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  • Notes, Quotes...

    Notes, Quotes, and Observations – 11/14/08

    Back with another update, since once seems to be due right now with what’s going on in the “Bachelor/ette” world. There’s a lot of false information floating around out there, so who better to set the record straight than me? Reality Steve to the rescue. This weeks column will cover all that’s going on in the “Bachelor/ette” world, and there’s plenty. An update on my Thanksgiving holiday approaching, what I’m dreading doing next week, “Dancing with the Stars”, “Celebrity Rehab”, and of course, “24”.

    I figured I’d get this column in before next week becomes super hectic. I’m moving. I hate moving. Dread it. Hate helping people move, hate the thought of helping people move, and hate moving period. But I figured it’d be nice to have a little yard for Maddie to play in and I like being on the first floor, so I’m moving to another apartment in my complex. I’m just not looking forward to it. I wish that day would just come and go. I move Tuesday and I haven’t … Continue reading

  • The Bachelorette 4 - DeAnna

    The Sky is Blue. Water is Wet. DeAnna and Jesse call off their Engagement.

    Man, I love being right. Especially when DeAnna’s minions came running to my comment board a couple weeks ago when I made a rather harmless comment about how weird I thought their website was. How they constantly talked about how in love they were, and kept us up to date on all their appearances, etc. Gee, I guess that’s all for naught now, huh? Why don’t you people listen to me? Seriously. How long have I been covering this show? And how many freakin’ times have I told you NEVER to buy into the end result. I love, love, love how those commenters a few weeks ago were so sure that these two were in love, and I was just bitter, and they were the best couple ever. Well, what can I say? You people are idiots. Sorry. What do you have to say for yourself now? Exactly. Nothing. That’s ok. I really never understood in the first place why, if you hate my column so much, and hated my opinion on DeAnna and Jesse … Continue reading

  • Notes, Quotes...

    Notes, Quotes, and Observations…(part 2)

    It’s back. Part 2 will cover “The Hills”, an update on the “Bachelorette”, “Heroes”, “Friday Night Lights”, “90210”, “Fringe”, “Gossip Girl”, and a couple trailers from “24”. Also, a couple celebrity quotes that I came across which are laughable. Enjoy.


    -Talk about a show I’ve done a 180 on. I remember a while back when I was posting the trailer for season 3 because I was so excited. Now sure, I still watch every week, but this show has gotten too big for its own good. When all the girls personal lives are on the internet every day or in “Us Weekly”, then there really isn’t much suspense is there? We already know how everything plays out, the show is just giving us a visual of what actually transpired from what we read. Take for example, Monday’s episode. Heidi writes the “I’m sorry” letter to LC for everything that’s happened. Well, great. For those not in the know and don’t follow the show outside of what you see every Monday, then sure, it … Continue reading

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