The Greatest Mug Shot Ever…

As you probably may have heard, Kasey Kahl was arrested this past Sunday in conjunction with an altercation outside of a bar in Fresno, CA, which as we know is the hometown of the great Kevin Federline. Now, you may be asking, “Why did you just refer to Fresno as the hometown of Kevin Federline?” Well, because when the story first broke on TMZ the other day and I tweeted it out, that’s exactly what the story says. Click here for the link. Here’s the exact quote to start the story that ran on Monday:

“Bachelorette” star Kasey Kahl was arrested Sunday morning in Fresno, CA — hometown of Kevin Federline — after cops say he was drunk and disorderly at a nightclub … TMZ has learned.

Was that really necessary to throw that in there? I mean, really Fresno? That’s who your city is holding their hat on? Fat-erline? Congratulations. I mean, there’s gotta be someone else you can claim as your own, right? Lets hope when the next big news out of … Continue reading

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More “Reader Emails”, Michael’s Excellent Post Show Interview, & What Does a “Bachelor” Acceptance Letter Look Like? – 9/15/11

So here’s how the next few months are gonna play out in terms of my column. Since DWTS is on Mondays, and “Surivor” and “X Factor” is on Wednesdays, looks like “Reality Roundup” will be up on Thursday’s for the time being, which will include my thoughts on those three shows plus others and “Reader Emails”. In terms of any “Bachelor” news, that can come whenever. There’s not gonna be a set time when I’m gonna post that. I’ll try to post it in Thursday’s column, but no guarantee. If I get news or something over the weekend, and don’t feel like it can wait til Thursday, then I’ll post it Monday. Also, in addition to my “Reality Roundup”, there will be a “Survivor” column up every Thursday by Scott Ottersen, the guy who wrote the “Big Brother” recaps this season. His episode one recap is up now, so go check it out.

Wanted to point something out from the finale that I missed but an emailer brought to my attention. I’m guessing 99% … Continue reading

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