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  • The Bachelorette 6 - Ali

    Your “Bachelorette” Spoilers for Episode 1

    Yes, I know I told you that I didn’t want to release spoilers in pieces, however, ABC released a copy of the first episode out to the media yesterday (minus the rose ceremony), so that they can start putting their reviews online. Well, the media isn’t allowed to give away any of the major stuff that happens. They can only talk about certain guys and what people said, etc. Well that’s where I come in. I’m here to tell you what the media can’t. I figured since the episode is already out there for some to see, and the reviews you may be seeing in the next couple days won’t have any spoilers in the them, I’ll fill you in. Did I see the episode? No. You need a username and password on that site to watch it. Gee, shocking I couldn’t sign on and get one of those. Doesn’t matter. Didn’t need to.

    These will be the only “spoilers” I release before my column coming shortly that maps out the whole season. So … Continue reading

  • American Idol 9

    A Very Mini American Idol Recap – 5/4/10

    Hope you all like the new look of the site. We’re tinkering with things, but this is pretty much the format we’re gonna go with for the time being I believe. A few pictures should be up soon as well since a lot of you have been asking what’s been going on with Maddie. Well, I figured she should become a permanent staple on, so we’ll have her picture up as well.

    Also, I have finally gotten around to creating a “ Fan Page” on Facebook. You can become a fan by clicking here: Fan Page. There are plenty of you who have tried to add me as a friend on Facebook, but I’m pretty much maxed out at this point, hence the reason the fan page was created. So go there, post on the wall, do whatever you want. That’s open to everyone and I hope I can pass 5,000 sometime soon. Lets make it as big as possible.

    I’m pretty much in “Bachelorette” mode right now and the … Continue reading

  • The Bachelorette 6 - Ali

    Some Mini “Bachelorette” Spoilers For You Because I’m a Nice Guy

    In a good mood today. My sister and niece are arriving in town for the weekend later tonight, so I figured I would be nice and let you all in on a couple goodies for this season. Sorry, no “Reality Roundup” today. Just straight spoilers. Hell, that’s all you care about anyway.

    Ten days ago, I gave you what the scandal was on this season of the “Bachelorette”, and that’s that a girlfriend of one of guys calls Ali during the show to warn her, Ali speaks with her, then confronts the guy and kicks him off the show. I afterwards also said “I don’t know” to about 10 other questions I knew you had for me. That has all changed. I know the answers to all of them. Within the last few days, information has come to me that basically has laid out:

    -How the scandal happened -When it happened -Who the guy and girl involved are -How it all came about -And how Ali confronted him about it

    However, I’m not gonna run … Continue reading

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