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    Dr. Reality Steve 10/2/07

    Back by popular demand, it’s Dr. Reality Steve. My guest columnist this week is Alexis, from last season of the “Bachelor”. You may remember her as really being someone with values and morals, unlike Solisa. Something tells me even if her blood alcohol level was at .20, she wouldn’t take off her top and go running into the ocean on national television. Call me crazy. I’ve had the distinct honor of dining with Alexis on a couple of occasions, and let me just say, her boyfriend could kick my ass. So I refuse to say anything bad about her. Not that there’s anything bad to say anyway. Awwww… cute. I know, I know. Just me throwing on the charm. Without further adieu, the return of Dr. Reality Steve…..

    1) I have the best guy in the world and he treats me so well and does so much for me, however, I am an active woman and this guy likes to spend too much time in front of the TV. Do they have any advice? … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 11 - Brad

    The Bachelor Recap – 10/1/07

    -Big stuff to do this week. Another week of the “Bachelor”, the return of “Dr. Reality Steve”, Britney loses her kids, and last but not least, I watched “Private Practice”. I think I can officially call myself a gay male now. Other than ogling over Kate Walsh, there is absolutely zero reason for a male to watch that show. None. And I’m guessing “Grey’s” is pretty much the same exact thing, only with a different cast in a different hospital. With a gay guy. And a homophobe that got booted for calling him a French cigarette. Remember how I mentioned last week maybe I’ll go back and start watching season 1 of “Grey’s”? Forget it. Ain’t gonna happen. I’ve got too many shows already without inundating myself with sappy, mindless, dramas centering around women’s va-jay-jay’s. Then again, I watch the “Hills” and “Newport Beach” religiously, so there could be hope someday. Onto last night….

    -Let’s jump right into it. Two group dates, a rose will be handed out at each one, those women are safe, … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 11 - Brad

    The Bachelor Recap – 9/24/07

    -Great to be back. No need to go over why “Reality Roundup” has only produced three columns since our last “Bachelor” ended. Pretty much no other reason than me being lazy and knowing that about 1/100th of my readership to the “Bachelor” column reads “Reality Roundup”. So blame yourselves for not reading. Ha ha. I’m kidding. I think.

    -Some big, huge, exciting, earth shattering news to report. The return of “Dr. Reality Steve” begins this week….and with a twist. In the past, I’ve asked for you to send in your emails on any relationship/sex/marriage advice you may need, and I gave you, as best I could, some advice from a guy’s perspective. So I figured to be fair, because I’m the fairest of the fair and all in favor of Title IX and woman’s rights and all that nonsense, I would now start to include the female perspective. We’ve got 5 female guest columnists lined up for the next 5 weeks, so get your emails in. They will get answered by me and someone … Continue reading

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