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  • The Bachelor 14 - Jake

    The Bachelor Recap – 1/18/10

    WARNING: This is the longest column I’ve ever written. Please, take your time and read all of it. I’ve come to realize that most of you skip around and miss some important subjects, then ask about things I’ve already covered. I know it’s long and drawn out. But if there was ever a column not to skim through, it’s this one. Please. It’s for your own good. And my sanity.

    TONS of stuff to get to before we start this week’s column. I mean, A LOT. Almost seven pages on Microsoft Word worth of info. I need to get this off my chest first. I know you all are very anxious to read my columns on Tuesdays, and I appreciate that very much. I realize the site going down the last few weeks is frustrating. Trust me, it’s 1,000 times more frustrating for me than it is for you. With that said, I would greatly appreciate if everyone would kindly back off the emails and FB wall posts saying, “Hey, your site is down. … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 14 - Jake

    More “Bachelor” Stuff…

    Ok, lets address some things that happened over the last couple of days. Just a few things about the Rozlyn scandal in this post, then I will discuss the new “Bachelor Pad” show set to air in the summer, the number of people all of you readers think Elizabeth looks like (you’ll be shocked at the number of responses it’s reached), the news and photos of the producer in question being leaked yesterday, and where the possible interview with Rozlyn stands.

    You know what my stance is on what happened to Rozlyn, and judging by the reaction, I’d say it’s probably going 60/40 against her and believing the ABC/Chris Harrison/Jake camp. Which is fine. There are two sides to every story. Rozlyn has denied it to “ET” and “The Insider”, and Chris and Jake are calling her a liar to everyone they talk to. He said, she said. I still stand by the information I received 100% as I trust ABC and their stance about as much as I can throw them. However, one … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 14 - Jake

    The Bachelor Recap – 1/11/10

    So as you know, the site was down all day yesterday. No, it had nothing to do with ABC. Just some screwy technical stuff I have no idea about. It’s fixed now, sorry the column is a day late. Yesterday was about as hectic a day as I’ve had in a while. Sorry if I was short with some of you who emailed. A lot going on. But thanks for hanging in and I’m glad it’s finally safe to go back in the water. Shouldn’t have any more problems with the site. Here is the column as I wrote it throughout the course of the day yesterday.

    Quite an interesting week to say the least. Probably the busiest I’ve been since the Jason/Molly/Melissa scandal and everything that went down with that. If you haven’t been back to the site since last Tuesday, you might want to read what I posted on Wednesday. It basically spoils the rest of the season for you and sheds some light on the Rozlyn “sex scandal” we saw last night. … Continue reading

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