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    How to Now Post Comments on My Site

    Well, it’s fixed. Wish I would’ve thought of that sooner. Basically, the losers who snipe and just come on boards to curse, you all (notice I didn’t say y’all) can go somewhere else now, since I know you don’t have the balls to register and post on the site. And If you did, I’d just delete anyway. I’m not doing this because of people countering what I say. I could care less. Hell, go back and look at the comments for the last few weeks. Plenty of you disagree with me, and that’s fine. It was the people today that decided to post the same stuff over and over again, cursing, being ridiculous, and just trying to stir up trouble. The only way to weed them out was to go this route. And I’m glad I did. Ahhhh. This is like a breath of fresh air. Never have to worry about those dolts again. So if you want to leave comments on my page from here on out, you need to register with the site. … Continue reading

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    My Interview with Megan Parris

    The other night, I got the chance to have over an hour conversation with the outspoken Megan Parris, of this seasons “Bachelor.” Cast immediately on the first night as the villain of the house, Megan definitely had a lot to overcome. In this interview she discusses numerous topics such as: What was she promised that ABC didn’t deliver on? What was the biggest problem she had with the edit she got? Was she as disliked in the house as ABC led us to believe? What really happened on that “General Hospital” date? Did she ever feel any connection with Jason? What are her thoughts on the fellow Bachelorettes? What WASN’T shown from the “Women Tell All” episode? And most importantly, what does she think of the rumors that I broke last week of a Jason break up with Melissa and now is currently seeing Molly? You won’t want to miss her answers and a whole lot more in this exclusive interview only on Click this link to hear the interview: Reality Steve … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 13 - Jason

    A Few Notes and an Interview Coming Tomorrow You Don’t Want To Miss

    Seems like we’re at the calm before the storm right now. Things seem to be settling in a little bit, just days before the explosive finale. That’s good. I’m liking this. Not nearly as hectic as last week was. I guess because people are starting to realize what’s about to happen and they’re preparing themselves accordingly. Just to update, I have no new news on the ATFR 2 taping. But if I had to guess, I wouldn’t be surprised if that show is cancelled. Wouldn’t be unprecedented since they did it last season with DeAnna too. Remember when ABC sent out a press release regarding this so-called “party” they were going to have for the final couple the night after the finale aired? Then all the sudden it never happened and we were never given an explanation. Something tells me that MIGHT happen this season too. I think they’ll be able to show Jason dumping Melissa, starting his relationship with Molly, then giving us an update on where they are at right now all in … Continue reading

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