“Bachelor” Notes and Thoughts on the Ali & Roberto Breakup

Today’s column was going to be just updating you on a few things “Bachelor” related, mostly in references to my tweets the last few days, talk about Chris Harrison’s new game show “You Deserve It”, plus give a Tuesday “Reality Roundup” seeing that I didn’t do one last week. That was until news broke yesterday of Ali and Roberto’s breakup, which I now feel the need to step in and play therapist for the thousands of you who apparently couldn’t go on with your day yesterday after hearing the news. But first things first, lets get to a couple of things.

-Finally got pictures of Amber Bacon, the Canadian girl eliminated on the first night. They are up now in the “Ben’s Girls” section. You get there by scrolling over “Spoilers” at the top of the page with your cursor, then “The Bachelor”, then “Bachelor Ben Spoilers”, then “Ben’s Girls.” Easy as pie. Well, for some of us it is.

-This past weekend, I received the information I was waiting on, and that was the … Continue reading

Bachelorette 6 Finale – 8/2/10 Including Final Thoughts on It All & Where Have Ali and Roberto Been?

I want to thank everyone for making yesterday the biggest volume day in the history of RealitySteve.com. Wow. Even crashed the site last night. Crazy thing is, today is probably going to surpass yesterday. Tuesday is always the biggest day of the week and I don’t expect much different this time. However, if you have not been back to the site since last week, you wouldn’t know what I posted yesterday, which seems to be a lot of you considering the amount of texts, emails, Facebook posts, and twitter responses I’ve got saying something to the effect of “You were wrong.” Technically yes. I’ve been wrong for the last six weeks telling you Ali is single. However yesterday at noon I posted (and you can scroll down to the next post to read it) and told everyone the main points for what you’d see last night on the show: No Chris at the final rose ceremony because Ali lets him go on his last chance date, Ali and Roberto happy and engaged, and Frank not … Continue reading

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