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    Reality Roundup – 8/20/07

    It’s been a couple weeks, and I never even covered the “Age of Love” finale, so I’ll get to that first. My TiVo is overflowing with shows right now, so pardon me if I don’t get to everything. And you think the summertime is where not a lot of television is going on. Not anymore. Every time I look, a new show is starting up that I want to check out. It’s really getting annoying. I mean, how is one supposed to juggle ten women at a time with all my shows going on? And by “ten women”, I mean “none at all”. So now it makes more sense. However, if by the small miracle ten women did appear in my life, they’d still have to deal with me watching my shows. Sorry ladies. Those are the rules. So with that temptation, take a number and get in line.


    -Can’t really say any of us were surprised by the outcome, were we? No matter how much they wanted to make you … Continue reading

  • Reality Roundup

    Reality Roundup – 7/30/07

    A lot to get to this week. Trista and Ryan had their baby over the weekend. Lindsay wears other friends pants that happen to have grams of coke in them. Britney went crazy and took her kids to Vegas. I discovered “Rock of Love” on VH1. And we have the debut date of “Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County” on MTV, which is replacing “Laguna Beach”. Yeah, Newport Harbor and Laguna Beach are essentially the same thing. No real big difference. Spoiled, rich, white kids who live just a little bit up the coast from the Laguna Beachers. Can’t wait to see that. But first, as I mentioned last column, I have more “Tales from the Gym”. It’s inevitable. It’s physically impossible to not go to the gym and have some story to tell afterwards – and I don’t even talk to anyone in there. Just do my workout and leave. Unbelievable.

    -I’m always curious as to what type of music is playing at the gym. For me, I always have my ipod in … Continue reading

  • Reality Roundup

    Reality Roundup – 7/12/07


    -You know what I think my favorite part about “Age of Love” is? That cheesy ass 80’s theme song. By next week, I’ll have memorized all the words, but for now, all I know is “Who’s got the look….got the look…..the look of love!” Catchy, huh? Ok, maybe not, but it sure runs through my head the rest of the night after watching the show. Who wrote that crap? They actually got paid for it? I promise, next episode, I will rewind as much as I have to so I can get all the lyrics to that Grammy winning solo. You won’t be disappointed. Trust me. The guys who wrote “This Is My Now” for Jordin Sparks are saying, “Wow. What cheesy lyrics!”

    -Something is happening on this show that I’m sure not a lot of you have picked up on yet. And it’s a first, not only in reality television, but ANY type of television over the last 50 years. Mark Consuelos is getting shorter every episode. Has this ever happened … Continue reading

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