiere and/or finale (although to do both every season might be tough), and I’ll show up. Granted, it was a little tough to hear with that many people in the room as over 90 people showed up, but it was fun nonetheless. Thanks to everyone who came out to Fortina’s in Armonk last night to watch the show with me. Never expected that type of turn out. The food was great, I’m glad I got to meet everyone, and I’m glad some of you got to meet my aunt and cousin. A special shout out to Melissa Greenstein who the day after I put up the link back at the beginning of the season, she emailed me and showed interest in throwing the party. She busted her ass putting this all together and wanted to make … Continue reading

“Reader Emails,” “Dr. Reality Steve,” & Next “Bachelor” Talk, and Holy Crap, US Weekly Credited Me For Something

Can someone help me out here? Are women across America going to be able to function like normal human beings today now that the first “50 Shades of Grey” trailer has been released? Are all the sexually frustrated, bored housewives out there now in full freak out mode that their mommy porn movie is officially starting to come to life? This is a big day for them you know. They are a different breed. Kinda like the Star Wars nerds getting a hard on when JJ Abrams tweets a picture of the Millennium Falcon from the set of the new movie, I feel like there’s the same reaction happening today seeing clips of this movie. Then again, if your life revolves around the release of a movie 6 months away, there probably isn’t much hope for you to begin with. I’ve never read any of the three books, nor do I plan to. But has any man? Ever? What guy would read fantasy porn? I mean maybe there are some freaks out there with wild … Continue reading