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  • The Bachelor 11 - Brad

    The Bachelor Recap – 10/29/07

    -Only a couple Bachelor related notes to start out with this week. We do have a link to Sheena’s boyfriends birthday video he made for her. Which really makes you question everything Sheena said after getting kicked to the curb last night. Here it is:

    For some reason, I don’t think it’s working on Mac computers, but every time I pull it up, I can watch it, so enjoy. Still one of the all time classic videos. I think she was just running a bunch of B.S. at the end of the show last night because she was told to. And I’m shocked that Brad let her go without being honest and giving her the real reason: kooky Mommy. More on her later.

    -Also, there’s been a rumor circulating for the last couple weeks that Brad has a 2 year old daughter, that all the women this season signed agreements before going on the show saying they knew about it, but wouldn’t bring it up, and that it’ll be revealed at the … Continue reading

  • Dr. Reality Steve

    Dr. Reality Steve 10/23/07

    Joining us this week here on “Dr. Reality Steve” is Michele Leavy from this season of the “Bachelor”. She had the unfortunate pleasure of being only the 2nd women in Bachelor history besides Bevin to have the paramedics come and cater to her during the show. Why, you ask? Well, I’ll let her explain, and then on to this weeks questions…..

    Hi all!! It is Michele Leavy a.k.a. Jersey Girl here from Season Eleven’s The Bachelor. Yes it is me, Michele, not Michael, but Michele. So let’s make that clear (with a smile). I was so excited that Steve asked me to be a guest columnist for this week that I jumped, not fell, but jumped at the idea.

    On that note, my big fall; I want to clear a few things up. On the day in question, the girls and I were out by the pool. At one point I mentioned to Lindsey I could not get stung by a bee because I’m allergic. Low and behold, I jinxed myself. Just about a half-hour … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 11 - Brad

    The Bachelor Recap – 10/22/07

    -Let’s immediately get to some Bachelor related news, since there are four things to cover. One of which was awesome, until someone decided to delete it off You Tube. More on that in a second. The first order of business is that this week’s guest columnist on “Dr. Reality Steve” is none other than Michele Leavy, the bachelorette dumped in the 2nd episode by Brad because she fell down the stairs and almost paralyzed herself. New Jersey chick, big Bon Jovi fan, c’mon, you all remember her. How can you not? Let me assure you that Michele is fine from her fall, but she’ll explain there was a lot more to that fall than what was shown on TV. Really? You mean the editing toyed with that? No way! Yes, Michele is fine, living comfortably back in Jersey wearing her stone wash jeans, teasing her bangs, and spraying cans of Aqua Net in her hair. So be sure to check out her answers to some of the looney questions that came in this week. Reality … Continue reading

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