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  • American Idol 8

    American Idol Recap – 4/7/09

    You shouldn’t be surprised that Friday’s column didn’t go up. Unless I’m in California and it’s a “Bachelor” recap, I think we can just assume I’m not gonna do it. I seriously contemplated putting it up Sunday afternoon, but after one of the longest nights out on Saturday, let’s say I was in no shape, nor the right frame of mind to be talking about what the hell happened on “Celebrity Apprentice”. That was by far one of the more fun and inebriated nights I’ve had in a while. So I’d like to thank the five others I was with that night, Mahe’s, Kobe’s, and Jack’s Bistro for providing endless amounts of alcohol to the six of us, and letting me wear out my dancing shoes over the course of three or four hours. The dancing fool was on display all over Seal Beach this past Saturday night. I should’ve charged admission to watch those performances. Also, apparently I’ve earned the nickname “Spiderman” from that evening. Hmmmm, interesting. Some stories are better left untold, although … Continue reading

  • American Idol 8

    American Idol Recap – 3/31/09

    Let’s see, I’m on a plane first thing in the morning to California, so, there’s a good chance Friday’s “Reality Roundup” could get pushed back. Although, maybe not. I’ve got most of it written, I just don’t know with my schedule if I’ll have time to do it tonight or Thursday night. We’ll see. If its here on Friday, then I did. If not, don’t kill me. I will honestly do my best. But with not having seen my niece and nephew since Christmas, I might get a little busy chasing them around for a few days. Well, that and the fact that the Dog Spa where I board Maddie now has a webcam in the playroom so I can check in on her throughout the day. I found myself watching her today for about a half hour straight after I dropped her off, so, if I can pull it up on my phone, I’m sure I’ll be doing that the next couple days as well. Funny to see all the dogs run and chase … Continue reading

  • Reality Roundup

    Reality Roundup 3/27/09 Including the Latest “Bachelorette” Rumor

    A lot to get to this week. We need to cover the latest on “DWTS”, the “Idol” Results show, “Survivor”, “Celebrity Apprentice”, wrap up the “City” finale, plus, I will finally give you the rumors I’ve heard concerning Jillians season of the “Bachelorette”, what the tabloids are already saying about Jillian, an update on Jason and Molly, a “Bachelor” breakup, plus, answering your questions over the last week in our email bag.

    “Dancing With the Stars”

    -The latest news to come from the show is about crazy stalker guy getting arrested Tuesday night outside the studios because he was after Shawn Johnson. Like this season hasn’t already had enough drama. Damn. I think if this were a veteran actress would had been through “obsessive fans” before, I might not be as big of deal. But I’m guessing if you’re 17, and you find out a guy was roaming around outside the studio with two loaded guns, letters, and duct tape, I bet she’s pretty freaked out. Let’s see if it affects her performance the … Continue reading

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