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  • The Bachelor 13 - Jason

    Final Thoughts and Where Do We Go From Here

    I’d say that the ATFR 2 was a complete waste of time last night. I told you Friday what was going to happen. Nothing surprising. All they’re doing is trying to make you hate Jason and Molly less and less than most people already do. Which is fine. I mean, that’s their couple after all now, so they got to make them look good however they can. Even if it meant embarrassing Melissa on national television. Like they care about that. Oh by the way, did you see the ratings from Monday night? Through the roof, as I thought they would be. 15 million watched the finale and 17 million watched the ATFR. Highest rated ATFR in the shows history, and highest rated finale since Guiney’s season. Thank you, thank you very much. I’ll take full credit for that. That’s why I never believed anyone who screamed after I ruined the ending on the You Tube videos, “That’s horrible! I’ll never watch this show again!” Please. You were all front and center on Monday night, … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 13 - Jason

    That Was Pathetic to Watch. Really, It Was.

    No need to gloat really. I told you what their shocker was going to be on January 27th, and it happened. Doesn’t matter how I know, who told me, or how it all came to be. The bottom line was I ruined ABC’s surprise for the season and I’m glad I did. Especially after that abortion they showed us on television last night. I will be honest with you and say I’m sick to my stomach. I mean, the two hour finale was nothing. We all knew what was happening there. But that ATFR show was downright painful. I felt AWFUL for Melissa. Still do. The debate will rage on from this day forward what you want to believe about Jason and Molly’s performance. Was he put up to this? When did he know? When did Molly know and what did she know? That’s all up for each individual to decide. Judging by the message boards and my comments, seems like we’re running about 99% in favor of Jason being named King A-Hole sometime in … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 13 - Jason

    Some Final Thoughts on Tonight’s “Shocker”

    So as we head into a “shocking” finale that I’ve waited six weeks for, a couple thoughts about everything in general.

    As for the Megan interview, I was able to recover some of the audio, but I can’t upload it now. So what I’m doing is transcribing the last 35 minutes we did so you can read my questions and her answers in a nutshell. I will have that up either later tonight or in tomorrow’s column.

    Let’s start with another interview conducted this weekend by none other than, you guessed it, Can’t say I’d ever think in a million years they’d want to talk to me, but hey, I enjoyed it. The author is a big fan of mine, they’re based here in the DFW metroplex, and she wanted to get my story out there. I think the one thing about this interview you’ll find different is its actually about me, not the news I broke. That’s been covered ad nauseum and I think you all know about what happens tonight. No, … Continue reading

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