The Bachelor Ben Finale Recap Including Corrections on Two of Emily’s Guys, Bentley Rumors, My Trip This Weekend & How You Can See Emily’s Date on Friday

A lot of news and notes to get to before I give my thoughts on the season. Once again, not a regular recap, but I will touch on some things we saw during the episode. Well boy am I glad that’s finally over. Four months of sitting back and waiting for last night to happen. Obviously I can only say so much when I give spoilers. Pictures, skinny dipping in Puerto Rico, obvious attraction, saying they were still engaged, the ATFR taping, all sorts of inside information I relayed – none of that can really ever vindicate me like the finale actually can. It’s a tough four months to sit and have people question stuff that you know to be 1000% right, but hey, last night was worth it. It’s one thing if I took a guess on Dec. 14th saying it was Courtney, crossed my fingers, and HOPED all season I was right. I don’t guess or predict. People asked if I was nervous last night watching the show. Not at all. I knew … Continue reading

Reality Steve Live Video Blog – March 8th 9:00PM EST/6:00PST

Here is tonight’s video blog in case you missed it. I apologize for the microphone being so hot for a lot of the show. Forgot to set the volume lower. Yes, my mother joined me for the last half hour or so and I guess didn’t embarrass me as much as I thought she would. If you’re trying to view this video on your Ipad or Iphone. However, if you go to this link, you can download an app which will allow you to. Thanks everyone who joined in and watched tonight, or participated by asking a question. We set a record as a whopping 73 questions were asked. Yikes. Enjoy…