All Your “Bachelor” Spoilers for Brad’s Season – 12/8/10

Here are all your spoilers for Brad Womack’s second go-round as the “Bachelor”. I’m glad my sources were able to come through for me again, so, anyone thinking because I got Ali and Roberto’s ending wrong that I was somehow losing my sources, uhhhhh, not quite. Last season, I spoiled everything two weeks before the premiere. This season, it’s four weeks before. Guess my sources are getting better. Look, at the end of Ali’s season, I honestly was thinking by the time this season rolled around, once I had the final 4-3-2-1, I was just gonna spoil the ending and leave it at that. But the minute the powers-that-be in the “Bachelor” franchise had me removed from that “E!” special back in July, and still to this day I’ve never been given an explanation from anyone as to why, it was on like donkey kong. So, along with writing my weekly column when the show starts, I’ll just continue to piss on their franchise by giving away spoilers. You’re welcome. Without further adieu, here it … Continue reading

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Here’s What I Can Tell You…For Now

If you haven’t been to the site in a while, and want to know the names of some of the girls you saw in the promos last night, just keep scrolling down and read my last few posts. So ABC has run two promos already for the show, and never before in their history have they given so many clips away six weeks before the season started. Basically the long promo they ran last night is what they usually show at the end of the first episode where they say, “Coming up this season on the ‘Bachelor’”. Quite interesting to say the least, and yes, I’ll take full credit for it since they know I’m about to ruin the whole season for everyone. I enjoy the fact that a random blogger is basically making them rearrange how they program their show. Of course, they’ll never admit that’s why they’re doing it, but it’s obvious what’s going on. I can’t spoil the season for you yet, though. After what happened last season with getting 99.9% of … Continue reading

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