The Bachelor Sean Finale Recap Including Your First Look at Some of Desiree’s Guys (EXCLUSIVE)

With the season now over, and the “Bachelorette” not premiering until May 20th, I highly doubt you’ll see me posting three times a week for the next couple months. This week, I’m combining “Reader Emails” and “Dr. Reality Steve” and will post on Thursday. After that, it’s a crap shoot when the next column happens. This is usually where I take a bit of break. Mostly because the emails aren’t coming in at a furious pace, nor are the “Dr. Reality Steve” emails. So those columns will probably be combined and posted once every couple weeks. The one thing I will continue to do for the next two months is post once any “Bachelorette” news happens. Guys started arriving yesterday, and some are arriving today, which tells me that filming is probably being pushed up a couple days. Originally filming was supposed to start this Sunday the 17th, but with guys already in LA, there’s no way they’re gonna make them wait for 5 days since they never have. It never takes that long to … Continue reading

“Reader Emails,” More Trivia, & Some Thoughts on Idol

Only 4 more days away from the finale. Four more days until I’m vindicated from my spoiler posted back in November. Not that this season many have doubted it, but it’s nice to finally have it play out. I think more in the beginning of the season there might have been some doubt because of how little camera time Catherine got, but all in all, people have come to accept that pretty much 95% of the spoilers that I post on this site are going to end up being right. Sure, there are things I don’t know. I don’t know every single square inch detail of every single season. I just post what I know based on what I’m told, and outside of a few exceptions, for three years, it’s all been right. If someone wants to harp on the times I’ve been wrong, let them. Just proves they’re reading every single word I write and are praying that I’m wrong, yet, none of those people ever say a word when the spoilers are right, … Continue reading

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