The Bachelorette Episode-by-Episode Spoilers

It’s taken me three episodes, but finally here are your episode-by-episode spoilers. There were a couple last minute things I was waiting on, and outside of exactly how the Croatia rose ceremony goes down, everything is accurate. I’m still working on the ending in light of some new information I received last Friday. Could be something, could be nothing. But until I know with 100% certainty how the ending shakes out, I’m gonna hold off on reporting it, because right now I don’t know. Seems that there’s a new piece of information I get every day that either could be a big deal, or turn out to be nothing. This season has been really weird with them sequestering all three guys from the overnight dates on. A lot of misinformation floating out there.

I could easily run with what I think or what I’m hearing, but I don’t like to go off hunches. That got me in trouble during Brad’s season when I said he was with Chantal. Which ended up being funny in the … Continue reading

“Reader Emails,” “Dr. Reality Steve,” & Another Contestant Confirmed

Definitely need to start off today’s column wishing a Happy Birthday to my mother, Charlotte. You all got to meet her, albeit briefly, on a video blog a few weeks back. She is a great mom, and although she lives in California and I obviously I see her less than I used to, she has always been there for me. So Happy Birthday mom! Your card should be arriving today. And signed the same exact way every single card I’ve sent you has been signed for the last 20 years. Make sure Olivia and Nichols behave for you on your birthday, which is probably asking a lot.

There will be a live video blog tonight at 9PM EST/6PM PST, however, I don’t plan on going long because, well, tonight is the NFL draft and I’m a sports geek. Probably do no more than 30-40 minutes tonight, but hopefully I will have found out some stuff on whatever Emily and Sean did today for their hometown date. I know Emily was hanging last night in … Continue reading