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  • The Bachelorette 5 - Jillian

    The Bachelorette 5 Recap – 5/18/09

    Well, well, well. Back at it yet again, less than three months after our last debacle involving the Jason/Melissa/Molly garbage. For those who found my site during all that mess and are expecting me to break some news about how Jillian walked off the set, quit the show, and now Melissa is the “Bachelorette”, I’m sorry to disappoint. I think it’s safe to say what happened last season was a 1-in-a-million ending that ABC laid out for everyone, and they hit it out of the park with their huge finale ratings. Do you honestly expect them to come back this season and do something just as outlandish? I highly doubt it. Hey, if something crazy happens, you’ll know about it here. I just wouldn’t count on it. So to all you newbies, let me re-introduce myself. I am Reality Steve, a mild mannered fully employed heterosexual male who has been doing this for the last 15 editions of this show (11 Bachelors, 4 Bachelorettes). This is something that started out as an email to a … Continue reading

  • Reality Roundup

    Reality Roundup – 5/15/09

    Quite a few interesting stories to get to this week regarding some of our favorite topics. I’ll save the “Survivor” stuff til next week after the finale airs this weekend. Maybe I’ll tweet about it Sunday night. Or is the actual processing called twittering. Or tweeting. Whatever the hell they call it, count on me doing some this weekend. If you’re not on board, sign up by scrolling down the right hand column and joining. As for this week, good stuff coming out of the “Celebrity Apprentice” finale where I’ll get a question answered that I posed on Monday. More hogwash from the “Jon and Kate Plus Eight” saga. Enough already. Just get the divorce and be done with this. Some “Bachelorette” news that I must address since I’ve gotten a gazillion emails about it this week. Also, more evidence the “Hills” is fake. Not that you didn’t know that already. Plus, we’ll talk about Danny Gokey headed home and my reaction to it, since that seemed to be first and foremost on a lot … Continue reading

  • American Idol 8

    American Idol Recap – 5/12/09

    So what’s with the fact they couldn’t have had each singer do three songs like in seasons past? Really that tough to do nine songs total? Yes, I understand with four judges who like to yap about nothing half the time, and only an hour to squeeze it in, it might be a tad tough, but it’s definitely doable. Or not. Just seems like for the big show to get to the finals of “American Idol”, you should have to sing three songs. Oh well. No sense crying over spilled milk (is that the right phrase? Didn’t sound right for some reason). Once again, Paula was cracked out with her song choice. Terrence Trent D’Arby? Every other song was recognizable, then she pulls that stuff. She should been banned from the finale. Ha ha. That’d be great to see them open the finale next week only to tell us Paula has been suspended for such a horrible song choice the week before. On to the performances.

    Danny Gokey, “Dance Little Sister”: Huh? Like I said, … Continue reading

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