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    Reality Roundup – 7/12/07


    -You know what I think my favorite part about “Age of Love” is? That cheesy ass 80’s theme song. By next week, I’ll have memorized all the words, but for now, all I know is “Who’s got the look….got the look…..the look of love!” Catchy, huh? Ok, maybe not, but it sure runs through my head the rest of the night after watching the show. Who wrote that crap? They actually got paid for it? I promise, next episode, I will rewind as much as I have to so I can get all the lyrics to that Grammy winning solo. You won’t be disappointed. Trust me. The guys who wrote “This Is My Now” for Jordin Sparks are saying, “Wow. What cheesy lyrics!”

    -Something is happening on this show that I’m sure not a lot of you have picked up on yet. And it’s a first, not only in reality television, but ANY type of television over the last 50 years. Mark Consuelos is getting shorter every episode. Has this ever happened … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 10 - Andy

    The Bachelor Finale Recap – 5/21/07

    -So like previous Bachelor finale columns, this one will be a tad shorter since: a) there was a lot of fast forwarding done while watching it, b) there was a lot of fluffiness to the episode, and c) anyone who’s gone on the internet at all in the last three weeks could find out he picked Tessa. So in that sense, it was pretty anti-climactic. However, the finale was not without its cheesy moments, it’s utter ridiculousness, and without its crying. And crying. And more crying. I think even Host Chris cried. He and Andy must’ve had a moment their when they put their head on each others shoulders, got a good strong cry in, with Host Chris telling him, “I wish I could quit you.” Or something like that. Let’s get to the condensed version. I’ll definitely have a little to talk about tomorrow as well since the “After the Final Rose” is airing tonight. Did they even promote that? I fast forwarded a lot tonight, but I don’t remember seeing a commercial for … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 10 - Andy

    The Bachelor Recap – 5/14/07

    -You know, just when you think you’ve heard enough about the whole Amber/Principal/resignation story, now comes this: Apparently the principal is having 2nd thoughts….again. First, she was reassigned to a different school, and decided to take it. Then changed her mind and said, “Screw you, I’m not going anywhere, you can fire me, or I’m resigning, one or the other.” Well, she resigned, as I told you last week. At least so we thought. Now comes word the principal has rescinded her resignation letter. Good God. Make up your mind already. You’re the principal at a middle school. What are you raking in a year, $30-35K? I’m sure it won’t be hard to go somewhere else and make that coin. Just when you do, don’t let any of your female teachers take a leave of absence to go be on the “Coyote Ugly Search”. I’m sure some parents will find that offensive, although I don’t see why. Dancing on bars in daisy dukes for a living is definitely someone who should be looked up to. … Continue reading

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