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Kaitlyn’s Guys

1. Ryan Beckett: 33, Wellington, Fla. Pretty accomplished guy. Graduated Florida St. University with a double major in Finance and Real Estate and got a Master’s in Business Administration from Palm Beach Atlantic University. Currently owns Equestrian Sotheby’s Realty with his ex-girlfriend, Casey Flannery. Played lacrosse at FSU, competed in a triathlon, is a vegan and a dog lover. Dated former “Amazing Race” contestant and former Dolphins cheerleader and Playboy model, Jamie Edmonson back in the day. Tried out for “Survivor” and didn’t make it.

Facebook – Ryan Beckett
Twitter – @RyanSBeckett (following no one from Bachelor Nation, but a few Playboy accounts. Maybe he wants Jade?)
Instagram: sailingguy33 (As of Sunday, it was “beckettnole,” but he changed it yesterday 3/9 and set it to private)
LinkedIn – Ryan Beckett
Website –

RyanB1RyanB2RyanB3RyanB4RyanB5Ryan Beckett, Casey FlanneryRyanB7

2. Daniel Finney: 25, Nashville, TN. Attended both SMU and Belmont University. Currently working on a clothing line that you can see on his website, Once did a coast-to-coast bike ride in 2010 for Nashville flood victims. Somewhat of a Nashville socialite and involved in a few charitable causes.

Facebook – Daniel Finney
Instagram – daniel_h_finney
LinkedIn – Daniel Finney
Website –


3. Corey Stansell: 30, New York, New York. Vice President of Business Development at Morgan Stanley. Graduated from the University of Houston in 2007 with a BBA in Finance and Economics. Ventured off in 2009 and bought into a franchise called “College Hunks Hauling Junk” which is pretty self-explanatory. He no longer does that.

Facebook – Corey Stansell
LinkedIn – Corey Stansell


And yes, Corey even took to Facebook last night to tell everyone he’ll be gone and is deactivating his account. Gee, wonder why?

4. Shawn Evans: 32, London, Ontario. Works as a Realtor for Royal Lepage in London, Ontario. Single father to daughter Natalia, who lives with her mother, Christine Goertz in Sault Ste. Marie. Has completed pilot training and just needs to finish putting in his flight hours before he gets his license. Has dual citizenship as he was born in the US. Father is a prominent plastic surgeon in the London, Ontario area for the last 20 years.

Facebook – Shawn Evans (turned off as of 3/9)
Twitter – @MakeItEvans (set to private as of 3/7)
Instagram – makeitevans (set to private as of 3/7)
Website –


This is the FB post that Shawn left this past Friday 3/6 before his going away party to inform every one of his friends he’s leaving to do something VERY important, but can’t say anything. Even though he did his damndest to make sure he hinted as much as he could as to what it was:


5. Tanner Tolbert: 26, Kansas City, Kansas. Finance manager at Legends Honda. Graduated from University of Kansas in 2010 with a degree in Sports Management. Also worked as an assistant to the D-coordinator for the KU football team during his time at the school.

Facebook – Tanner Tolbert (turned off as of 3/9)
Twitter – @ttolbert05 (following nobody from Bachelor Nation, but just about everyone from the sports world)
Instagram – tanner_tolbert
LinkedIn – Tanner Tolbert


Hey, here he is with Aaron Murray’s ex-fiance, Kacie McDonnell….


6. Brady Toops: 33, Nashville, TN. Christian singer/songwriter. Was born a triplet with sister Mickie and brother Casey and they have a younger sister Wendy. Played baseball and graduated from the University of Arkansas in 2004 leading them to the College World Series that year with a dramatic two-out, grand slam in the 9th inning that year in a Regional game vs Wichita St. Here’s the grainy video of that HR:

He was drafted into the St. Louis Cardinals organization in 2004 but then gave up baseball a 3 years later to pursue a career in music. Released his first full length album self titled “Brady Toops” in 2013, and it hit top 10 on the Itunes Christian/Gospel charts. He’s been touring the country ever since. He sent this tweet this past Saturday, March 7th:

Facebook: Brady Toops
Twitter: @bradytoops (he’s following Britt on Twitter, so we know who he wants)


And here are two of his many performances you can find online:


At last, but certainly not least in today’s grouping, is someone a lot of you should be familiar with. If you don’t remember, let me remind you. This is Nikki Ferrell’s ex-boyfriend…

7. Ryan McDill: 28, Kansas City, Missouri. Owns an auto recycling business in Kansas City, Missouri. Graduated University of Missouri in 2010 with a degree in Communications. Dated Nikki from 2012-2013. Had good foresight when he told Star magazine that Juan Pablo would end up dumping her. Then again, he also told Life & Style magazine that he thought Nikki was the one who got away and they’d end up together again. Oops.
Facebook: Ryan McDill (turned off as of 3/9)
Instagram: ryan_mcdill

And of course, lets not forget the ones that I posted here back when I told you who Nikki’s ex was…(this was Nikki pre-boob job of course)


ADDED 3/24

8. Ben Higgins: 25, originally from Warsaw, Indiana currently living in Denver, CO. Works as a business analyst for Talisys. Graduated from Indiana University in 2012 with a B.S. in Business Administration. The girl you see him in a few of the pictures is his ex-girlfriend Shaelin Adams. They couldn’t have taken cheesier photos if they tried. He was on the boxing group date for the first date of the season. Bears a crazy resemblance to Peter Brady as well.

Twitter – @benhiggi
LinkedIn – Ben Higgins


9. Clint Arlis: 27, Chicago, Ill. Graduated University of Illinois in 2010 with a dual masters in architecture and civil engineering. Was a wrestler while there but studied architecture. Currently works as a project engineer at Lend Lease in Chicago, an international construction management and development firm.

Facebook – Clint Arlis (currently deactivated)
Instagram – snappenturtle (currently deactivated)

He was on the sumo wrestling date on Thursday 3/19 seen here:


Also, he was one of the lucky ones to get to wrestle the sumo dude probably 200 lbs heavier than him. It didn’t go so well:


And what might be the greatest sibling photo ever taken with his brother, Logan Arlis , and sister, Taylor Arlis. I can’t get enough of this picture. Already my favorite guy…


10. JJ Lane III: 30, Denver, CO. Currently the Co-Founder and CEO of 360 Service Companies. Graduated Cum Laude with a BSBA in Finance from the University of Denver in 2009. Did investment banking in New York after graduating college before returning to Denver. Is divorced and has a daughter named Gemma who is 3. Huge hockey fan which should bode well for him since Kaitlyn’s ex’s have been hockey players.

Facebook – JJ Lane
Twitter – @jjhlane
Instagram – jjhlane21

He was on the sumo wrestling date Thursday 3/19 seen here:


He was also lucky enough to wrestle a sumo guy and get his ass kicked in the process:



11. Shawn Booth: 28, Nashville, TN. Originally from Windsor Locks, CT. Graduated Keene State College in New Hampshire in 2008 where he played soccer. This is his sister Meghann’s FB page and Instagram (booth10) account. Moved from Connecticut to Nashville a year ago to do consultant work for insurance companies, but as you’ll see, has since resigned from that job and when he returns from filming, he’ll go back into teaching group fitness classes. Also friends with Ron Worrell from Andi’s season, as you can see on his Instagram a few pictures of them together.

Twitter – @Shawn_Booth
Instagram – shawn_booth18
LinkedIn – Shawn Booth (deactivated as of 3/15)

Here were pictures of Shawn on the sumo wrestling date at Universal CityWalk:


Kaitlyn liked him so much, she let him give her a piggyback ride once the date was over:

This was an email he sent out to co-workers telling them he’s resigning to go on the show. It was posted on the Twitter account of @kaylaa_nichols at the beginning of March, but has since been deleted. Woops Kaylaa. Be a little more careful next time.


And then another guy that liked taking a picture of himself at the airport right before leaving to go on the show:



12. Josh Seiter: 27, Chicago, Ill. Graduated the University of Illinois in 2009 with a B.A. in Sociology. Then went on to study law at the Chicago-Kent College of Law. He may look familiar to you if you like really trashy reality TV. He appeared on the E! show “Escape Club” that aired in 2013 where a bunch of singles were cast to potentially win a year long, fully paid for vacation. However, he went under the name Andrew Dean and he’s a male stripper that stripped his way through law school. When he was on that show, TMZ reported he was once on a website for male gigolo’s. Quality contestant. He shot his intro video at the male revue he currently works at in Chicago. Plenty of stuff to Google about him if you want to see his previous “work.”

Facebook – Josh Seiter
Twitter – @Andrewdean_chi

Josh1Josh2Josh3Josh4Josh5Escape Club - Season 1

13. Tony Harris: 35, St. Louis, Missouri. Currently works as a personal trainer/physical therapist. Graduated from SIU-Carbondale where he got a license as a paramedic, among other things. Very zen-centric. Into meditation, healing, etc. As you can see by pictures, got a black eye walking his dog close to leaving for the show. Works at the Healing Arts Center and also involved with Performance and Pain Relief in St. Louis. An interesting character to say the least.

Instagram – 101freefly

Tony even took it step further than some of the other guys who take pictures right before taking off and flying out for the show. He took a picture of him and the car service that picked him up once he got to LA…


And then once he got in the car, he took this video:

Pretty confident guy saying he’d see everyone in 9 weeks in his comment on that video.

14. Kupah James: 32, Boston, Mass. Graduated Curry College in Massachusetts in 2004. Owner of Klass Universal Entertainment, where he DJ’s. Also is a dance/fitness instructor at Bayshore Athletic Club where he created created “Street Feet.” Has a website,, that is currently under construction. Translation: The show won’t let him have it up til the show starts.

Facebook – Kupah James
Twitter – @kupahjames
Instagram – klassuniversal
LinkedIn – Kupah James


15. Cory Shivar: 35, Houston, Texas. Originally from Seven Springs, North Carolina. Divorced from Ashley, he has a 7 year old daughter Alexis from someone else before her that he was not married to. Graduated Cum Laude with a BS Construction Management and Minor in Business. Currently works in Business Development at BGT Interior Solutions in Houston.

Facebook – Cory Shivar
LinkedIn – Cory Shivar


ADDED 4/14

16. Ben Zorn: 26, San Jose, CA. Personal Trainer at Diesel Fueled Fitness and ClubSport. Graduated San Jose St. University in 2012, where he played football. Well, he was the long snapper so basically he was just on the team. Here was his Workout of the Month in August 2014.

Instagram – benzornlife

Quite a few videos of him working out on his other instagram account at zorn_fitness if you want to see how to work your pecs.

LinkedIn – Ben Zorn

Here he was on the boxing group date (pics provided by Splash News): BenZ8BenZ7

Ben Z.(photo courtesy of Eric Fiebig)

BenZ4BenZ5BenZ6Ben Z.1(photo courtesy of Eric Fiebig)

Ben Z.2

And of course, yet another guy that leaves a message on his Facebook workout page March 9th insinuating he’s gonna be gone for a little bit. These guys really can’t keep quiet, can they?


17. Joshua Albers: 31, Kuna, Idaho. Graduated Idaho St. University with a B.S. in theater in 2007 and an associates degree in welding in 2009. Works for Knight Industrial, a fabrication and installation company. Dad owns a welding business and he’s traveled the world the last few years welding in mines and power plants. Was most recently in Hawaii. Lived in Las Vegas for a year.

Instagram – alberskee


18. Jared Haibon: 26, Providence, Rhode Island. Dabbled in in acting before, but currently is the manager at the Providence Oyster Bar, in where else? Providence, Rhode Island. Has a sister, Shannon, mom Nancy, and dad Frederick. Talk about a guy missing from the internet. Since the boxing date I’ve been trying to find pictures of the guy and there’s none other than those old acting pictures. He’s a ghost. Just a couple from his family’s FB page, and the ones from the boxing group date in episode 2 (provided by Splash News):



19. Justin Reich: 27, Naperville, Illinois. SurfSet Fitness instrutor and Boot Camp instructor at NEXT Yoga and also a personal trainer. Gee, another one of these. I’d never be able to tell by his pictures at all. Has a son Aurelius (Aury) with Autumn Pippenberg. Ex-girlfriend is super duper fitness model Francine Slobodnik. I’d say he has a type, no?

Facebook – Justin Reich
LinkedIn – Justin Reich


ADDED 4/21

20. Ian Thomson – 28, Los Angeles, CA. He’s a Senior Associate covering the Media and Entertainment sectors for DHR International in Los Angeles, an executive search firm. Graduated Princeton University in 2009 with BA in History where he was a 3-time All-Ivy League performer on the track team. Also has done some modeling.

LinkedIn – Ian Michael Thomson


21. Chris Strandburg: 28, Clarksville, TN. Originally from Granite Bay, CA. Went to undergrad at UC San Diego and UCLA, earning a degree in Biology. Got his doctorate from the UCLA School of Dentistry and currently is a dentist in Clarksville, TN. Was also on season 2 of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency.

Twitter – @chrisstrandburg (currently de-activated)
Instagram – cstrandburg (currently de-activated)

Here he is talking to us on how to take care of our teeth:

Was on the sumo wrestling date:

Chris4Chris5 (2)Chris6 (2)

These pictures are from a photo shoot he did for Faith Fashion & Photos. All credit to Crystal & Timothy Harris.

Faith Fashion & Photos: Lifestyle & Commercial &emdash; Chris Strandburg-097Faith Fashion & Photos: Lifestyle & Commercial &emdash; Chris Strandburg-2655Faith Fashion & Photos: Headshots-Business &emdash; Dr. Chris Strandburg #048 | Faith Fashion & Photos | HeadshotsFaith Fashion & Photos: Lifestyle & Commercial &emdash; Chris Strandburg #2656 | Faith Fashion & Photos | Nashville & Spring Hill TN photography

22. Joe Bailey: 28 (will be 29 when show airs) Glasgow, Kentucky. Currently an agent at State Farm. Graduated University of Tennessee-Martin in 2010, where he played on the basketball team.

Facebook – Joe Bailey
Twitter – @joebaileysego
Instagram – joebaileysego

Was also on the sumo wrestling date:



Here’s Joe from the UT-Martin basketball program his junior year. I’m gonna go on record and say I’m a better 3 pt. shooter than Joe. Just sayin’…


23. Jonathan Holloway: 33, Sylvan Lake, Michigan. Attended University of Miami-OH majoring in Architecture. Left Michigan for LA in 2004 where he was a spokesperson for Scion. Moved back to Michigan in 2012 to work as a realtor for Broker One Real Estate Company. Has a son.

Facebook – Jonathan Holloway
Twitter – @jrholloway17
Instagram – jholla17
LinkedIn – Jonathan Holloway


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