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  • The Bachelor 12 - Matt

    The Bachelor Recap – 3/24/08

    -Before we get started, let’s address the #1 thing people seem to want to know about right now, and that’s how Maddie’s doing. Things are getting better, no doubt. She’s still a little shy, but warming up to me by the day. I mean, she has slept in bed with me every night, but still, when I’m home just watching TV or on the computer, she either chooses to hang out under the bed by herself, or just stays on top of the bed. My room has become her sanctuary. If put her out in the den and close my door, she constantly scratches on it wanting in, no matter how many times I tell her no. So I guess I can forget about ever sleeping alone again the rest of my life. Either I’ll be with someone I’m dating, or it’ll be Maddie. Or both. I really don’t want to think about what’s gonna happen when an actual living, breathing, female spends the night. The chances of Maddie staying in the den, with me … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 12 - Matt

    The Bachelor Recap – 3/17/08

    -Well, well, well. Another “Bachelor” season is upon us. But before I start in on what I think of that limey frog here to take all our American women, I feel the need to update everyone on a new personal development in my life. Very rarely do I delve into my personal life in this column, but I feel I could share this with you. Yes, believe it or not, a female has entered the picture. And I couldn’t be happier. She moved in with me last night, and although it started off a little shaky, it seems to be getting better. She’s a 3 year old, 36 pound beagle that I got from the Humane Society this past weekend. I’d wanted a dog for a while, imparticular a beagle, but I was debating whether or not to wait until I got a house because I had read beagles were pretty active and needed space. Not this one. I think I’ve officially found the most low maintenance beagle on the planet. Spent an hour with … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 12 - Matt


    -I figured with the “Bachelor” a week away, I should probably give a few thoughts on last night’s “Where Are They Now?” episode rather than break another promise and tell you, “Hey, guess what? “Reality Roundup” will be here this week.” Ha ha…that’s funny. I kill myself sometimes. I think the more I tell myself that I’m going to write a “Reality Roundup” column, the less of a chance it has of happening. I know that makes no sense. Don’t try to understand. Just know I still watch all the shows, I just haven’t been writing about them. And we’ve had some pure gold over the last few months. The “Gauntlet 3” has been outstanding and Kenny might just be my new favorite person in “Real World/Road Rules” history. “Survivor” is solid as always. “Celebrity Rehab” needs to come back for another season. “Scott Baio is Whipped” is one of the funnier reality shows on television. And “Celebrity Apprentice” is probably the best season they’ve had since season 1 – pretty much all because of … Continue reading

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