The “Bachelorette” Andi’s Final Four Breakdown & Who is She Engaged To?

Busy day yesterday. Andi’s guys’ bios were posted by ABC, Harper Collins sent me a copy of Courtney Robertson’s book (that I read through in 4 hrs), and I’m still sorting through information I received on Sunday in regards to this season (more on that later). So we are back into busy season now. Once the season starts up next Monday, it’s back to 2-3 columns a week, plus the live video chat every Thursday night. And for those that asked at the end of last season, Olivia and Nicholas will be appearing on the Thursday, May 29th video chat since I’ll be out in California for my birthday that weekend. Nicholas currently has no front teeth anymore so enjoy that. Also, I will be returning tomorrow with another column that covers the first episode of the season (assuming it gets released online today) and I will give my thoughts on all 25 guys bio pictures, answers, etc. Amazing what some of these guys answered to the questions asked of them. Really? You … Continue reading

The “Bachelorette” Andi’s Episode-by-Episode Spoilers

I feel like two months of work is pretty much over. Now comes the fun part, which is just watching the episodes, making fun of the people involved, and having a jolly good time. We’re 11 days away from the premiere and I have for you every date, every rose, and every elimination you’ll see this season. Will there be things you read today that won’t make it on air? I’m sure. Will there be things that happen this season which aren’t reported today? Absolutely. Happens every season. This is a guide to let you know who goes home when, who got roses, and anything else I’ve been made aware of this season. There will be things I’m sure I will find out as the season goes on which I will report, but for today, here is your guide to what you definitely will see up through the final four. Filming for the season either ended yesterday or today. Once I get the breakdown of what happened in the Dominican Republic, I will report it. … Continue reading