Bachelor Ben Full Season Spoilers

Welcome back. If you haven’t been to the site since “Bachelor Pad” ended, well, you’ve missed a lot. Most of the season has already been spoiled here over about 10-15 posts I’ve made. But to make things easy so you don’t have to go back pages and pages reading every column, I will cram all of it into one nice, neat spoiler column that takes you through everything I know about the season. It’s weird, I’ve got the beginning laid out and I have the end nailed again, however, there are parts in the middle where I just didn’t get enough info from my sources. You’ll see as you read on. A lot of this will look familiar because it’s cut and pastes from previous columns, but there is a little new info here and there. Lets call it “Bachelor 101″. Tomorrow morning around 8:00 central time I will be making an appearance on Kidd Kraddick’s radio show here in Dallas to talk about all things “Bachelor” related.

Of course, first things first, a … Continue reading

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Bachelor Ben’s Finale Breakdown Plus Other News on the Season

The one thing I’ve been asked the most in the past week has been, “How are you handling this?” In a word, I’m “frustrated.” Frustrated because all of you that know me and have read my column know I’m a straight shooter. I’m very blunt, I’m very honest, and I don’t hold back with anything. So it’s killing me not to be able to say anything just yet about the allegations levied against me. I’m not very good at keeping my mouth shut about things like this, but I have to for the time being at the request of my lawyer.

As you have undoubtedly heard, the production and distribution companies behind the “Bachelor” have filed a lawsuit against me apparently making some false allegations about claimed damage to the show. I have not yet been served with the suit, but plan to respond to the specific allegations soon. In the meantime, even though it is stated in my Privacy Policy at the top of the page, let me absolutely clear as can be … Continue reading

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