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  • Reality Roundup

    Reality Roundup – 4/17/09

    A lot to get to this week as we’re adding a few new shows to the mix. Along with “DWTS”, “American Idol” results show, “Celebrity Apprentice”, and “Survivor”, I’m also completely caught up on the “Hills”, and “RW/RR Challenge: The Duel 2”. I also have a few thoughts on the “Cougar” (the craptastic Mike Fleiss creation to hold us over til “The Bachelorette” starts), plus, those nuggets I’ve been promising you about this season of the “Bachelorette”.

    As you know, we are adding new sponsors to the website on a continual basis. In case you haven’t checked out “Hollywood Secrets”, it was just featured recently on the “Today” show, as well as in numerous magazines. Since I’m a dude, I can’t really use the stuff, but those who have bought it swear by the stuff. I would never throw junk up on the site, so if it’s here, you know I think it’s a good product. We are about a month away from the start of the “Bachelorette”, and as I said before, I … Continue reading

  • American Idol 8

    American Idol Recap – 4/14/09

    Let’s start off by once again mentioning the event this Saturday night in downtown Dallas at the Palomar Hotel for the “CAP” Foundation (Child Abuse Prevention). I’ve been asked to be a “celebrity” guest at the event for which I immediately accepted. Still not too late to donate in any way you can by visiting their home page here. I’ve never asked much of my readers, but this is for a good cause. If you’re heading to the event, then definitely find me and say hi. If not, any donation to this center would help. Non-profit organizations work off your generosity, and the stories I’ve heard already since getting involved make me sick to my stomach. One imparticular was they recently had to take in a 14 year old mom who was a victim of rape because the mother kicked her out. So whatever you can do would be grateful.

    Moving on to brighter topics, let’s hope that “Idol” gets rid of this “only two judges speak a time” nonsense. How ridiculous was … Continue reading

  • Reality Roundup

    Reality Roundup – 4/10/09

    It’s been two weeks now since we’ve done this so there’s A LOT to cover. “DWTS”, “American Idol” results show, “Celebrity Apprentice”, “Survivor”, “The Hills”, and your emails. When I start referencing stuff that happened a couple weeks ago on “DWTS” or “Celebrity Apprentice”, don’t think you’re reading the wrong column but there’s some stuff that’s happened over the last couple weeks worth giving my opinion over. And what brilliant opinions they are. To start off, I’ll have you know that my computer and TV are working fine now. I realized how reliant on both I was on a daily basis when I was without them all day on Tuesday and I just sat around and watched paint dry. Took Maddie for like ten walks, went to the gym, took about a 2 hour lunch, went to the mall. Rough day I tell ya’. Good thing my dad was out of town and I was able to drive to his place to watch the shows and type the column. Let’s say I find a hobby … Continue reading

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