“Women Tell All” Recap Including The Letter, Who’s the Bachelorette, & a Fun Trivia Game for Fans to Play

Quite a few things to get to before today’s recap, and I use the word “recap” lightly because as is the case every season, the “Tell All” episode isn’t a regular long recap. There just isn’t enough material to work with since it’s mostly a recap show and hearing the women say stuff we’ve already heard them say on the show or in their exit interviews already. So the last two columns of every season (the “Tell All” and the finale), aren’t normal recaps where I break down the episode in real time. It’s more or less my overall thoughts on the show. However this week, there’s A LOT of news and information to get to before we even get to that portion of the recap, all of which I’m sure you’ll be interested in, including a fun new game for you to play to test your “Bachelor” franchise knowledge that I created. I’ll talk about that on the next page.

First off, gotta start with the news that most of you are most … Continue reading

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Interview with “Survivor: One World’s” Christina Cha

Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking with Christina Cha (Survivor: One World) for a quick interview. I spoke to her in regards to her time on Survivor, as well as what she has going on right now. Anybody who has forgotten who Christina is (considering Survivor is on 7 times a year, making it almost impossible to even remember the winners, let alone the rest of the castaways), go and check out her Facebook profile, or follow her on Twitter (@Christina_Cha), or check out her own personal website (www.christina-cha.com).

I’ve never really been the interview-type journalist, but I have done interviews in the past for other blogs I’ve written for, and typically like to just copy and paste the text of the interview into the blog, to keep the realism of the interview alive, but I figured I’d take a different approach to this interview. I will still keep all her answers real, and type them out as they were given by her, but just thought I’d … Continue reading

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