The Passing of Gia Allemand, “Reader Emails,” & “Dr. Reality Steve”

A very sad week in Bachelor Nation with the passing of 29 year old Gia Allemand. I’m sure all of you have heard by now what’s been reported for the last two days and a lot of you have questions. We all do. However, we might just have to accept the fact that although we may want answers to how something this awful could happen to such a great girl, we are not entitled to them. The butcher job that the media is doing on this story is beyond repulsive and sickens me. For people to even speculate why they think she attempted suicide is uncalled for, lacks class, and is completely unprofessional. Leave it alone.

I was privileged to hang out with Gia on a couple of occasions back in the day, and she was as sweet in person as she appeared on TV. I remember the first time I ever talked to her on the phone was back when her and Wes were an item, he was talking to her, and he surprised … Continue reading

A Very Interesting Batch of “Reader Emails”

You know what’s funny, but not the least bit surprising? I actually got more negative reaction on Twitter than I did sent to me in emails. It was all coming so fast and furious on Monday night, I guess I was lumping them in together when I said it was running 80/20 in favor of “Who cares if you got the ending wrong.” Of course people are much more bold over Twitter than email. That’s a given. Sure, there are some brutal emails this week, but Twitter had the most negative attacks. I made sure in this week’s “Reader Emails” to include every negative email sent to me since Monday night. I don’t think I missed any because I was sure to save all of them. Definitely some harsh ones, but it’s just words. If I can generate that much response out of people then I guess I’m doing something right.

Usually I print every “Reader Email” I get from Thursday morning through Wednesday night. Today’s is a little bit different since all anyone … Continue reading