A Very Mini American Idol Recap – 5/4/10

Hope you all like the new look of the site. We’re tinkering with things, but this is pretty much the format we’re gonna go with for the time being I believe. A few pictures should be up soon as well since a lot of you have been asking what’s been going on with Maddie. Well, I figured she should become a permanent staple on RealitySteve.com, so we’ll have her picture up as well.

Also, I have finally gotten around to creating a “RealitySteve.com Fan Page” on Facebook. You can become a fan by clicking here: RealitySteve.com Fan Page. There are plenty of you who have tried to add me as a friend on Facebook, but I’m pretty much maxed out at this point, hence the reason the fan page was created. So go there, post on the wall, do whatever you want. That’s open to everyone and I hope I can pass 5,000 sometime soon. Lets make it as big as possible.

I’m pretty much in “Bachelorette” mode right now and the … Continue reading

American Idol Recap – 4/27/10 & An Update on the “Bachelorette” Spoilers

If you came here today to read the “Idol” recap second, but hoping there were “Bachelorette” spoilers first, sorry. But I do have information regarding it. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that a couple days ago I mentioned more information is coming in daily. It has, it’s been more than I expected, but we’re still a month away from the season starting. In addition, they’re still filming right now so I just decided I don’t want to release information in pieces. I gave you what the scandal was last week to wet your appetite. Lets just say that I know more about this season right now than in any previous season at this point. I can pretty much say I know EVERYTHING that’s happened up to this point in filming – that’s how quickly the news has come to me. I’m just not gonna release it all until I have the order of elimination of the final 4/3/2/1 and any stories that might go along with it. Not trying to tease you … Continue reading

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