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  • Dr. Reality Steve

    Dr. Reality Steve 10/16/07

    We have the pleasure of being joined this week by my favorite cougar, Jayanna from “Age of Love”. In case you haven’t heard the hour long pod cast I did with Jayanna a couple months ago, check it out on the site. It’s good. This is definitely a woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. And we here at Reality Steve appreciate honesty, insightfulness, and women who openly admit to buying toys with buttons on them. Keep reading, you’ll understand. Onto the latest edition of “Dr. Reality Steve”….

    1) Hey Dr. Reality Steve! I LOVE this column. Keep it up! So here’s my dilemma: I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years now. Your typical couple that makes you sick to your stomach: always kissing, always holding hands, always lovey dovey with each other (we each have pet nicknames for each other that I’m sure would even make you more sick!). Anyway, we are very happy together, both in our early 20’s, and have already discussed marriage. Here’s my only little problem (and … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 11 - Brad

    The Bachelor Recap – 10/15/07

    -For as long as I can remember, I’ve told everyone who’s a fan of the “Bachelor” to never take this show seriously. Never get invested in any of the characters, never hope for a sappy, fairy tale ending, never think that the “Bachelor” himself is actually really looking for love, etc. Just basically keep your guard up, watch this show for entertainment purposes only, and and never, EVER, take this show seriously. It’d be stupid too, since more often than not, you’d end up disappointed. You want to know how serious even the media takes this show? Here is the exact show description from my DVR last night when I pressed the “INFO” button:

    “True love (well, love anyway) gets the reality treatment in a popular show.”

    Damn. Even the people at Time Warner, or whoever writes these show descriptions, is making fun of it. I didn’t even know you were allowed to write anything sarcastic in the show descriptions. Hilarious. And easy on the “popular show” reference. Just because 10 million people a … Continue reading

  • Dr. Reality Steve

    Dr. Reality Steve 10/9/07

    Dr. Reality Steve returns with guest columnist Lisa, from the “Bachelor: Rome” with everyones favorite Bachelor, Lorenzo. Or not. Even Host Chris has admitted that Lorenzo wasn’t one of their best Bachelors. Now, I’ve been doing Bachelor re-caps since Andrew Firestones season, and I can honestly say, I’ve gotten more emails from readers regarding Lisa than any other Bachelorette in history. So I figured before we get to the questions, I asked Lisa to address a couple of the things she was most known for, notably the wedding magazine that were at her house the day Lorenzo visited, and the wedding dress she tried on. And oh yeah, that whole biological clock thing. Lisa, the floor is yours, then onto the questions….

    You all might remember me as the tree-hugging wedding dress-wearing bachelorette from The Bachelor – Rome. And I know that I came off as slightly wedding obsessed and little fanatical about a five-year plan of being married with kids by the age of thirty, but I can assure you that isn’t the real … Continue reading

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