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  • The Bachelor 13 - Jason

    The Bachelor Recap – 2/16/09

    Let me start off by saying I haven’t been around my computer too much all weekend. My best friend in California was in town for the last three days. So it was great to see him and take my mind off all this madness. I’ve read through some of the comments, but 2000? Really? Unbelievable. One good thing about my friend visiting this weekend? He’s convinced me to release what I know early. And that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m hearing rumors that an independent source has gotten a hold of this story, and plans on running with it to the tabloids this week. So, I guess I have to beat them to the punch now too. So tomorrow morning, at 8:00am CST right here on, I will let everyone in on the information I’ve been holding for the last 3 weeks. If you don’t want to know, then you don’t have to come to the site. It’s gotten so out of hand now, plus with Mike Fleiss hyping up the finale like he … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 13 - Jason

    Some Friday Thoughts…

    I wanted to clear up one thing immediately regarding the “K Moon/Rebecca” clue. I actually went back and read what I wrote in response to the guesses people were having about it. The #3 answer I gave in bold was “Don’t be checking any song lyrics.” I wrote this because, at the time, a lot of guesses were popping up where people were quoting songs and looking for the hidden meaning in the lyrics. I wanted to immediately refute that. However, in that follow up answer, I accidentally wrote “Music is not relevant here”, which I shouldn’t have written. I should’ve left that part out and just told you to focus on “Don’t be checking any song lyrics”. Obviously, that was a mistake on my part, and not until I got a couple emails yesterday regarding it, did I even realize I had written that. So, I apologize for that. If you choose to believe I did that on purpose, then, well, you’re wrong. I honestly did not know I wrote that until yesterday when … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 13 - Jason

    An Explanation to the 2nd “ATFR” Announcement and the Answer to Clue #1

    It’s been a crazy day. I actually wanted to post this earlier, but I had a power outage for the last 3 hours, so I’m just getting caught up on things. Here’s where I stand: After thinking things over last night, I’m still undecided on when to reveal what I know. The addition of the 2nd “After the Final Rose” show doesn’t have me shaking in my boots or upset, in fact (as I’ll explain momentarily) doesn’t come as a surprise at all. The thing that I was surprised at was they announced it on Feb. 12th. I thought they’d wait a little longer. But it doesn’t change what I know, it only makes what I know that much more believable when I eventually tell you.

    I’m sure this is how ABC is playing this. They are going to present to you a love story. They are going to show the journey of that love story. They are going to show two people getting engaged, get reaction from the one who wasn’t picked, then give … Continue reading

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